Activity Title: Sharing your story Suggested Grade Level for Activity

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Activity Title: Sharing your story

Suggested Grade Level for Activity: All

Skills Assessed:

  • Discussion

Materials Needed:


The Ag teacher will share the story of how and why they became an Ag teacher and the list of benefits and rewards for being an Ag Teacher.

Time: As long as you wish. Allow as much time as you would for any other “guest” speaker who would talk about their career.

Anticipated AgEd Outcome: Students will be informed through a personal connection about all the benefits of being an Ag Education teacher.

General Outline for Ag Education Career Presentation

  1. Full Introduction of yourself and where you are currently employed.

  1. Basic Background Information on yourself

  2. Where you grew up?

  3. Farm or City (crops, livestock)

  4. What you did after high school? College, Worked

  5. Ag related jobs you have had

  1. Who/what impacted you to consider a career in Ag Education?

  1. What type of training is needed for your job? Is this training ongoing (continuing credit hours)?

  1. Background information about your place of employment? History, # of employees, locations, and services provided, how long you have been there, etc.

  1. What are your job duties on a typical day?

  1. What is the most enjoyable part of your job?

  1. What is the least enjoyable part of your job?

  1. What have you observed are the biggest changes in Ag Education?

  1. Advice you wish you would have received in high school.

  1. What do you most look forward to everyday as a teacher?

  1. Please share a memorable moment from your teaching experience.

  1. What makes you the most proud as an Ag Teacher?

  1. Describe being an Ag Teacher in one word.

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