Activities for “How to Tell a True War Story”

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Activities for “How to Tell a True War Story”

1) In “How to Tell a True War Story”, Tim O’Brien’s describes the specific ‘rules’ he lists as important for determining a real war story. In point form notes or sentences, create a mini-manual that includes six ways to tell a true war story.

2) Read the short articles and view the three videos from the link below and respond to ONE of the following questions: 

a) What is the relationship between love, war, and beauty? How is the relationship between these abstract concepts reflected in the short story and the video clips?
b) How is the depiction of soldiers and war in the documentary different from that in “How to Tell a True War Story”? Why are there differences?
c) Respond to TWO of the following statements based on the video excerpts and your reading of "How to Tell a True War Story": 
There is no love at a time of war.

The love at a time of war is a love for ____________.

Love and war are opposites.

Love and war are inextricably bound.

3) Please transcribe a quote from “How to Tell a True War Story” that illustrates the beauty that can be found in war.

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