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Hi Everyone,

We want as many stories as possible for the website, so if you have some news, no matter how big or how small please email me the details I will not include any personal information apart from your first name.
Please see below the format for submitting stories to me for the website.
You will need a new document for each story:
This is an MS Word document - font Arial, size 12, color dark blue, if it’s not in this format it will be returned to sender (sorry!!).
Please include
Your name

Name of your service

Title of story (6 words max)

Introduction (15 words max)

The Story (can be as long or short as you like)

Photos (please give details of who is in the photo and if it’s not obvious then a bit of detail as to what the photo is, e.g. if its hill walking then where, or going for a coffee where)
All information posted on the website is the responsibility of the person who created it, this means that each person is responsible for the information being accurate (dates, facts etc) and that images are authorised.
It is also the responsibility of the creator to request information be removed or archived when it is no longer relevant or the date is past.

All photos or flyers need to be saved in a jpeg format (for more information on photos please see link)
This formatting will take a little bit of extra time in the beginning but it is important and it is the key to ensuring our website becomes a valuable internal and external information resource and marketing tool.

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