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Issue No. 4

26th September 2014

All classes continue to work through the busy start to the year. Things are developing well in and outside of the classroom. Children will, over the next few weeks, have their first assessments of the year which we will feed back to all parents in our parents evening in the first week of November!

All children have already had an assessment in Reading and should all know their reading stages and levels – ask them!


Next Thursday we welcome over 20 Grandparents to school as they join us for a Roast Beef lunch!

Lunch will be served at 12pm. Mrs Watkins will certainly be a little busier than usual!


Clubs started this week and were well attended. Look out next week for Mr Gregory’s Football Club after school on Wednesday.

Monday – Maths Club (12.15-12.35pm)

Tuesday – Netball Club (3.20-4.15pm)

Wednesday – Football Club (3.20-4.15pm)


You will have all seen the developments in creating our new Class 2. Next week, there will be further work in the class as we build an extended outdoor covered area. This will further enhance the learning activities of the children and enable them to learn effectively indoors and out.

Class Achievers

Another ‘GRET’ week this week. Children continue to work well. Congratulations to the winners from each class who continue to set a really high standard of work.

Class N: Teegan and Tyler

Class 1: Joel

Class 2: Courtney and Neeve

Class 3: Sky

Class 4: Mrs Foster’s Poets Corner!

Late ‘Winners’: Dosbarth 4

Attendance ‘Winners’: Dosbarth 4 ()


Wednesday 1st October – School Photos (pm)

Thursday 2nd October – Grandparent’s Lunch!!!

Friday 3rd – Class 4 Assembly

Tuesday 14th – Orienteering Yrs 3-6; Gregynog

Wednesday 15thUrdd Football Comp; Maldwyn

Wednesday 22nd – Urdd Netball Comp; Maldwyn

Thursday 23rd – Harvest Festival; 9.30am

27th31st Oct – Half Term

Wednesday 29th – BINGO!!!

Monday 3rd November – Parents’ Evening

Friday 7th – Autumn Fayre

Friday 14th – Children In Need ‘Superheroes’!!!

Wednesday 3rd December – Horrible Histories; Theatr Hafren

Tuesday 16th – Christmas Concert

Wednesday 17th – Christmas Party

Wednesday 17th – Bethshan Carol Singing

Thursday 18thChristmas Dinner

Friday 19th – Break up for Christmas!!!


Many thanks for all your support in our school uniform policy.

We have now had delivery of more PE kit for those who were unable to purchase them in September.

A reminder that children are also expected to bring footwear (pumps) to wear indoors. The carpets have all been cleaned over the Summer and already show traces of mud and other unknown substances picked up from outside!! 

3+ Playgroup

In 3+ this week we have been learning about our feeling and why we feel the way we do. We have been looking at squares and the number one. The boys and girls enjoyed exploring the rainbow spaghetti and even used it in their role play kitchen! Next week we will be looking at our locality and making a welsh display. If anyone has any items we could use we would be very grateful. Tedi twt had lovely adventures with Millie and is ready for more adventures this weekend with Joshua . Have a great weekend!

Dosbarth N: We’ve had another busy week in class ‘N, we’ve been looking at length in numeracy- we enjoyed finding things in the class that are longer and shorter tha us. We’ve learnt some new sounds this week too and are coming on well with the story of the ‘Little Red Hen’. We read the ‘Good Samaratan’ in RE and sequenced the story in the right order! We are enjoying finding out about ourselves and have been enjoying the doctors role play area especially making Miss Williams better! We had a visit of the dentist, we loved brushing the dinosaurs teeth and dressing up  We used our handprints to make pictures this week, did you like our lovely hanprint flowers? We went on a welly walk in and around the school looking for signs of Autumn and collected natural materials to make Autumn crowns! We looked fab in our Autumn glitter crowns  Have a great weekend. Well done on your effort for Roahl Dahl day too! 

Dosbarth 1:

This week, we have continued with our All About Me topic and we are really enjoying it! We have been doing length in numeracy and used non-standard units to measure different things around the school. We are continuing to work hard in Phonics and are coming on well with the story of the ‘Little Red Hen’. We have looked at the good samaratan in RE and will be continuing with it next week! We took Mr Lawrence on a welly walk around the school and collected natural objects to make an Autumn crown. Have a lovely weekend and a huge well done to all those who helped brighten the class in your yellow outfits 

Dosbarth 2:

We have been working hard on the story of the Gruffalo this week. We have drawn pictures and used what we have read to write a story map. We will use this next week to write our very own Gruffalo stories.

Lots of children dressed up today in yellow as we celebrated Roald Dahl Day. We even had a few crocodiles, witches and an Oompa Loompa!

Dosbarth 3:

Another busy week of adding and subtracting. We have been using our knowledge of number bonds to 10 and 20 to help us calculate problems with larger numbers. In English, we have continued with activities based on the BFG. We’re nearly getting to the end of the book now and it has certainly made us giggle! In topic, we have looked more closely at Wales. We have been using Google Earth and atlases to locate places and describe their location in Wales using the compass directions. On Wednesday, Mr Hyde did a Science investigation with us called “Rock ‘ard!” We investigated which rocks were the hardest; a very large hammer was involved!!! Just a little reminder that all children need indoor pumps, especially now the weather is getting wetter. Diolch 

Dosbarth 4: (gan Bethany)

This week in Dosbarth 4 we have been looking more into our topic of Africa.

The whole of our class have JOINED together to make a fantastic African puzzle continent map! (Do you get the joke?) Mrs Williams gave us all a country of Africa to colour in and label, then stick on the wall.

This week Dosbarth 4 have started a book called “The Butterfly Lion” by Michael Morpurgo.

We have all been looking at childrens’ rights in literacy for the past few weeks and Mrs Williams decided that we should write poems about it. To get us all started, Mrs Williams read us some poems she had found. As soon as we had all seen a few we were determined to put our rhyming skills to the test.

In maths this week we are doing odd and even numbers.

Librarian Report (gan Ella a Megan)

Ella: Ethan said that one of his favourite books is “Gangsta Granny” by David Walliams, he has not read the entire book yet but he already thinks it’s the best book he has ever read. This book is about a granny who is an international jewel thief. He says that David Walliams is one of his favourite authors and Tony Ross is a fantastic illustrator and he loves the front cover. Have you read any of the David Walliams books yet?

Destiny: Maddie has chosen a book called “Where’s Wally? The Fantastic Journey” because she likes the bright pictures and she likes finding Wally. Have you looked at the other Where’s Wally books? We have a few in the library including “Where’s Wally? The Wonder Book”.

GRÊT – Growing Reaching Êxcellence Together

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