164 Bastedo Avenue Ontario, Canada M4C 3N1

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Rob Walton

164 Bastedo Avenue

Ontario, Canada M4C 3N1

Phone : 416-693-5787




Respected comic book writer/artist, teacher, storyboard artist and director on a variety of television programs including preschool and prime time. Adept at both comedy and drama. Holds a B.A. in Literature, including Drama, with stage experience as an actor and director at University level. Studied improv with Second City. Works well and easily from written script or undeveloped idea. Wrote, illustrated and published critically acclaimed graphic novel, Ragmop.

A position in animation production where an imaginative, goal-orientated writer-artist-director can expand his potential in a challenging and creative atmosphere.

  • Successfully delivered 13 episodes of an animated television series on a demanding production schedule

  • Personable and direct approach with clients built trust and led to immediate promotion from Co-director to Supervising director

  • Experienced story board artist able to deliver boards of professional quality and meet deadlines

  • Adept at both comedy and drama, pre-school and prime time boards

  • Familiar with Toon Boom

  • Researched, wrote, illustrated, and published 464 page multi award-nominated graphic novel Ragmop

  • Motivated and self-directed, learns and adapts quickly on the job

  • Strong editorial and storytelling skills: able to review and identify weaknesses and potential problems in a variety of media

  • Works well and efficiently with others members of production team to creatively resolve weaknesses and potential problems in a variety of media
  • Makes confident, informed decisions in dealing with problems

  • Works well from written script or undeveloped story idea

  • A talented script writer adept at both comedy and drama

  • Positive attitude, treats co-workers with respect and empathy

Current Employment History (Freelance)
Max The Mutt Animation School—2007-Present

Instructor: “Storytelling and Story Development” (2nd Year)

  • Designing, writing, and teaching course curriculum on story and script development for student films

Big Bang/Planet Lucy Press 2006

Publisher, Writer, Artist: Ragmop

  • Conceived, researched, wrote and illustrated 464 page graphic novel

  • Nominated for two 2007 Joe Shuster Awards including Outstanding Canadian Cartoonist

Nelvana Ltd. 1994-2001

Supervising Director: Committed 2000-2001

  • Supervised production of Prime Time animated series starring Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Andrea Martin, and Dave Foley

  • Mediating between clients, creator, writer, and studio

  • Conceived, designed, and boarded opening title sequence

  • Actively participated in script revisions and rewrites (un-credited)

  • Supervised voice recordings

  • Directed seven of 13 episodes

  • Locked assembly
  • Supervised post-production on all 13 episodes

Assistant Director: Stickin’ Around, Bob & Margaret 1998-2000

  • Supervise and execute script revisions and rewrites when necessary

  • Supervise and execute storyboard revisions

  • Slug boards

  • Assist with pre-production assembly and lock time

  • Assist with post-production duties, including locking picture to broadcast time


Storyboard Artist 1994-2008

Nelvana Ltd, MTV, Smiley Guys Studio, Funbag, 9 Story Entertainment

  • Create visual blueprint for 22 minute animated films from script

  • Takes initiative to identify potential problem areas in scripts and discuss with director

  • Trusted to structure scripts to strengthen story

  • Equally able to follow direction and deliver scripts as is

Storyboards (Partial List)

Turbo Dogs, Smiley Guys Studio, CCI 2008

Futz 9 Story Entertainment, 2007

Backyardigans seasons I & II (CGI), Nick Jr./Nelvana, 2003-2006

Odd Job Jack Comedy Network, Smiley Guy Studios, 2005

My Dad the Rock Star 26 episodes, Nelvana, 2002-2003

Clone High MTV, Nelvana, 2001-2002

Pelswick Nelvana, 2001

Committed Nelvana, 2000-2001

Eckhart Phoenix, 1999

Bob & Margaret Nelvana, 1999

Watership Down Funbag, 1999

Rainbow Fish Funbag, 1998-1999

Anthony Ant Funbag, 1998

Flying Rhinoceros High Nelvana, CBS, 1998

Stickin’ Around Nelvana, 1996,1998

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Nelvana 1995-1997

Dog City Nelvana 1994

Scriptwriting: 1998-Present

  • Dedicated craftsman

  • Works in both Final draft and Screenwriter

  • Can develop ideas from scratch and write on a wide variety of topics

  • Adept at comedy and drama, adult prime time and preschool

  • Meets challenging deadlines

Teleplays 2002-2007 (un-produced)

  • A Boot To The Head: “Live and Let Dad” (pilot for animated series) 2007

  • Ragmop: “Tim Horton Hears a Who” (pilot for animated series) 2007
  • Bones And Tombstone: “Brain Man” (pilot for animated series) 2002

Screenplays 1998-Present (un-produced)

  • Kiss or be Killed Romantic Comedy 2007 (in progress)

  • The Matador Drama, 2004 (Short film)

  • Bloodlines Drama/Fantasy 2003

  • Apocrypha Drama 2003

  • The Red Zone Drama/War 1999

  • The Ninth Circle Drama/Fantasy/horror 1998

Comic Books and Graphic Literature 1987-Present

  • Writes both comedy and drama

  • Able to intelligently address current issues within story context, both satirically and dramatically

  • Writes in any genre and can run with any idea

For a full list of credits and story samples, please refer to website: www.robwaltoon.com

Television Appearances

  • Space, the Imagination Station—featured interview, November 2006

  • “More To Life” TVOntario –Panel discussion on the history of comics, November 2003

  • “Prisoners of Gravity” TVOntario -Featured interview discussing work in comics, 1994

Interviews And Reviews In Print

  • “Wizard Magazine” Featured review of “Ragmop” 2007
  • “Comic Buyer’s Guide” Featured interview and review of Ragmop 1997

  • “Realms Magazine” Featured interview and review of Ragmop 1997

  • “Previews Magazine (Diamond Distribution)” Featured interview 1997

  • Seattle Times -Featured review of Ragmop 1997

  • “Indy Magazine” Featured interview (seven pages) 1996

  • “Comic Retailer’s Guide” featured interview and review of Ragmop 1996

  • Washington Times –Featured review of Ragmop 1996

  • “Wizard Magazine” Featured interview and review of “Ragmop” 1995

  • “Previews Magazine (Diamond Distribution)” Featured review 1995

  • “Hero Illustrated” Featured review 1995

  • “Comic Culture” Featured review 1995

Education And Professional Development

  • “Selling To Hollywood” A four-day conference on script writing, with featured alumni Michael Hague, Aaron Sorkin, and Richard Walter. Los Angeles, 1999

  • Second City Improv Workshop, Second City, Toronto: A Six month workshop studying the techniques of Improv and the work of Viola Spolin 1986

  • Bachelor of Arts: Literature/ Theatre, York University, 1980-84

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