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Transition Time….

Your Magpie is ready to transition to the -

The Kinder Room.
Welcome to the Kinder Room. Children in this room are aged from 3.9 -5 years old. For many of these children, this is their preschool year with some children attending for 18 months. The kinder room operates two programmes – one for the children transitioning to school and a programme for the younger group. At Gum Nut we run a Government Funded Kindergarten program, with the bonus being that it is set in a long day care centre; allowing you to tailor your child’s kinder hours. The kindergarten staff are: Grace (B Early Childhood (Hon)) our kinder teacher, Lei (Masters in Early Childhood Development). Together they collaborate to create an environment that is both challenging and stimulating; and is lead predominantly by the children’s interests and ideas. The kinder program is rich in language and literacy, creative expression, fine and gross motor development and assisting children to build relationships that are positive and meaningful. We also aim to help children develop appropriate conflict resolution techniques and group entry techniques that they can carry with them into the schoolyard next year. This Transition Time fact Sheet will let you know what goes on in the Kinder Room and how it may differ from the Magpie Room.

The main differences from the Magpie Room…

When children move into the Kinder Room it is often the smoothest of transitions. They are proud and very ready to become ‘a Kinder’. Children would have experienced many routines and activities with the Kinder’s prior to transitioning such as meal times, activity times, group and outdoor times and so they are familiar with the expectations that lie ahead.

Like the Magpies, the kinder children enjoy morning tea and so they have a bigger afternoon tea- fruit, sandwiches and milk) when they are more ravenous from their little brains and bodies working overtime. The Kinder’s have a rest period where for approximately 45 minutes, children enjoy story tapes, books and a relaxing environment where they can rest and re-group for the afternoon’s activities. For children who still enjoy an afternoon sleep (or parents who request it) a bed can be prepared for children in the Koala room or alternatively, they can have a small sleep in the Kinder room at a time you may request. Also, if children are tired and they request a sleep on any one-day, staff will appropriately accommodate this.

General Daily Routine.

From the open of the centre to approximately 8.30am the children are involved in the family grouping process. After this they are taken down to the kinder house, put their bags away and have some group time together with the kinder house children (usually stories and songs). Weather dependent we may start the day outside Whether it be inside or out, the children engage in an array of activities and busyness including individual, small group, spontaneous and planned activities are all a part of this. At the conclusion of the play period the children enjoy morning tea (approx. 10.30am). They then go outside for play. At approximately 11.30am the children prepare for progressive lunch. After lunch the kinder children have exclusive use of the outdoor area, having ample time to explore their environment and pursue their current interests. At approximately 1.30 the children come inside for a rest time (pillows, books, music, etc). After rest, an indoor afternoon program is set up and children have the opportunity to explore new and familiar activities. Large group time (songs, discussions, children show'n'tell or often just tell! drama, stories, dance) may also occur during this time frame. At 3.15pm afternoon tea is served and children then have a play in the main garden. The day concludes with family grouping until close.

The kinder program is by no means a "formal" way of learning whereby children are 'taught'. Children are at the perfect age for physically exploring their environment and are facilitated by adults who help to answer their questions as they make sense of their world. Our aim is to provide a balanced kinder program where exposure to music, physical activity, the use of computers and other technologies is incorporated into the program to provide a richer, fuller array of daily experiences for children.

Group Goals and Expectations.
Kindergarten is the gateway to future education. The kinder program has goals in the following areas:
Health, emotional well-being, safety, understanding the wider world and children feeling they have a place, limits and boundaries of acceptable behavior, attitudes of equal opportunity for all, who they are as individuals and in the group, language and creative arts, independent learning, physical development and the natural world.

(a full list of goals can be obtained by talking to your kinder teacher)

Things to note:

* Communication Pockets are located on the inside wall near the glass sliding door.

* Bag hooks are outside on the deck.

* Communication Books can be obtained by asking Grace.

*Artwork is kept alphabetically in a box and each child has their own file. The box is located on the stairs. Please collect work often.

*Donations of boxes, containers, wrapping paper, cards, ribbons, off cuts of materials, corks, bottle tops (basically anything you can think of except toilet rolls and sharps) are greatly appreciated for children's art work.

Life after the Kinder Room…

The Kinder room is the last of our great rooms for your child to experience. We aim to prepare your child to the best of our combined ability for school the following year. If there are any ways we can assist with preparing your child for school such as speaking to your child’s future teacher, please ask. We also welcome back our graduates to come and show us how grown up they are-we love to see them in the uniforms enjoying the next phase in their life. School holiday care can also sometimes be arranged for parents requiring this for children in their prep year.

Should you have any further questions or concerns, you are welcome to address these to Maxine, Deanna, Tiffany, Rose, Cath or Sheree.

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