20 years of sennebogen telescopic cranes a success story

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20 years of SENNEBOGEN telescopic cranes - a success story

Whether for bridge construction, civil engineering and underground engineering or in industrial applications for lifting heavy loads, for 20 years SENNEBOGEN telescopic cranes have demonstrated the optimum combination of flexibility, cost-effectiveness and quality. Customers around the world from various sectors of the construction industry trust the reliability of SENNEBOGEN telescopic cranes.

For what is now 20 years, the Lower Bavarian manufacturer has established itself successfully in the market with mobile and crawler telescopic cranes. In 1992 the SENNEBOGEN 613 M, as a universal mobile crane, variable in hook operation with lift fork or work platform, heralded a new generation of telescopic cranes for the construction industry - it was the beginning of a success story.

Robust and economical, flexible in implementation, with these characteristics the new machines quickly established a reputation. Additional series soon followed. In 1995 the SENNEBOGEN 630, was launched on the market, today it has been superceded by the 643. In 2004 the company took an additional step with the extremely successful 80 t telescopic crane 683. The SENNEBOGEN 608 Multicrane, a compact helper on every construction site, has completed the product line since 2005. With working loads from 8 t to 80 t, today the SENNEBOGEN telescopic cranes cover an enormous spectrum of applications. There are few, if any, comparable solutions for lifting, moving, and positioning large loads.

Flexibility in bridge construction - a job for SENNEBOGEN at Hentschke Bau

As a longstanding SENNEBOGEN customer, the company, Hentschke Bau, headquartered in Bautzen, Germany, has successfully relied on the SENNEBOGEN machines in the areas of bridge construction and civil engineering for 16 years. Throughout Germany more than a dozen telescopic cranes from SENNEBOGEN are in use.

Currently, with the Massetal Bridge in the Thuringian Forest, Hentschke Bau is completing one of the region's largest infrastructure projects, and in this regard relies entirely on the flexibility of the mobile telescopic cranes. The reinforced concrete bridge, 412 m in length was erected with the incremental launching method and now spans the Massetal at a height of 70 meters. The superstructure rests on 11 pylons and a reinforced concrete arch with a span of 165 m, which later will offer space for the two-track ICE high-speed train route Ebensfeld-Erfurt. To ensure the logistics on the bridge construction site, throughout the entire construction period, a SENNEBOGEN 613 M and a 643 M are in use for the daily procedures and all around the bridge.

"It is extremely significant for us to be flexible and mobile everywhere on the construction site", is how site manager Holger Jackl, explains the necessity of the telescopic cranes. "We use the SENNEBOGEN machines to lift material onto the bridge, or to position components, in this regard the telescopic cranes have proven to be very effective", confirms operator Timo Schwichtenberg.

Currently Schwichtenberg lowers the slide bearings to the bridge pylons with his new 643 M, where colleagues install them. With poor visibility at a height of approximately 70 m this is millimeter work. Right after the crane is needed at another location to lift away formwork components. This is where the telescopic crane reveals its strengths. Thanks to compact dimensions and the mobile undercarriage the machine can move quickly. The 643 M also reliably lifts bridge bearings and heavy material and in this process also offers flexible mobility on the bridge under load.

On the other bridgehead, a SENNEBOGEN 613 C-Series, the "little brother", is currently working and lifting bundles of structural steel onto the bridge. The 12-year old telescopic crane has now clocked more than 11,000 operating hours and, as always, works with the utmost reliability.


Two SENNEBOGEN telescopic cranes are currently used by Hentschke Bau for construction of the Massetal bridge.

"With the SENNEBOGEN telescopic cranes we are flexibly mobile on the bridge, and thanks to the tiltable cab the overview is always guaranteed," driver Timo Schwichtenberg
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