You, the respective representatives of the dozen or so uu churches in our cluster, Center stage

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Northeast Cluster Spring Program

and Annual Meeting

As You Like It

May 3, 2008

UU Church of Brevard, W. Melbourne

9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

UUs everywhere will get a chuckle out of Northeast Cluster’s Spring program, patterned after this hilarious William Shakespeare play.
We are putting YOU, the respective representatives of the dozen or so UU churches in our cluster, Center stage, as you relate the trials and tribulations of leadership in Unitarian Universalist churches.
Rockledge’s President, Bill Scott, has agreed to emcee the program, slated for Saturday, May 3 at our cluster’s newest member church, Unitarian Universalist Church of Brevard in West Melbourne. We confess there are going to be a couple of “plants” in the audience to get the ball rolling but your participation is essential to a meaningful program which will help your fellow UU leaders better deal with similar situations when they come up in their congregations.
May 3 story tellers

  • Larry Rayner, Rockledge, “Larry’s (in)famous sign’ at a Methodist Church”

  • Bill Scott, Rockledge, “We’re B U I L D I N G”

  • Joyce Levi, Vero Beach, “We Bought instead of building.”

  • Presenter to be named, Ormond Beach, “We Built … now bursting at the seams.”

  • Jim O’Hara, Ocala, “We’re also building…what a headache!”

  • Andy Bowen, Mosaic, “We’re just getting started.”

  • Presenter to be named, Gainesville, “We built an edifice… choking on the mortgage.”
  • Larry Rayner, Rockledge, “Fired by the Nominating Committee.” (at Cocoa)

  • Larry & Yeda Rayner, Rockledge, “The Christmas party” also at Cocoa.

  • Presenter to be named, New Smyrna, “We rented commercial space and paid dearly”

  • Linda Mowers, Buckman Bridge, Story in progress

  • Judy Weisberger, St. Augustine, “We’re doing just fine, thank you.”

  • Judy Southard, First UU…West Volusia, Story in progress

  • Harold Philips, (West) Melbourne, “We’re just drifting.”

  • Greg Hines, UU Church Jacksonville, Story in progress

  • Gaye Esperson, All Souls (Putnam County), Story in progress

  • Annemieke Pronker-Coron, Harmony UU, Story in progress

  • Charles Willett, Sweetwater UU, Story in progress


9am to 10am Light Breakfast

10am to 11:30am Program

11:30am to 1:00pm Lunch

1:00pm to 2:30 pm Program

2:30 NE Cluster Annual Meeting and Elections – How about volunteering?

As You Like It

Northeast Cluster Program and Annual Meeting

May 3, 2007

Hosted by UU Church of Brevard County

2185 Meadowlane Avenue

W. Melbourne, Florida

Phone: 321-725-6125



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Northeast Cluster - As You Like It – May 3, 2008

Name: Email: Phone:
Name: Email: Phone:
Congregation: Vegetarian Lunch:
Mail registration with $10 per person registration fee to:

Bob Mohr

247 Brookline Ave

Daytona Beach, FL 32118

Questions? Contact Larry Rayner at or 321-452-6456


Bob Mohr at or 386-258-0816

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