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2007-2008 ALA CD#21.1

2008 ALA Annual Conference

American Library Association

Loriene Roy, President 2007-2008

End of Term Report on Activities

Summary and Highlights of April-June Activities
I am honored and pleased to have served as your ALA President over the past year. Chi, megwitch, thank you very much, Council, for your support and all of the work that you do on behalf of ALA. A number of other individuals also provided me with exemplary service and advice. This includes the individuals who served on my task forces, especially those who took leadership roles with demonstration projects and initiatives. Specifically, I would like to acknowledge the assistance of:

  • UT-Austin doctoral students Joe Sanchez and A. Arro Smith;

  • UT-Austin iSchool master’s degree graduates Sara Albert, Henry Stokes, and Elias Tzoc;

  • UT-Austin iSchool master’s students Alex Hershey and Kit Pilgrim

  • Emerging Leaders cohorts;

  • Librarians and educators Sharon Shaulmon, Siobhan Champ-Blackwell, and Lisa Romero; and

  • ALA Parliamentarian, Eli Mina.

Numerous ALA staff members provided support: Keith Michael Fiels, JoAnne, Kempf, Macey Morales, Jennifer Petersen, Dale Lipshultz, John Chrastka, Jenny Levine, James Vertovec, Wendy Prellwitz, Jenifer Grady, Lorelle Swader, Beth Yoke, Diane Foote, Andy Bridges, Melanie Anderson, Leonard Kniffel, George Eberhart, Lois Ann Gregory Wood, Danielle Alderson, Cheryl Malden, Alicia Bastl, Michael Dowling, Daniel Kraus, Greg Calloway, Delin Guerra, Jonathan Kelly, and Karen O’Brien.

  1. Communication

Over the past year I responded to at least 146 media requests including taped and live radio interviews, interviews with print journalists, and appearances on television. Every other month I was a guest on Michel Martin’s “Tell Me More” NPR radio program, presenting book talks on titles for children and families; we plan to continue these interviews over the coming year. Interview topics ranged from the Harry Potter book series to bookmobile services, outsourcing public library management, and changes in reference services. The most common interview topics were gaming in libraries, change in libraries/librarianship, and services for new demographics. ALA’s Public Information Office secured interviews around key events including Banned Books Week, the ALA Midwinter Meeting, National Library Week, and the release of ALA reports such as the “State of Americas Libraries” report and the study of library use by non-English speakers.

In addition to delivering informal greetings at many events, I gave over sixty formal presentations including serving on three panels on the digital TV transition, a legislative summit in Washington State, press conferences, and National Library Legislative Day events. These presentations are listed in the attached appendix. I spoke at conferences and events in international venues (South Africa, Mexico, New Zealand, China, and Canada) and in seventeen states. I met with students at LIS programs in Edmonton, the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and our own program at The University of Texas at Austin. I visited students and librarians at tribal schools and tribal colleges. I toured libraries, museums, and archives. And I attended meetings with organizations including ARLIS/NA, Reading is Fundamental, the National Indian Education Association, the Indigenous Language Institute, Office of Hawaii Affairs, WGBH-Boston, and the National Endowment of the Humanities. I submitted almost weekly reports on activities to ALA Council and distributed these comments to the ALA Members list and posted them on my diary-format blog. I also had fun.

  1. Appointments to Committees

I worked with ALA staff and ALA President-Elect Jim Rettig to fill openings on committees and to make appointments to the new committees such as the Council Committee on Advocacy and new task forces on caregivers and on guidelines for endorsing candidates.

  1. Status Report of Presidential Initiatives

In addition to attending to the day-to-day responsibilities of the ALA Presidency, we have made progress on accomplishing our presidential goals. We supported three initiatives, three special projects, and sought and followed opportunities to support other new opportunities for ALA and its members. We opened several new collaborations that will bring opportunities to ALA members, libraries, and the patrons they serve.

  • Task Force I: Workplace Wellness. Henry Stokes and Siobhan Champ-Blackwell led the work of the Workplace Wellness Task Force. Henry launched the website (“Join the Circle of Wellness@Your Library), housed temporarily at The Workplace Wellness website will eventually be housed on the ALA-APA website at An Emerging Leaders cohort developed tools for the website including a workplace wellness inventory, wellness passport, and staying healthy at conference. The Wellness Fair and Exercise Pavilion will take place at the 2008 ALA Annual Conference. Our attention to wellness also was expressed in a successful collaboration with the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) that led to the shipment of 35,000 SURVIVORSHIP Notebooks to American public libraries. I reviewed the resources that are being distributed in conjunction with the PBS program, “The Truth About Cancer,” which aired on 16 April, during National Library Week, and assisted in distributing DVDs of the program to libraries. We took the first steps to encourage libraries to join the LAF in celebrating national LIVESTRONG day on 13 May. We hope that in future years LIVESTRONG@your library will be supported in libraries.

  • Task Force II: Supporting Library and Information Science Education. PhD student Joe Sanchez organized the two Education Forums that illustrated the work of the Presidential Task Force, Supporting LIS Education Through Practice Taskforce. The Forum held at the ALA Midwinter Meeting focused on ongoing doctoral research and the summer Forum addressed civic engagement by students in master’s programs. School graduate, Sara Albert, prepared a planning document for the Committee on Education for planning future forums. Alex Hershey and I are continuing the work on preparing the monograph, The Service Connection, for ALA Editions. We hosted meetings and conversations among ALA units and affiliated organizations on LIS education topics.

  • Task Force III: Circle of Literacy. iSchool master’s student Kit Pilgrim organized activities related to the Circle of Literacy Task Force. She recruited 30 tribal schools around the world to participate in A Gathering of Readers during National Library Week. Librarians shared examples of how their schools have supported indigenous children’s reading and culture. Participating schools received incentives, including LIVESTRONG wristbands and visors. The Gathering of Readers website is located at Students at participating schools are invited to enter into an art contest hosted by comic book author/illustrator Chad Solomon. The winning submission will be featured on the “Rabbit and Bear Paws” website and comic strip. Kit also gathered and organized examples of library services for immigrant/new populations. This content appears under “News” on

  • Demonstration Project A. An Emerging Leaders Cohort gathered background information related to prospective library camps for youth. We scheduled a discussion around planning regional library camps at the 2008 ALA Annual Conference. Sharon Saulmon, Project Director of Information Matrix Camp, will lead this meeting.

  • Demonstration Project B. The Making the Meeting resources are now available on their own website at Resources include tip sheets and podcasts. iSchool graduate, Elias Tzoc, is translating the text into Spanish. Lisa Romero with ACRL’s Education and Behavior Sciences Section led the way in these efforts.

  • Demonstration Project C. iSchool PhD student A. Arro Smith is directing the national oral history project, “Capturing Our Stories.” He has completed the pilot interview and is collaborating with Dr. Gary Geisler, Associate Professor in the iSchool, and Quinn Stewart, Manger, Computer Services, iSchool, on developing the digital library component of the project. Arro will lead the oral history workshop at ALA Annual. The project website is located at

  • The Presidential Citations on Gaming will be announced at ALA Annual.

  • The Presidential Citations on Innovation in International Librarianship will be announced at the International Librarians Reception at the 2008 ALA Annual Conference.

  • We have been collaborating with the ALA Washington Office on planning a two-day discussion on traditional knowledge to take place in Washington, D.C. in November 2008. A planning meeting will be held at the ALA Annual Conference.

  • We have been working with interested parties in assisting libraries and tribal communities in preparing for the 2009 digital TV transition. A recent press release describes upcoming work with Radio Shack to help in disseminating information about the transition. See

  • We are continuing our work with WGBH-Boston and the preparation of resources related to the PBS American Experience series, “We Shall Remain,” airing nationally in April 2009. Programming kits will be sent to each public library. For more information about the project see

  • Ms. Wendy Prellwitz in ALA’s Office for Diversity has worked with a committee to plan the “Many Voices, Many Nations” program that will take place on Friday, 27 June, at ALA Annual. The program supports my Presidential focus on services for and with indigenous peoples.

  • Mr. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was the featured speaker at the Presidential Program at the 2008 ALA Midwinter Meeting. He continues his collaboration with ALA as the 2008 spokesperson for National Library Card Sign-Up Month. My Presidential Program at the ALA Annual Conference will focus on Supporting Native Children’s English and Native Language Literacy.

Thank you for your continued support and for the unique opportunity of serving as ALA President for 2007-2008.

Dr. Loriene Roy, President, ALA 2007-2008

Professor, School of Information, The University of Texas at Austin



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