You will need: Topic Y6 Science Strand Biology: Evolution and inheritance

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You will need: Topic Y6 Science Strand Biology: Evolution and inheritance

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You will need to collect…

We will provide…


Access to internet

Examples of extinct animals

Examples of living fossils


Range of fossils (if available), Stone Girl Bone Girl by Laurence Anholt & Sheila Moxley, Frances Lincoln, ISBN: 9781845077006 or The Fossil Girl – Mary Anning by Catherine Brighton, Frances Lincoln, ISBN: 9781845077327

Optional useful book for adult information: Mary Anning of Lyme Regis by Crispin Tickell, Lyme Regis Philpot Museum, ISBN: 9780952766209 (possibly available in libraries or directly from the museum)

Access to internet

Photographs of fossils

UK map showing Lyme Regis

Mary Anning comic strip template


Photos of family members that children bring in. Access to internet

Photos of identical twins

How twins occur

Siberian Husky puppies

Twin lambs


Breeds of Dog


Various books about evolution, e.g. What Mr Darwin Saw by Mick Manning & Brita Granström, Frances Lincoln, ISBN: 9781847801074; Our Family Tree: An Evolution Story by Lisa Westberg Peters & Lauren Stringer; Evolution Revolution by Robert Winston, DK, ISBN: 9781405337199. Suggested books: Inside the Beagle with Charles Darwin by Fiona Macdonald & Mark Bergin, Book House, ISBN: 9781904642923; Darwin and Evolution for Kids by Kristan Lawson, Chicago Review Press, ISBN: 9781556525025 (with 21 activities); Evolve or Die (Horrible Science) by Phil Gates & Tony de Saulles, Scholastic, ISBN: 9781407105352; One Beetle Too Many: The Extraordinary Adventures of Charles Darwin by Kathy Lasky & Matthew Trueman, Candlewick, ISBN: 9780763614362; The Tree of Life: The Wonders of Evolution by Ellen Jackson & Judeanne Winter, Prometheus Books, ISBN: 9781591022404

Access to internet

Charles Darwin and his Theory of Natural Selection

Discuss Drawing


Access to internet

Examples of Wallace’s Insects

An example of Mendel’s Investigations


Cactus plant (if available). Large piece of paper plus e.g. sunflower seeds or 1cm2 pieces of paper. Quadrats, digital camera. Materials to make model plants. Access to internet

PowerPoint Plant Adaptations

Cactus photo

Rainforest Plant Adaptations

List of suggested plants


Information books about animal adaptations, Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling. Evolution Revolution by Robert Winston, DK, ISBN: 9781405337199. Access to internet

Discussion Drawing & notes

Camel & Emperor Penguin photos

List of suggested animals



Photo of giraffe drinking

Photo of dew claw

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