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Your City of Melbourne magazine

February – March 2016


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Community Hub at The Dock: Open Day on 20 February 19

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Melbourne Love: Festival of Live Art, 1 to 13 March 21

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Lord Mayor’s Message

With warm days enticing people outdoors, Melbourne welcomes a cavalcade of events in February and March. From sport and art to food and wine, the city is brimming with a wide variety of entertainment options.

Moomba is one of the city’s favourite annual events, but there are many other gatherings that also attract tens of thousands of visitors to our city. In February we enjoy many community and arts events, including Chinese New Year, White Night Melbourne and the impressive exhibitions at the National Gallery of Victoria.

The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra enlivens Town Hall in March while the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival brings flavours and fun to our laneways and riverfront.

Moomba begins on 11 March, enthralling families with its sentimental highlights including carnival rides, the Birdman Rally and the traditional parade. We also invite Melburnians and visitors to enjoy the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival, Cultural Diversity Week and community festivals in Carlton and Kensington.

The Comedy Festival, a Melbourne institution, turns 30 in this year. We attract the big names for our world renowned event but why not step out of your comfort zone and see one of the more intimate shows? Town Hall is one of the event’s venues; you know it’s Comedy Festival time when you hear hysterical laughter from the next room while debating serious Council business!

Look out too for the International Womens’ Day Festival from 7 to 13 March at the historic Queen Victoria Women’s Centre. Melburnians are famously passionate about sport and love to watch the best from Australia and overseas.

The Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix commences on 17 March, much to the delight of the sport’s enthusiasts. But it’s not just about being a spectator: we get involved in our sport too, especially if it’s to raise money for a worthy cause.

In March cycling is in the spotlight with the Women’s Ride and the MS Melbourne Cycle. Runners can take a scenic tour of the city with the Herald Sun/CityLink Run for the Kids, which takes participants past many Melbourne landmarks, including the Bolte Bridge and Docklands. Money raised goes to the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Melbourne’s robust events calendar attracts thousands of visitors to our city which is great news for our hundreds of businesses and our economy as people linger and dine or shop before and after shows and sporting events.

I hope you enjoy the many events on offer and encourage you to try something new, as well as revisit traditional favourites, in 2016.

Carlton Baths Centenary

February marks 100 years since Carlton residents first slipped into the cool water of their own public bath. In 1916, municipal baths were primarily built for sanitation and hygienic purposes, rather than as recreational facilities.

A report on the purchase of land for the baths, which appeared in The Age in 1915 said: ‘With the growth of population in Carlton the need for a swimming basin in the district has become even more urgent and at last the baths committee has taken decisive action … The site is practically in the very heart of the most congested areas in Carlton, and is sufficiently large to permit of the erection of a bath with a basin 100 feet by 97 feet’.

The new outdoor ‘swimming bath’ was not heated or chlorinated, the water was changed once a week and separate bathing days were allocated for men and women. Mixed bathing at Carlton Baths was approved by Council in 1929 and coincided with the first major improvements for the site. Five houses on Rathdowne Street were purchased and demolished to make way for a new entrance and change rooms, which included the most up-to-date features for the time, such as hot water for the showers.

Carlton resident Jenny Sargeant, who has been a regular at the baths for the past 15 years, remembers austere visits to the pool, in the not too distant past.

Jenny said when she first joined the Carlton Baths it was pretty basic and the pool’s boiler was prone to breakdown. ‘There were no trees, no plants and no shade. There was only one indoor shower and not a lot of hot water’.

Since then the pool has undergone a $19.5 million redevelopment. ‘Now we have really lovely facilities’, she said. In addition to swimming, Jenny now attends yoga and spin classes. ‘I’m loving doing different things. The whole atmosphere is really lovely, it’s a very welcoming environment’.

The upgrades include improved sustainability features such as rainwater collection, solar hot water and passive ventilation. Accessibility modifications to the main pool include a ramp and re-levelled floor to make it easier for all members of the community to use the pool.

A new toddlers’ pool and modern play equipment have been added, while the centre’s landscaping has been improved with new trees and shade sails. These additions follow the completion of stage one works in 2012, which saw upgrades to the change rooms and new group fitness rooms, a cycling studio, weights room/gymnasium and reception area.

Carlton Baths Open Day, 13 February, 10am to 3pm

Celebrate 100 years of the Carlton Baths as the doors swing open to all for an epic pool party. Cool off in the freshly renovated main pool, or bring the family and enjoy the toddlers’ pool, new play equipment, petting zoo, face painting and sausage sizzle. Residents, friends, family and visitors are invited to see how times have changed thanks to the recently completed redevelopment. Tour the new and improved facilities that formed part of the two-stage redevelopment and represent a $19.5 million investment in the Carlton community.

Carlton Baths, 216–248 Rathdowne Street, Carlton.

For more information, visit Carlton Baths1.

Your say

Letter of the month

I walk past the clock in the Kings Domain Garden most days, it gives me so much pleasure to see the beautiful way the staff put together this clock garden, different plants, colours, textures and so well maintained. Artistic – fitting as opposite the gallery. Please commend the gardening staff, I am sure they don’t realise how it can make such a difference to a person’s day. I work as a nurse in a hospital and appreciate the good vibes I get from the gardens. Thank you.

Barbara Jackson

What can I do to reduce the amount of rubbish I put in my bin and send to landfill?

There are a number of ways you can reduce your everyday kitchen and garden waste at home, whether you live in a large house or small city apartment.

Compost bins are ideal for gardens and are a good place to put kitchen scraps, fresh lawn clippings and weeds, as well as autumn leaves, branches, hedge clippings and straw.

If you have little garden space you can still compost some of your kitchen waste by using a worm farm. Worm farms are odourless, require very little maintenance and produce rich fertiliser for your garden and pot plants. Worms are nature’s recyclers and eat thing like kitchen scraps, tea leaves, tea bags and coffee grounds. Avoid composting citrus, meat and dairy products.

For more information visit waste and recycling1.

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