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ACF Regionals 2002

Packet by Indiana University

1. The sacred nature of this structure predates the religion of which it is the holiest site. Traditionally it was first constructed by Adam, and it was first used as the shelter of the marital deity Hubal as well as the idols Manat, al-Uzza and al-Lat, known as the daughters of God. Surrounded by the haram, it contains a sacred meteorite held together by a silver band. FTP, name this center of circumambulations during the Hajj located in Mecca, the holiest site in Islam.
Answer: the Kaaba
2. It ends with an epilogue and a decision not to return to Mary or the world in general. His arrival in New York City is told through flashbacks, beginning with the verbal slip in his scholarship acceptance speech to his Southern town's elite and his participation in a blindfolded fistfight. He later meets Mr.Norton, is expelled from college, and joins up with Brother Jack, a communist, but Jack, as well as potential community leaders, Ras and Rev. Rinehart, come up short, and the novel ends with a violent riot in Harlem. FTP identify this 1952 work whose nameless narrator explains his titular condition by noting that others "see only my surroundings, themselves, or figments of their imagination."

Answer: _Invisible Man_

3. Home to the Ndrhamcha Salt Flats, this country’s Aoukar Depression is home to the ruins of two of the Empire of Ghana’s wealthiest trading cities, Koumbi Saleh and Aouadghost. Its Adrar Region contains the seventh holiest city in Islam, Chinguetti. Its coastline includes the Banc d’Arguin National Park, and extends from Cape Blanc to the Chemama Zone adjacent to the Senegal River. Sharing its name with a Roman province of northwest Africa, this is, FTP, what nation bordering Senegal, Mali, Algeria and the Western Sahara, with capital Nouakchott?
Answer: Islamic Republic of Mauretania or Jumhuriya al-Islamiye Muritaniyah or Republique Islamique de


4. A kind of spectroscopy that is the main application of this phenomenon depends on chemical shifts arising from partial shielding of atoms or molecules by electrons. The surrounding electrons cause atoms to absorb radiation at slightly different field strengths for a fixed frequency. Atoms may only absorb radiation at photon energies equal to the difference between energy levels as determined by a characteristic spin, resulting in quantized orientations of the magnetic moment vector. FTP, what is this absorption of radiation at a precise frequency by nuclei with a nonzero spin that causes them to behave like small magnets?
Answer: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance or NMR
5. In his many letters to his lifelong friend, Willibald Pirckheimer, he stressed geometry and measurement as the keys to understanding art and he turned notes and drawings into his best-known treatise, the Four Books on Human Proportions. After meeting Bellini in Venice he obtained a commission for the Madonna of the Rose Garlands. Back in Nuremberg he devoted himself to engravings including The Knight, Death, and the Devil , and Saint Jerome in His Study. His last monumental works are two large panels, depicting the Four Apostles. FTP identify this man most famous for his woodcut series Large Fortune, The Fall of Man, and the Apocalypse.

Answer: Albrecht _Durer_

6. A king and counselor of the Anunnaki, this deity receives the earth in Atrahasis, and is worshipped in the temple of Duranki. One story regards the theft by Zu of his tablets of destiny that allows him to determine the fate of all living and nonliving things. Another, which has him supplanted by Marduk, tells of his response to the rebellion of the Igigi, which included the unleashing of a series of disasters that included the Great Flood. Known for his short temper, he sentenced Enkidu to death for his role in killing the Great Bull of Heaven. FTP, name this Sumerian god of the earth and land, supplanted by Anu as leader of the pantheon, whose name means “Lord Wind.”

Answer: Enlil (accept Ellil)

7. His father enlarged his kingdom at the expense of the Wendish chiefdoms, and built a line of forts that allowed this prince to win his most famous battle. Taking advantage of internal rivalries among the Lombards, he launched an invasion of Northern Italy to free the Lombard Queen Adelaide, whom he later married, claiming parts of Northern Italy as a dowry. Invading again in 960 at the behest of a besieged Pope John XII, the Pope rewarded him by crowning him emperor. FTP, name this Saxon king who repulsed a 955 Magyar invasion at the battle of Lechfeld, the first Holy Roman Emperor.

Answer: Otto I (Otto the Great)
8. Some of its original material was destroyed by a fire in the process of rewriting, and its reworking contained an aria scripted for Captain Dapertutto from Le voyage dans la lune, “Scintille diamant” Its prologue and epilogue take place in a Nuremberg tavern. A poet is persuaded to sing the “Legend of Kleinzach,” and he continues with the chronicle of his tragic affairs with the mechanical doll Olympia, a woman whose fatal chest complaint prevents her from singing, and a courtesan, Giulietta. Drawing its material from the stories of its namesake author, FTP, name this opera seria by Jacques Offenbach.
Answer: Les contes d’Hoffmann (accept The Tales of Hoffmann)

9. Shanley High School did not have a baseball team due to the cold winters of his home state, so this man’s career began with the American Legion. Turning down a football scholarship to Oklahoma, he played for Fargo-Moorhead, Keokuk, Tulsa, Reading and Indianapolis before hitting 51 RBIs in his first year for the Cleveland Indians. It was with the Kansas City A’s that he first made the All-Star team. Traded east, he missed 17 games, enough to finish second in home runs to a fellow Yankee, Mickey Mantle. FTP, name this 3-year American League MVP best remembered for being the first to break Babe Ruth’s record 60 homeruns in 1961.

Answer: Roger Maris
10. Some of his early patients included performers from the Prader Circus, and he gained the attention of Sigmund Freud with his paper on the inferiorities of organs and how his patients compensated for them. In his next paper, he broke with Freud, emphasizing that helplessness, not sex drive, was the cause of the inferiority complex development during childhood. Better known for his assertion that individuals should be analyzed as one rather than part of a group, FTP, name this Austrian psychiatrist, the founder of the School of Individual Psychology, who elaborated his theories on the aggression instinct in his treatise Understanding Human Nature
Answer: Alfred Adler
11. Structurally similar to another famous homo-polysacharride, though in this case the glucose is replaced by 2-deoxy-2acetamido-D-glucose, this subsatnce comprises nearly 50% of the dry weight in certain species of fungi. Its rapid production in certain crustacean populations has led to its applicability as a membrane for chromatography, but it remains best known for its protective function usually found underneath the initial epicutle layers of arthropod species. FTP identify this white, horny, protein derived substance often called animal cellulose.

Answer: _chitin_

12. Ending with the foundation of a permanent capital modeled on Chang’an, its later portion had seen the introduction of coinage and a civil and penal code called the Taiho Laws. Other legislation of this period included a constitution that increased imperial power at the expense of the nobles written by Prince Shotoku and a series of tax codes for lands seized by the emperor, the Taika Reforms. Also witnessing the primary introduction of Buddhism from the mainland, FTP, name this Japanese period of 300-710 AD named for a plain near Kyoto.

Answer: the Yamato Period

13. Variations of it include the Tamil version of Kampan and an Awadhi version written by Tulsidas. Beginning with a royal birth, this work describes the protagonist’s education under Visvamitra, his bending of Shiva’s bow, and his marriage to the daughter of king Janaka. The title character is banished to the jungle with his half-brother Laksmana, where his wife is carried off by the Demon King of Lanka. Following her rescue, rumors abound that she slept with the Demon King, and she disappears into the earth after maintaining she was faithful to her husband. FTP, name this romance of an Indian deity and his bride Sita, the shorter of India’s two great epic poems, ascribed to Valmiki.
Answer: the Ramayana
14. The chemist for whom this relation is named considered it to be a special case of the partition law applying to gases that do not react with their solvent, and it applies only to liquids at a constant temperature. In a vapor pressure diagram of a solution of two volatile liquids, the vapor pressure of each component approaches this model as the mole fraction of the components approaches zero. FTP, name this law of chemistry relating the concentration and the partial pressure of dissolved gases through its namesake constant, k-sub-H.
Answer: Henry’s Law
15. The first version of this act adequately addressed the concerns of western debtors, clearing the House of Representatives the year 14 Greenback-Labor representatives took office. Its failure in the Senate prompted an Iowa senator to restrict the amount of the amount of raw material to be purchased to 2 to 4 million dollars worth. It was hindered by President Hayes’ decision never to buy the full amount of bullion permitted, and its failure to alleviate debts from the Panic of ‘73 led to an 1890 replacement, the Sherman Silver Purchase Act. FTP, name this act of 1878, passed to allow the United States Treasury to coin free silver.

Answer: the Bland-Allison Act

16. After a conflict between his work and Socialist Realism rendered him unable to publish, his works included translations of Goethe, Verlaine and Rilke. His early prose was collected in The Childhood of Lyuvers, a book of short stories. Over the Barriers and My Sister-Life contain poems that he wrote before he was silenced for writing a letter that criticized Stalin. Some of his best poetry appears as pieces by the protagonist of his most famous work. FTP, name this author whose expulsion from the Soviet Writers Union compelled him to reject the 1958 Nobel Prize partially for a work concerning the love of a physician- poet for the wife of a revolutionary, Doctor Zhivago.
Answer: Boris Pasternak
17. A possible teacher of Socrates, this man’s belief that the moon reflected the sun’s rays resulted in a charge of blasphemy, and he was forced to flee to Lampsacus. Arguing that the universe before separation was a mass of chaos, he conceived of the concept of nous, an all-pervading mind that produced the earth from a rotary motion. Rejecting the four Empedoclean elements, he maintained that the world was composed of an infinite number of unique seeds. FTP, name this Ionian philosopher of Clazomenae credited with moving the seat of philosophy from Miletus to Athens.

Answer: Anaxagoras

18. The low and high structures of this mineral change to tridymite and cristobalite structure with increasing temperature and a pressure below 5 kilobars. The main component of radiolarians, it precipitates as chert or flint on ocean floors. Its Mohs hardness of seven and chemical stability enables this tectosilicate to survive mechanical weathering, and it persists as detrital grains to accumulate in sandstones. With varieties sardonyx, carnelian and citrine, FTP, name this common mineral, the simplest silicate.

Answer: Quartz
19. Briefly united by Sitalces who set its capital at Komatini, this entity entered the Peloponnesian War on the side of Athens. After Sitalces’ death it broke up into several chiefdoms, losing its land west of the Struma River to Macedon. Falling to Lysimachus after the death of Alexander the Great, conquering Romans gave half of this region to the province of Moesia. Known for its rich silver mines, FTP, name this historical region of Southeast Europe containing the cities of Serdica, Phillipopolis and Adrianople whose fierce warrior-natives included Spartacus.
Answer: Thrace
20. Descendants of this poet include the authors of “The Hollow of the Three Hills” and “Luke Havergal”. Her later subjects included her response to the death of a grandchild, published in Contemplations two centuries after her death. Losing her home to fire in the same year as the Great Fire of London, she wrote the lines “The world no longer let me love / My hope and treasure lies above” in “Upon the Burning of Our House, July 18th, 1666.” Her first poems were published without her knowledge by her brother-in-law in a 1650 volume that gave her her nickname. FTP, name this American poet of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, the “Tenth muse lately sprung up in America.”
Answer: Anne Dudley Bradstreet

21. The subjects of two publications by their namesake author, the 1609 publication provided for an imaginary line called the radius vector connecting one focus of an ellipse to a body in motion. The vector sweeps out equal areas of a plane of revolution in equal times as a point on the edge of the ellipse revolves around the foci. A 1619 publication promulgated the third law, which states that the ratio of the square of the sidereal period to the cube of the distance to the focus that contains the sun is constant for any planet. Formulated on the basis of observations by Tycho Brahe, FTP, name these laws of planetary motion named for Brahe’s assistant, which Newton later derived from gravitational theory.

Answer: Johannes Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion.
22. A certain noblewoman has lost her husband in a skirmish in which her daughter’s suitor was an opponent, resulting in a feud. Sir William Deloraine is commissioned to steal a magic book to be used against the offending Lord Cranstoun, but Cranstoun wounds him and kidnaps the noblewoman’s child, the heir of Branksome Hall. The boy falls to the English as war erupts with Scotland over Sir William’s theft. The feud is settled when Cranstoun wins back the child in single combat with a leader of the rival clan of the Buccleuchs, and is allowed to marry Margaret. Narrated by the titular survivor of an ancient line, FTP, name this metrical romance in six cantos based on the Border legend of Gilpin Horner, by Sir Walter Scott.
Answer: The Lay of the Last Minstrel

23. This city’s population climaxed in the Classical Period when it reached a population of nearly 100,000 people. Its most powerful king, Stormy Sky, extended its influence south to Copan and west to Yaxchilan. Conquered by Caracol in the mid 6th century, it defeated King Jaguar Paw of Calakmul under a resurgence led by Ah Cacau in 695, but by 900AD the center of Maya power had shifted to Chichen Itza, and it was abandoned 50 years later. FTP, name this ruined city of 3,000 buildings, ten reservoirs and six temple pyramids located in the Peten rain forests of Guatemala.

Answer: Tikal

ACF Regionals 2002

Packet by Indiana University

1: Answer the following concerning magnetism, FTPE
A: First, this is the dimensionless quantity symbolized chi-sub-m describing the contribution made by a substance subjected to a magnetic field to the total magnetic flux density present.

Answer: magnetic susceptibility

B: Materials that have a low weak negative susceptibility and a relative permeability that is slightly less than one are said to exhibit this magnetic behavior that all substances display.

Answer: diamagnetism

C: This is the temperature below which some transition metals, alloys and compounds like manganese fluoride become antiferromagnetic.

Answer: Neel Temperature

2: Answer the following questions about early happenings in Portugal FTPE
A: He wrested power from his mother Teresa of Castile and won the battle of Ourique, but was drawn into a war with Castille because Teresa’s father reneged on a promise to let him keep any territory he won from the moors.

A later decision of Pope Alexander III made him the first king of Portugal.

Answer: Alfonso I Henriques
B: This 1386 agreement promises English aid to Portugal in case of future Spanish aggression. Signed by King Joao Aviz at a castle outside of London, it is the oldest European treaty still in effect.

Answer: Treaty of Windsor

C: A grandson of John of Gaunt, this third son of Joao Aviz erected a school of scientific navigation at Sagres in the Algarve region, paving the way for a trade route to India.

Answer: Henry The Navigator

3: Identify the following people from the book of Judges FTPE.
A: This left-handed son of Gera killed Eglon, the grotesquely obese King of Moab, ending a 17-year occupation of Israel by the Moabites.

Answer: Ehud

B: This general makes a vow to God that he will sacrifice the first living thing that comes out to meet him if he will grant him a successful campaign against the Ammonites. Upon his return, his only daughter came out to meet him.

Answer: Jephthah

C: This last of the judges of Israel once killed 10,000 Philistines using a jawbone, but he lost his strength after his betrayal by Delilah.

Answer: Samson

4: Works of Henry James, FTPE

A: A widowed Mrs. Newsome sends her fiance Lambert Strether to Paris to convince her son Chad to return to Boston. Investigations of Chad’s love life ensues and Chad agrees to return, but Strether falls under the spell of the de Vionnets, and advises him to stay.

Answer: The Ambassadors

B: A young American woman travels to England to expose herself to a broader culture, but questions her convictions after deciding to marry the reclusive Gilbert Osmond.

Answer: The Portrait of a Lady

C: The title character of James’ first novel, an American Sculptor living in Italy, fails in his relationships and artistic ambitions, and flees to Switzerland to die.

Answer: Roderick Hudson

5: Name these composers who dabbled in ethnomusicology F15PE, or 10 if you need an easier clue.
A: 15: His series of “Marroszek Dances” and the Hary Janos suite contain folk music from Transylvania.

10: He is best known for collecting Hungarian folk songs with his colleague Bela Bartok.

Answer: Zoltan Kodaly
B: 15: His String Quartet in F Major is based on Kabardinian and Bulkarian village music he recorded during vacations in the Caucasus Mountains, and his Khan Buzai was an attempt to develop a national style for the Kazakh people.

10: His better known work includes The Love for Three Oranges and music for Sergei Eisenstein’s film, Alexander Nevsky

Answer: Sergei Prokofiev
6: FTPE, name these buildings found in Spain
A: Located at Granada, it was partly demolished and rebuilt by Carlos V. It retains several halls and gardens such as the Court of the Lions. One of only a few examples of Islamic Architecture in Western Europe, its name means “red fort” in Arabic

Answer: the Alhambra

B: Constructed by Juan Bautista de Toledo and Juan de Herrara, this palace of Felipe II contains a substantial library and art gallery in addition to its monastery. Its name means “slag heap.”

Answer: the Escorial

C: This cathedral in Barcelona, designed by Antonio Gaudi, is named for a Spanish term designating the Holy Family.

Answer: La _Sagrada Familia_

7: Its bonds that intermediate between double and single bonds arranged in a hexagonal ring form a structure called Kekule Structure. 5-10-15:
A: Name this archetypal aromatic compound with formula C6H6.

Answer: benzene

B: Benzene has high stabilization energy because electrons in these orbitals are delocalized over the entire ring.

Answer: pi orbitals

C: Delocalization of pi electrons may occur under this rule stating that aromatic compounds must have planar rings with 4n+2 pi electrons that can be delocalized.

Answer: Huckel Rule

8: FTPE, name these ancient North Africans.
A: The father of Hannibal, this Carthaginian statesman strengthened outposts on the Iberian Peninsula after his Sicilian colonies failed and Sardinia was taken by Rome in the first Punic War. His name means “Lightning.”

Answer: Hamilcar Barca

B: This prince got his start in the Second Punic War fighting in the battle of Zama, and a Carthaginian invasion of his kingdom of Numidia launched the Third Punic War.

Answer: Massanissa

C: Known for his bribes to the Roman Senate, this king of Numidia by fratricide and conquest was finally defeated by the Sulla and Marius duo in 105BCE

Answer: Jugurtha

9: Identify the following about the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins FTPE.
A: Published in 1918, it compares a girl’s disappointment at the end of summer to the tragedy of life, beginning “Margaret are you grieving / over Goldengrove unleaving?” It ends with a suggestion that what the girl is really mourning for is herself.

Answer: “Spring and Fall: To a Young Child”

B: “Spring and Fall” is a notable example of this juxtaposition of single accented syllables and deliberate mixing of different types of feet whose sequence contains unstressed syllables. Hopkins developed it to approximate the patterns of human speech.

Answer: Sprung Rhythm

C: Possibly Hopkins’ most famous poem was this ode commemorating the drowning death of five exiled nuns. One of the victims’ bodies is positioned in a manner similar to that of Christ’s final agony. It was written after a seven year abstinence from verse relating to his decision to become a priest.

Answer: “The Wreck of the Deutschland”

10: FTPE answer the following about landscape paintings and the people who painted them.
A: This artist’s works include “Old Sarum,” “Dedham Vale,” and “Brighton Beach with Colliers.”

Answer: John Constable

B: This painting by Altdorfer includes a universal landscape. The island of Cyprus and the Nile Delta are visible in the Mediterranean Sea-shaped lake behind the title battle as a sea of Greek warriors behind their leader pursues the defeated King Darius.

Answer: “The Battle of Alexander the Great at Issus” or Battle of _Issus_

C: This painting by Caspar David Friedrich originally contained within the collapsing masses of diamond-shaped ice slabs a sinking ship bearing the name “Hope.” Friedrich meant it as a warning to explorers striving to penetrate the far reaches of the earth.

Answer: The Polar Sea

11: Identify the following about a gland and its products, FTPE.

A: Amylase and lipase are among the enzymes secreted by this gland under the influence of the hormone secretin.

Answer: the pancreas

B: Inactive when secreted by the pancreas, this enzyme reacts with enterokinase in the duodenum to become an active protease.

Answer: trypsinogen (do not accept trypsin).

C: The pancreatic hormones insulin and glucagon are actually secreted by this group of alpha and beta cells, named for a German anatomist.

Answer: the Islets of Langerhans

12: Civil Rights Stuff, FTPE

A: This bridge over the Alabama River was finally crossed on March 21, 1965 after a court order protecting participants was signed. Two weeks earlier it had been the scene of violence as Alabama state troopers beat back an attempted march to the state capitol.

Answer: Edmund Pettus Bridge

B: The Edmund Pettus Bridge crosses the Alabama River at this county seat of Dallas County.

Answer: Selma

C: Since 1963, Selma had been the focus of this interracial activist group, whose leaders included SCLC activist Ella Baker as well as John Lewis and Stokely Carmichael.

Answer: Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee

13: Identify the following about geography from around Australia, FTPE
A: This body of water separates Australia from the island of Tasmania.

Answer: Bass Strait

B: This peninsula in Northern Queensland separates the Gulf of Carpentaria from the Coral Sea.

Answer: Cape York Peninsula

C: The longest river in Australia, it separates the provinces of Victoria and New South Wales.

Answer: Murray River

14: Name these unrelated economists FTPE
A: A key drafter of the Weimar Republic’s constitution, he suggested a relationship between religious tradition and economics in his The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism

Answer: Max Weber

B: This Austrian minister of finance was all about business cycles; he wrote History of Economic Analysis and Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy.

Answer: Joseph _Schumpeter_

C: The executive secretary of the UN Economic Commission for Europe from 1947 to 1957, this Swede wrote The Challenge of Affluence, and was awarded the 1974 Nobel Prize for his studies of the application of economic theory to Third World countries.

Answer: Karl Gunnar Myrdal

15: Given works, identify the Italian authors FTPE.
A: For 10, Rinaldo, Aminta, and Jeruslaem Delivered

Answer: Torquato _Tasso_

B: For 10, The House by the Medlar-Tree and Cavalleria Rusticana

Answer: Giovanni Verga

C: For 10, The Heron, Five Stories of Ferrara, and The Garden of the Finzi-Cortinis

Answer: Giorgio Bassani

16: Answer the following questions about the Fenris-wolf FTPE.
A: The Fenris-wolf will be bound until Ragnarok using this bind fashioned by Svartalfaheim, made from the sound of a cat’s footfalls, the hairs of a woman’s beard, the roots of a mountain, the dreams of a bear, the breath of a fish, and the spittle of a bird.

Answer: Gleipnir

B: The Fenris-wolf would not agree to be bound by Gleipnir until this god of war placed his hand between the wolf’s jaws.

Answer: Tyr

C: The Fenris wolf will not be the only creature causing havoc at Ragnarok, this giant serpent joins him to reap destruction among the Aesir.

Answer: Jormungandr or Jormungand or MidGard Serpent

17: Its main platform was the rejection of traditional art in keeping with the disillusionment many of its practitioners felt with the First World War. FTPE--
A: Name this 20th century art movement whose name was chosen at random by Tristan Tzara, who picked the French word for “rocking horse” out of a dictionary.

Answer: Dada, or Dadaism

B: A signature piece of Dadaism was this painter’s glass contruction “Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even.”

Answer: Marcel Duchamp

C: This Dadaist created works like “Universal Prostitution” and “I See Again In Memory My Dear Udnie.”

Answer: Francis Picabia

18: FTPE, identify the following about General Atmospheric Circulation

A: This is a cycle beginning with the rise of humid air over the intertropical convergence zone that releases latent heat through precipitation. This air then descends in the subtropics, where it warms, loses moisture and is returned to the equator.

Answer: Hadley Cells

B: Hadley Cells rely on these northeasterly and southeasterly air currents to return adiabatically compressed air to the intertropical convergence zone.

Answer: Trade Winds

C: Most of the fluctuation energy in the atmosphere is bound up in these fast-moving tropopausal currents of air located on the warm side of frontal boundaries.

Answer: jet streams

19: Identify these battles taking place in Asia, FTPE
A: The westward expansion of the T’ang Empire was halted at this river by advancing Arab forces after an appeal to the Abbasid Caliph by the ruler of Tashkent for protection against the Chinese in 751 AD.

Answer: Talas River (accept Battle of the Talas)

B: The site of two separate battles, in 1526 the Mughals under Babur defeated the Lodis here to gain control of Northern India. In 1761, Afghan Ahmed Shah Durrani defeated the Maratha tribes on this plain north of Delhi.

Answer: Panipat

C: Vietminh general Giap won a decisive victory over French forces at this fortress in a valley near the current Vietnamese-Laotian border, causing the French to withdraw from Indochina in 1954.

Answer: Dien Bien Phu

20: Identify the following from an era of Japanese Literature, FTPE
A: Belonging to the Zuihuitsu, or Random Jottings genre, this book of reminiscences of 1000AD is organized by such headings as “Amusing things” and “Annoying things.” It is the best source on Japanese court life of the Heian Period.

Answer: The Pillow Book or Makura no soshi

B: Name the author of The Pillow Book

Answer: Sei Shonagon

C: Contemporary with The Pillow Book was this story of the many affairs of an 11th century prince and the women of his life. Court traditions and descriptions of music and elegancy of the aristocracy permeate this first Japanese novel, whose last 14 chapters may or may not have been written by Lady Murasaki Shikibu.

Answer: The Tale of Genji or Genji monogatari (Do not accept “Book of Genji” or other such things)

21: Identify the following movies from plot summaries FTPE, or 5 points if you need some more information.
A: 10: Two corrupt cops who rob and kill drug dealers can’t explain away the murder of an undercover DEA officer with their usual cause of death in this bad 1997 movie.

5: The movie stars Gary Cole and Dennis Quaid.

Answer: Gang Related
B: 10: A businessman wants his crack-addicted wife and daughter dead, but the man he hires to kill them contacts them instead and discovers his lie.

5: Sherilynn Fenn and Forest Whittaker are the stars of this 1992 movie directed by Roy London.

Answer: Diary of a Hitman
C: 10: Deadbeat Rick Latimer is thrown out of Willoughby High School after trashing a car with a baseball bat and faces off with gang leader Victor Duncan after being promoted to the title profession.

5: Teacher Rick Latimer is played by James Belushi in this 1987 flick.

Answer: The Principal
22: Given a bright star, name its constellation FTPE.
A: Aldebaran

Answer: Taurus

B: Rigel

Answer: Orion

C: Hamal

Answer: Aries

23: Knights of the Round Table, FTPE
A: King Arthur’s ambassador to Rome, he becomes the rival of Lancelot after the murder of Gaheris. He is better known for playing the beheading game with the Green Knight.

Answer: Sir Gawain (accept Walwain)

B: This knight reveals Lancelot’s love for Guinevere to King Arthur.

Answer: Sir Agravain

C: The son of Lancelot and Elaine, his purity predestines him to achieve the Siege Perilous and the Grail. He is referred to as the Haute Prince.

Answer: Sir Galahad (do not accept sir Galehaut or Galeoto)

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