A. the narrators father becomes deathly ill B. the captain spends his time at the inn C


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Treasure Island

Chapter 1

Multiple Choice

  1. This chapter is mostly about how:
    A. the narrators father becomes deathly ill B. the captain spends his time at the inn

C. Dr. Livesey threatens to have the D. the captain doesn’t pay the money he owes

captain arrested

  1. The captain tells the narrator to:
    A. carry his sea chest to his room B. heat his rum in a silver cup

C. give a secret message to Dr. Livesey D. watch out for a one-legged seaman

  1. You can tell from the chapter that the captain:
    A. is an old friend of Dr. Livesey’s B. is really a soldier in disguise

C. believes someone is looking for him D. believes the inn is haunted

  1. The captain was a “real old salt.” This means he:
    A. was a true seagoing man B. use to be a cook

C. never set foot on a ship in his life D. was not a drinking man

  1. After Dr. Livesey warns the captain to behave himself, the captain probably feels:

A. timid B. angry

C. happy D. brave

  1. How did the other visitors in the inn feel about the captain?

A. they ignored him B. they loved him like a father

C. they were frightened of him D. they thought he was funny and harmless

Short Answer

  1. Try to describe the narrator. How old was he when the story took place? What kind of person does he seem to be? What makes you think this? Be sure to answer all of the above.

  2. What do you learn about the captain’s past? Why do you think he wishes to avoid another seaman? What secrets do you think he may have? Be sure to answer all of the above.

Chapter 2

Multiple Choice

  1. Which title tells more about the chapter?
    A. Black Dog’s Run B. A Bitter Cold Winter

C. Dr. Livesey Come Just in Time D. The Captain Fights and Falls

  1. All of the following are true about Black Dog EXCEPT:
    A. he wears a cutlass B. he has been to sea
    C. one of his legs is missing D. two of his fingers are missing

  2. The captain and Black Dog:
    A. don’t know each other B. have an argument and a fight
    C. are happy to see each other D. promise to see each other again soon

  3. What happens to the captain?
    A. he has a stroke B. he is killed
    C. he is wounded D. he goes insane

  4. You can determine that the narrators name is:
    A. Billy Bones B. Jim Hawkins
    C. Dr. Livesey D. Admiral Benbow

  5. By saying that black Dog “showed his heels,” the author means that Black Dog:
    A. ran away B. kicked the captain
    C. needed his boots repaired D. was low-down and mean

  6. How does Dr. Livesey feel about the captain at the end of the chapter?
    A. he feels sorry for him B. he is annoyed at him
    C. he would like to be the captain’s friend D. he is happy he saved the captain’s life

  7. Which of the following best describes Black Dog’s relationship with the captain?
    A. Envy B. Fondness
    C. Trust D. Fear

Short Answer

  1. Describe the look on the captain’s face when he first sees Black Dog. (Draw a picture to support your writing) What do you suppose he is thinking?

  2. What do you think black Dog and the captain talk about? (Try to think of some good ideas that are reasonable) Why would it lead to a fight?

Chapter 3

Multiple Choice

  1. Which title tells the most about the chapter?
    A. Death Strikes Twice B. One glass of Rum
    C. Black Dog Returns D. The Blind Man’s Laughter

  2. In this chapter, Jim Hawkins’s father:
    A. runs away B. goes blind
    C. kills he captain D. dies

  3. You can conclude that the blind man and his friends want to:
    A. get the captain’s money B. take the captain to sea
    C. hang the captain D. leave the captain alone

  4. The blind man’s purpose in coming to the inn is to:
    A. look for Black dog B. ask the captain to join his crew
    C. find out who Jim Hawkins is D. give the captain a warning

  5. Which of the following best describes the character of the blind man?
    A. Timid B. Evil
    C. Courteous D. Unfriendly

Short Answer

  1. Jim says that he never liked the captain, but why do you think Jim starts to cry at the captain’s death?

  2. Reread what Jim says about the blind man. What is so horrible about him? How does the captain react when he sees the blind man?

  3. What is terror? Why does the blind man seem so much more terrible than Black Dog?

Chapter 4

Multiple Choice

  1. The author is mostly interested in telling how:
    A. the fog creeps in over the harbor B. Jim and is mother leave the inn, return,
    and leave again
    C. Jim and his mother hide under D. The people of the village help Jim and his
    a bridge mother

  2. Who accompanies Jim and his mother back to the inn?
    A. No one B. Mrs. Crossley
    C. Only one old man D. Four men from the village

  3. Who comes to the inn while Jim and his mother are inside?

    A. Black Dog B. Dr. Livesey

    C. The blind man D. Two men from the village

  4. Besides some gold, what does Jim take from the captain’s sea chest?
    A. A piece of silver B. two pairs of pistols
    C. A pair of compasses D. An oilskin package

  5. The Hawkinses return to the inn in order to:
    A. burty the dead captain properly B. lock the door to keep strangers out
    C. get the money that is owed to them D. wait for Black Dog

  6. What is Jim’s feeling when he hears the tapping on the road?
    A. Joy B. Fear
    C. Sadness D. Anger

Short Answer

  1. Jim’s mother is very honest. How do you know? Do you think she is wise in being so honest considering the circumstances? Why or why not?

Chapter 5

Multiple Choice

  1. The important idea of this chapter is that:
    A. the blind man cannot trust his friends B. the inn is ruined by the pirates
    C. the pirates are after something other than D. Jim and his mother are rescued in
    the captain’s gold the nick of time

  2. When they get to the inn, the pirates realize that:
    A. the captain is not really dead B. the officers have been there before
    C. the captain’s sea chest has already been D. Jim and his mother are hiding under
    searched the bridge

  3. Pew, the blind man, dies when:
    A. Black Dog stabs him B. he is shot by an officer
    C. he drowns while swimming after the boat D. he is trampled by a horse

  4. You can tell that the papers in Jim’s pocket are:
    A. valuable documents B. pages from a Spanish book
    C. worthless trash D. old love letters

  5. Jim’s reason for going to Dr. Livesey is to:

    A. hide from the pirates B. give the papers to him

    C. get medical treatment for his mother D. tell him that the captain is dead

  6. The way the pirates act toward each other suggests that:

  1. Shipmates are like brothers B. all men are basically honest

  1. Nobody is as bad as he seems D. there is no honor among thieves

Short Answer

  1. What do you learn about the papers that Jim has taken from the captain’s chest? What do you think the papers are?

Chapter 6

Multiple Choice

  1. The author is mostly interested in telling how:
    a. Jim eats a hearty supper c. Jim and Mr. Dance ride to the squire’s house
    b. The treasure map is discovered d. Mr. Dance tells the story of the evening’s events

  2. Who was Captain Flint?
    a. the squire’s cousin c. a soldier
    b. a wealthy landowner d. a pirate

  3. The squire and Dr. Livesey decide to:
    a. send Jim back to his mother c. tell Mr. Dance all their plans
    b. outfit a ship to find the treasure d. join up with the pirates and go to sea

  4. You can tell that Dr. Livesey thinks:
    a. the pirates will try to follow them c. the squire is a foolish man
    b. the treasure map is a fake d. Jim would be useless at sea

  5. When the doctor tells the squire to “hold his tongue,” he means that the squire must:
    a. keep his pistol ready c. keep silent
    b. stop drinking d. go on a diet

  6. Which of the following best describes the character of the squire?
    a. Quiet c. High-spirited
    b. Unfriendly d. Deceitful

Short Answer

  1. What does the captain’s book tell you about the kind of life he had?

  2. Why is it so important that everything be done in secret? Do you think Jim, Dr. Livesey, and Squire Trelawny will e able to keep their plans secret? Why or why not? BE SURE TO ANSWER ALL PARTS.

  1. Compare the personalities of Dr. Livesey and Squire Trelawney. Who is more level-headed, more outgoing? Which type of personality do you prefer and why?

Chapter 7

Multiple Choice

  1. Which tells the most about the chapter?
    a. The Ship is Ready c. Jim’s Wonderful Dreams
    b. A Good Cook d. Tom Redruth’s Complaint

  2. The name of the ship is the:
    a. Blandly c. Bristol
    b. Spyglass d. Hispaniola

  3. All of the following are true about Long John Silver EXCEPT:
    a. he has only one leg c. he has no money
    b. He will be the ship’s cook d. he helped Squire Trelawney gather the crew

  4. You can conclude from the chapter that Squire Trelawney has probably:
    a. talked too much c. bought a bad ship
    b. stolen some money d. argued with Dr. Livesey

  5. When Jim says he “slept like a log,” he means that he:
    a. he didn’t sleep well c. had bad dreams
    b. slept soundly d. fell asleep fast

  6. Squire Trelawney’s letter shows that he feels:
    a. tired c. worried
    b. excited d. lonesome

Short Answer

  1. Very often you can learn more from what is not said than from what is said. Notice that Squire Trelawney’s letter says a lot about Silver, the ship’s cook, but very little about the man who will be captain of the ship. What do you learn about Silver? What do you learn about the Captain?

  2. Explain the importance of the crew on such a voyage. What do you know about the crew that has been hired?

Chapter 8

Multiple Choice

  1. Which title tells most about the chapter?
    a. Jim Meets Long John Silver c. Jim Walks the Docks
    b. Black Dog Returns d. John Silver Laughs

  2. Who does Jim see in John Silver’s inn?
    a. Pew, the blindman c. Black Dog
    b. Bill Bones d. Dr. Livesey

  3. You can conclude from the chapter that Long John Silver:
    a. is afraid of Black Dog c. is a relative of Dr. Livesey
    b. has been an admiral in the navy d. is not as honest as he seems to be

  4. John Silver’s reason for going to Squire Trelawney is to:
    a. bring him a pint of rum c. explain why Black dog was able to escape
    b. make sure that Jim gets back safely d. tell him what supplies he’ll need on the ship

  5. At the end of the chapter, Dr. Livesey:
    a. like John Silver c. hates John Silver
    b. distrusts John Silver d. distrusts Jim Hawkins

Short Answer

  1. What do you learn about the character of Long John Silver? Would you trust him? Why or why not? BE SURE TO ANSWER ALL PARTS.

  2. How does the incident of Black Dog’s escape raise suspicions about John Silver? Does anything else raise suspicions about him?

Chapter 9

Multiple Choice

  1. This chapter is mostly about:
    a. Squire Trelaw3ney’s anger with Captain Smollett c. Mr. Arrow’s drinking with the crew
    b. Captain Smollett’s feelings about the trip d. John Silver’s preparations for dinner

  2. Captain Smollett is worried for all these reasons EXCEPT:
    a. all the crew knows more than he does c. voyages for treasure are dangerous
    b. the Hispaniola seems to e an unsafe ship d. The powder and arms are stored near the

  3. You can tell that the one person who is happy with Captain Smollett is;
    a. Dr. Livesey c. Squire Trelawney
    b. Jim d. John Silver
  4. When Captain Smollett says “The secret has been told to the parrot,” he means:

    a. the secret is safe c. the crew is an excellent group of men
    b. he wants no parrots on board d. the secret is not longer secret

  5. Which of the following best describes the character of Captain Smollett?
    a. Happy and carefree c. Honest and blunt
    b. Quiet and gentle d. Deceitful and shifty

Short Answer

  1. Why do you suppose Captain Smollett doesn’t trust the crew? Why do you think he insists on changing the location of the powder and the arms?

  1. If Squire Trelawney hasn’t “blabbed” about the treasure map, how do you suppose the story of the map has gotten around to so many people?

Chapter 10

Multiple Choice

  1. Which title tells most about the chapter?
    a. Long John’s Songs c. The Handsome Parrot
    b. The Disappearance of Mr. Arrow d. Dangerous Words Overheard

  2. What was the problem with the first mate, Mr. Arrow?
    a. he drank too much c. he overworked the men
    b. He had a bad leg d. he threatened the men with his sword

  3. At the end of the chapter, Jim is hiding:
    a. behind the parrot’s cage c. among the guns and powder
    b. in the captain’s quarters d. in the apple barrel

  4. You can conclude that what Jim overhears:
    a. is none of his business c. reveals John Silver to be evil
    b. shows that John Silver is an honest man d. Is the parrot’s voice and nothing more

  5. When the captain says “Spoil the ship’s hands, make devils,” he means:
    a. the “hands” of the ship are really its sails c. the devil can always find a way to get on board a ship
    b. if you treat the crew too well, they d. the men will work harder if they get

    will take advantage of you double portions of rum

  6. How do the men feel as the ship nears Treasure Island?
    a. Sad b. happy c. Secretive d. Greedy

  7. Which of the following best describes the relationship between Captain Smollett and Squire Trelawney?
    a. Admiration b. trust c. dislike d. brotherliness

Short Answer

  1. What do you suppose happened to Mr. Arrow? Why didn’t anyone care?

  2. At the end of the chapter, Jim says “For from these dozen words, I understood that the lives of all the honest men aboard depend upon me alone.” What do you think that Jim has overheard?

Chapter 11

Multiple Choice

  1. Which title tells most about the chapter?

a. A Drink of Rum c. The Story of Israel Hands
b. John Silver’s Plans d. Young Dick Becomes a Pirate

  1. According to John Silver, where are most of Captain Flint’s men?
    a. Dead and buried c. At Treasure Island
    b. In Bristol’s Jails d. On board the Hispaniola

  2. What does Silver want to do with the “honest men” on the Hispaniola?
    a. Kill them c. Return them to Bristol
    b. Sell them as slaves d. Leave them on an island

  3. John Silver’s main reason for not taking over the ship right away is that he:
    a. likes Squire Trelawney c. needs Captain Smollett to steer the ship
    b. knows Jim is overhearing him d. is afraid of Israel Hands

  4. John Silver won’t return to Bristol after this cruise because he knows:
    a. he’ll be dead c. Captain Flint will be there
    b. his wife will try to kill him d. the law will be after him

  5. Which of the following best describes the character of Israel Hands?
    a. Sober c. Impatient

    b. Strict d. Religious

  6. John Silver would most agree with which of the following?
    a. Live for Today c. Love your enemy
    b. Haste makes waste d. One pirate can always trust another

Short Answer

  1. Explain IN DETAIL John Silver’s reasons for not taking over the ship right away. Imagine you were a pirate, Are Silver’s reasons good? Why or why not? BE SURE TO ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS!

  2. You now know the truth about John Silver. How do you think Silver has been able to hide his true nature from Jim, Dr. Livesey, and Squire Trelawney?

Chapter 12

Multiple Choice

  1. The author is mostly interested in telling how:
    a. John Silver tries to win Jim’s trust again c. she ship comes near to Treasure Island
    b. all the sailors receive a serving of rum d. Jim reveals Silver’s plans to Smollett, Livesey, and
    Squire Trelawney

  2. The main hill on Treasure Island is named:
    a. Formast Hill c. Captain Kidd’s Hill
    b. Skeleton Hill d. Spyglass Hill

  3. Silver is disappointed when he looks at Captain Smollett’s map because:
    a. it is not the treasure map c. he realizes that they have come to the wrong island
    b. it shows a harbor on the south of Treasure Island d. it does not show the current that runs up the W.
    coast of the island

  4. The captain ordered that the sailors receive a serving of rum. He does this in order to:
    a. reward them c. show the men how generous he is
    b. distract them d. get rid of the rum before going on the island

  5. After Squire Trelawney find out about Silver’s plans, how does he act toward Captain Smollett?
    a. Angry c. Distrustful
    b. Apologetic d. Fearful

Short Answer
  1. The captain says that this is the first time he’s ever seen a crew which had mutiny in mind but which had given no signs of it. Dr. Livesey answers “That’s Silver. A very remarkable man.” Explain the Dr.’s answer.

  2. What plans to Captain Smollett, Dr. Livesey, and Squire Trelawney make to deal with the mutineers? Why are they counting on Jim so much?

Chapter 13

Multiple Choice

  1. The chapter is mostly about how:
    a. the men are allowed to go ashore and c. the men decide to mutiny in spite of John Silver
    Jim goes with them
    b. Dr. Livesey decides that there is sickness on d. The Hispaniola is anchored near Skeleton Island
    Treasure Island

  2. The air around the harbor smells of:
    a. rotting plant life c. oil and gasoline
    b. fresh flowers d. burning wood

  3. The captain gives a loaded pistol to:
    a. John Silver c. everyone except Hunter Joe
    b. each of the trustworthy seamen d. Jim Hawkins ONLY

  4. You can tell that Jim’s going ashore will:
    a. result in his death c. turnout to be a foolish idea
    b. turn out to be a good idea d. result in the death of Squire Trelawney

  5. Captain Smollett sends the men ashore because he knows that:
    a. they will not return c. John Silver will try to calm them down
    b. they will get sick in the swamps d. they will find the treasure

  6. How does Jim feel as he first looks upon Treasure Island from the ship?
    a. glad c. anxious
    b. proud d. unhappy

Short Answer

  1. As Jim races into the bushes, he hears John Silver calling him. Why do you think Jim doesn’t answer? What do you think Silver wants?

Chapter 14

Multiple Choice

  1. The author is mostly interested in telling how:
    a. Jim explores the island c. Jim realizes his life is in danger
    b. Alan dies d. Tom decides to join up with Silver

  2. At the end of the chapter, Tom is:

    a. killed by Silver c. swimming toward the Hispaniola

    b. hiding with Jim d. searching for the treasure

  3. You can conclude that Alan was killed because he:
    a. planned to sink the Hispaniola c. knew where the treasure was
    b. wanted to join the pirates d. refused to join the pirates

  4. When Jim hears the pirates shouting, he says, “This sound of danger lent me wings.” By this Jim means:
    a. his fear made him run away fast c. he was so happy he felt he could fly
    b. birds warned him that he was in danger d. he was not afraid of them

  5. As Jim runs, he feels:
    a. happy c. angry
    b. hopeless d. confident

Short Answer

  1. Jim witnesses a murder. How does he react? What are his thoughts as he watches the murderer, Silver, clean his knife? ANSWER ALL PARTS

  2. Explain the dilemma that Jim is in at the end f the chapter. Why does he believe that he can’t return to the boats? Yet what would if mean if he didn’t return? ANSWER ALL PARTS

Chapter 15

Multiple Choice

  1. The chapter is mostly about:
    a. the fight between the “good men” c. Jim’s meeting Ben Gunn
    b. The gun Jim has is in his pocket d. Jim’s exploring the island

  2. How long has Ben Gunn been on the island?
    a. six months c. Ten years
    b. three years d. he doesn’t say

  3. What food has Ben Gunn missed most?
    a. cheese b. berries c. Goat meat d. fish

  4. You can tell from the chapter that Ben Gunn:
    a. was never a pirate c. is a friend of Long John Silver
    b. wants to stay on the island d. has found the treasure

  5. Which of the following best describes the character of Ben Gunn?
    a. cunning but friendly c. hateful but religious
    b. greedy and murderous d. foolish and evil

Short Answer

  1. Why do you think Jim decides to trust Ben Gunn? Do you think Ben is trustworthy? Why or why not?

  2. Explain the deal that Ben Gunn wishes to make with Squire Trelawney.

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