50 Web 0 Sites for Schools

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50 Web 2.0 Sites for Schools

  1. 19 Pencils - 19Pencils is the easiest way for teachers to discover, share and manage web-based educational content with students. A teacher can create quizzes, websites, track students, and more.

  2. ACMI Generator - This is a great site for older students for digital storytelling and creating a storyboard scene with a script.

  3. Animoto - Create wonderful looking slideshows that includes, video, images, music, and more.

  4. Aviary Education - A safe private environment to use Aviary's suite of online tools for: audio, video, and image editing.

  5. Boom Writer - BoomWriter is a supremely engaging creative writing website that has students reading, writing and assessing content in ways they’ve never done before!

  6. Classtell - A nice site for teachers to create an educational website.

  7. Diigo - Social bookmarking for teachers where they can create free student accounts.

  8. Dropbox - A great way to share and collaborate on documents on a number of different electronic devices.

  9. Edmodo - A wonderful safe/secure learning environment for teachers and students. A nice all-in-one solution for education.

  10. Educaplay - A excellent way to create interactive multimedia educational activities.

  11. Every1Speaks - A learning platform where students learn through collaborative enquiry-based learning.
  12. Gaggle - A excellent suite of online learning tools for filtered: emailing, messaging, forums, and more.

  13. Glogster - Creating collaborative and interactive posters in this safe environment. A wonderful and very popular web 2.0 tool.

  14. GoAnimate - A terrific way to create custom animations with an educational portal.

  15. Google Apps for Education - Does it really get much better than this?

  16. Gnowledge - A wonderful site to create collaborative online quizzes, share resources, view others quizzes, and more. Excellent tech support and tutorial videos as well.

  17. Grockit Answers - A great teaching tool to create a Q/A session for any YouTube video.

  18. Kidblog - A fantastic way to create a safe environment for students to blog in. Everything is controlled by the teacher as a moderator.

  19. Kerpoof - Lots of educational activities can be found here such as: make a movie, draw a picture, and more.

  20. Kubbu - A free site for teachers to create games, quizzes, or crosswords and then share them with students and view/analyze their results.

  21. Little Bird Tales - A wonderful free site for digital storytelling that allows kids to record and narrate their story.

  22. Live Binders - Is an excellent site for creating an online binder to collect and share resources with others.

  23. MentorMob - One of my favorite new sites for curating the web into learning "playlists." This is an innovative way to teach a lesson, unit, or any given topic.

  24. Mixbook - A great site for digital storytelling in a safe environment. Educators get a discount on printed books.
  25. Musicshake - Legal, copyright, free music for every student in your school - created by students, right from a browser.

  26. Myths & Legends - One of the best free sites around for digital storytelling in a safe environment with lots of characters, themes, and objects to choose from.

  27. PhotoPeach - An excellent site for creating slideshows and creating and managing student accounts.

  28. PikiFriends - A fun safe environment for online pen pals for middle school and high school students.

  29. Pixton - A great way to motivate students by creating digital stories using this comic creator.

  30. PresentationTube - A nice windows app for creating presentations out of PowerPoint slides.

  31. Prezi - A excellent site for creating zooming slideshows and presentations.

  32. Primary Access - A free suite of online tools for students and teachers to create digital movies, storyboards, and other activities.

  33. Primary Wall - A real-time collaboration tool that allows students and teachers to create a page of online sticky notes. Great for mind mapping and brainstorming!

  34. Skype in the Classroom - A great collaboration tool for classrooms to video or audio chat with other educators and students.

  35. SideVibe - Turn bookmarked web content into blended classroom lessons.

  36. SlideRocket - All you need is a Google Apps account to use this free tool to creating stunning presentations.

  37. SpellingCity - One of the best sites around for teaching and learning Spelling and Vocabulary. A very user-friendly and engaging site to use.

  38. Storybird - A fantastic site to inspire students to read & write through the use of digital storytelling.
  39. StoryJumper - A great site for digital storytelling where students can incorporate their own art, publish online, share with others, or order a print copy.

  40. SymbalooEDU - A wonderful way to organize educational sites into one location for students.

  41. Triptico - A great free tool for teachers to help create, share, and edit interactive lessons.

  42. ToonDoo Spaces - Create a private and safe environment for digital storytelling through the use of an online comic.

  43. VoiceThread - One of the most popular web 2.0 sites around for creating dynamic and interactive slideshows and presentations. Also, another great tool for digital storytelling.

  44. Webspiration - From the creators of Inspiration comes this excellent web portal for creating mind maps, brainstorms, outlines, and more.

  45. Weebly - Create a free class/student blog or website.

  46. Wolfram Alpha - There is now an educational portal for Wolfram's computational search engine. This portal contains dynamic textbooks, lesson plans, widgets, interactives, and more.

  47. Yacapaca - A nice free all-in-one solution for schools for creating quizzes, surveys, assessments, and more.

  48. YouTube for Schools - Access 1000s of YouTube videos in a controlled environment without having to worry about comments.

  49. Zimmer Twins - A great site for digital storytelling with an educational portal.

  50. Zoho Wiki - A nice site for educators to create online interactive content.

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