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September 2013
Dear Parent / Carer
York Chocolate Story
On Wednesday 9th October the children of KS2 have an exciting opportunity to visit the Chocolate Story in York.
York’s Chocolate Story is an entertaining and informative guided tour through the history. Children will discover chocolate’s origins, how to make it, how to taste it like an expert and even the sustainable future of chocolate. They will also uncover a host of surprising secrets and fascinating facts behind York’s greatest chocolate products, from the Chocolate Orange to the globally famous KitKat.
To help the school catering service we are offering a packed lunch provided by the kitchen. This will be made fresh for the children to take away in the new grab & go lunch bags and then stored in cool boxes. To ensure we order enough supplies please can you complete the choice menu and return to school by Monday 30th September
If you normally provide a packed lunch for your child but would like to be included in the school packed lunch service please bring in £2.10 with the menu choice.
The bus will leave Knayton at 9am and return to school for 3.30pm.
The cost of the trip is £14.00, this covers the cost of the transport and 2 chocolate workshops.

If you have not joined the pre-pay scheme on parent pay, it is worth doing so as the cost of £15.00 covers any other activities leading up to christmas. The annual payment is £30.00.

If you have already joined the scheme this is for information only and no money required.

If you are not a member, please can we ask for a contribution of £14 by Friday 4th October and complete the reply slip below.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Costello

Mr Stephenson

Payment reply slip – Chocolate Story

I will be joining the pre-pay scheme. (name child) ___________________________

I will not be joining the pre-pay scheme and I enclose my contribution of £14.00 towards the cost of the visit for (name child) _______________________________


Please return no later than Monday 30th September

Name of child(ren) _____________________________

Baguette list

Please circle - Cheese – Tuna – Egg –– Ham

Included in the lunch:

Sausage roll

Vegetable Sticks



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