America: The Story of Us

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America: The Story of Us

Bust ~ Episode 9

  1. By 1929, more money is spent on advertising than on what?

  1. What is the name of the man who is about to shake America’s confidence in its banks to its very core?

  1. What happened by mid-afternoon at the bank?

  1. What ultimately happens to the Bank of the United States the next day?

  1. By 1933 there are 28 states without what?

  1. What did the federal government give the go ahead to build on March 4, 1941?

  1. How did men get poisoned in the tunnels at Hoover dam?

  1. How does Frank Crowe deal with the heat and hardening of the concrete?

  1. What town did the Hoover dam workers go to drink and gamble at?

  1. What is the worst environmental disaster in United States History?

  1. When cattle died what were in the stomachs of the cows?

  1. By 1936 how much money were farmers losing a day as a result of this environmental catastrophe?

  1. What is one of the few things to bring comfort to those who stay?

  1. What monument is created with the blasting of solid rock?

  1. What created the unexpected blast to the dynamite while Bill Reynolds is working?

  1. What 4 presidents are featured on this monument?

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  1. What will it take to pull America out of its economic slump?

  1. How many people listen to the Joe Louis (United States) and Max Schmeling (Germany) fight?

  1. Who won the fight?

  1. Seventy million people tuned in via radio across the country. How many around the world tuned in?

  1. How many seconds did it take for Joe Louis to defeat max Schmeling in the rematch?

  1. What transforms America into the greatest power on earth?

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