2017 Wales ‘Year of Legends’ Past, present and mystical legends in Pembrokeshire


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2017 Wales ‘Year of Legends’

Past, present and mystical legends in Pembrokeshire
2017 is Wales Year of Legends - there is probably nowhere else in Britain with a greater density of ancient mystical legends than Wales.  They are all here - giants, fairies, dragons, goblins, witches and wizards and mermaids… There are over 500 in Pembrokeshire alone with an even greater concentration in the north east of the county.

But the year of Legends isn’t just for the mystical, Pembrokeshire has more than its fair share of living legends past and present from future kings of England and notorious pirates to current day actors, authors, musicians and sports personalities, all of whom have added to the county’s rich history and culture.

A place to start might be the outdoor Myths and Legends Sculpture Trail at the redeveloped Scolton Manor, near Haverfordweast featuring Welsh legends including King Arthur, Gelert and the highwayman Twm Siôn Cati; more sculptures depicting Pembrokeshire’s legends are planned to be added this year. Or pay a visit to Pembroke Castle where Henry Vll was born as Harri Tudur, later to become King of England and inaugurate the Tudor line of monarchs.

In the north of the county you can see the fascinating tapestry in Fishguard Town Hall, which tells the story of the Last Invasion of Britain and how Jemima Nicholas captured 12 French soldiers singlehandedly armed only with a pitchfork – the ‘invasion’ marks its 220th anniversary in February 2017.

Follow the Tombstone Trail and see where Jemima is buried as well as tombs, shrines and memorials to other past legends including Thomas Rees, who led an attack during the Rebecca Riots; pirate Barti Ddu and St David, the Patron Saint of Wales as well as a visit to Bedd Arthur in the Preseli Hills – perhaps this is the final resting place of the legendary King Arthur?
Suggestions for places to stay, activities and other things to see and do can be found on www.visitpembrokeshire.com; to request a copy of the free Pembrokeshire visitor guide call 01271 336100.

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