Ames Woodworkers Club Newsletter June 2016 Ames, Iowa

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Ames Woodworkers Club Newsletter

June 2016 Ames, Iowa
The Ames Woodworkers Club meets at various places in Ames and in other locations in Central Iowa. Unless otherwise announced, meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month. Membership is open to all interested in woodworking, arts and crafts involving wood, and related activities. Annual dues for 2016 are $10.00.
NEXT MEETING: TUESDAY, June 21st, 2016

Program: Tour of Rick Hutcheson’s Shop and Scroll Saw Museum

Host: Rick Hutcheson Web Site:

Time: Gathering begins at 6:30 pm – Meeting begins at 7:00

Location: 109 NE Ewing, Grimes, Iowa


The June 2016 AWC meeting will be held at the shop of scroll saw master Rick Hutcheson, where we will tour his shop and “Scroll Saw Museum” in Grimes. In addition to a very complete woodworking shop, Rick’s scroll saw collection is definitely something to see – he has collected hundreds of scroll saws of all vintages and styles, and it is probably one of the best collections of its kind in the world. Have a look at: You will have an opportunity to see most of the currently available scroll saw models, and be able to see actual examples of every conceivable kind of scroll saw made in the past! Rick also is an avid woodturner and you may find it amusing to see the volume of turnings he has done! Get together with your friends and plan your drive to Grimes on Tuesday, June 21st, (…if possible, consider going early, and visiting the Woodsmith Store for tools/supplies, or shopping at Northern on Merle Hay Road) and see one of central Iowa’s woodworking treasures.

Directions to Rick Hutcheson’s Shop, Grimes - From the Ames area, head south on I-35 to 80/35 west to Exit 127. Get off the Interstate at Exit 127 and head NORTH on Route 141 toward Grimes, about 3 miles. TURN LEFT (heading west) onto Route 44 for about one mile. At the intersection with the Casey’s store, turn RIGHT onto Ewing St. – Ricks shop will be the two story building with multiple garage doors on your immediate right. A MAP from Rick’s web site is reproduced on page 4 of this newsletter.  For additional details and visuals on how to get to Rick’s shop, you can also have a look HERE: - PARKING is available on the adjacent street areas.

UPCOMING 2016 MEETING DATES….mark these dates on your calendars: June 21st – Scroll Sawing at Rick Hutcheson’s Shop, Grimes July 23 & 24 – Story County Fair August 20th – Sawmill Demonstration September 20th – TBA October 15th– Shop Tours November 15th – TBA December 13thEnd-of-Year Meeting/Potuck

LAST MEETING NOTES: The May 2016 AWC meeting was held on Tuesday, May 17th at the Fire Safety Institute Building on the ISU campus, with 33 members attending the meeting. Reports were received from the Cabinetmakers and Woodturners special interest groups. Show and Tell items were brought by members Will Zitterich, Roger Nass, Dennis Olson, Jim Gunning, and Carl Link. Members were reminded that the upcoming Story County Fair taking place in Mid-July, and that the AWC will have its woodworking exhibit and live demonstrations in the lower level of the Community Center on the weekend of July 23rd and 24th – John Anderson and Dwain Peterson will be the leaders and contacts for this event. The meeting presentation was an overview of various inlay techniques given by Des Moines Woodworker John Twedt. John showed us a variety of woodworking projects which were examples of different inlayed materials, including metals. John outlined the different ways in which one can cut the wood being inlayed (the recipient piece) as well as the material to be inlayed. Some of these methods include the use of a scroll saw with a fine blade and the table tilted to obtain tight edge contact between the materials (metals, veneers, plastics, etc.). He also discussed different sources of patterns for doing the inlays, along with some tips about finding materials and using them to the woodworker’s best advantage. We thank John for presenting this demonstration and for relating his experiences about metal and other inlay techniques.

I  WOOD! - I  WOOD! - I  WOOD! - I  WOOD! - I  WOOD! - I  WOOD! - I  WOOD! - I  WOOD!

Ames Woodworkers Club Newsletter - Page 2

MEMBERSHIP in the Ames Woodworkers Club not only enables members to attend meetings and receive the monthly newsletter, but members are also entitled to make use of discounts at some local businesses. When your 2015 dues are paid you will receive an AWC Membership Card that can be presented at the time of sale at participating woodworking businesses to make use of in-store discounts for club members.
VIDEO TAPE LIBRARY: The Club has a fairly diverse collection of video tapes on various woodworking techniques and projects that may be borrowed for free. Tapes may be borrowed by club members at each meeting. Please return borrowed tapes promptly at the next meeting so that others may have access to them. Call Charles Smith (515-450-3257) to arrange pickup or drop-off if you can’t attend a meeting when the tape is due.

AWC TOOL LOAN PROGRAM - Club-owned tools are available for loan; contact Jim Gunning (Phone: 515-292- 8412, e-mail: to arrangements. Tools available for loan:

Table saw alignment system: Master Plate, A-Line-It dial gauge and miter track mount, alignment video

Jointer blade setting jig Pen Disassembly Tools Blum 35mm Hinge Hole-boring jig

Delmhorst J-Lite Wood Moisture meter Wizard Wand-style metal detector Spline Jig

NEW MEMBERS – New member forms are available for download & printing from the AWC web site at

AWC WEB SITE – ( - Webmaster Jim Gunning is always looking for additional items to put up on the web site, including images of members projects, announcements, etc. Contact Jim Gunning (Phone: 515-292-8412, e-mail: for information.

SWAP AND SHOP: This section is YOUR free advertising to put out the word for previously-owned tools or materials you are looking to buy, or if you would like to sell similar items. Are you looking for a tool?? Have something to sell?? Let the Editor know what it is you have to sell or want to buy.

ITEMS FOR SALE: (Please alert the Editor if your items have sold – we normally list items for up to 3 months.)
FOR SALE ITEM: None this month

The following local woodworking-related businesses that have extended AWC members a 10% discount on purchases (excluding power tools):

Ace Hardware 615 24th St., Ames; 515-232-1791.

Acme Tools 629 SW 9th St., Des Moines; 515-244-4189.

Hokel Machine Supply224 Duff Avenue, Ames; 515-232-6505. (10% discount on machinery)

Hutcheson Lumber & Millwork - 2169 180th St, Marshalltown; 641-753-4144 or 641-751-8125

Sherwin-Williams, Co. - 1624 South Duff Ave, Ames - 515-232-2124 (20% discount on non-sale items; 5% sale)

The Woodsmith Store - 10320 Hickman Road, Clive, 515-254-9494.

Wolfe Machinery6300 NW Beaver Drive, Johnston, 515-270-2766 (10% equipment, 25% tooling)

Woodhaven - 501 W. 1st Ave., Durant, IA 52747, 1-800-344-6657 (10% disc. on items they make)

Bring Power to your “island” workbench easily!

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JULY 2016 AWC ACTIVITY – The AWC's activity for July 2016 will be our participation in the Story County Fair, held at the County Fairgrounds in Nevada, Iowa. The Ames Woodworkers Club will have a woodworking exhibit and live demonstrations in the lower level of the Community Building during the Story County Fair weekend:

Set-up time and project drop-off will be on Friday, July 22nd; from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Exhibit Dates: SATURDAY, JULY 23rd - (9:00 am to 9:00 pm), and

SUNDAY, JULY 24th - (12:00 noon to 5:30 pm)

Pick-up time for projects is between 4:30 pm and 5:30 pm on Sunday, July 24th.

AWC Members are encouraged to show at least one of their woodworking projects (or more if desired) as part of the club's woodworking exhibit.  Set-up time is between 4 pm and 6 pm on Friday, July 22nd.  We need projects of all kinds, large and small, simple and complex - whatever is available - to show what our members can do.   The projects do not have to be new or even recent - we are looking for a range of different items to exhibit.  Bring them to the County Fairgrounds on Friday afternoon (4 to 5:30 pm) or on Saturday morning between 9 am and 10 am.

Map and County Fair information are available at:

On-line Mapquest map with pinpoint locator: Go to:
Contact Information for this event: John Anderson (; Ph. 515-733-4737)

Dwain Peterson (Ph. 515-232-1123)

CABINET AND FURNITUREMAKING GROUP - We last met at Will Zitterich’ s shop on May 24th to discuss dado blades. Members brought their own dado sets or blades to try them to see how accurate they are or how easy is it to get the right width of the dado. We compared an antique Stanley dado plane, an antique wooden dado plane, a 30 year old wobble plane, and new dado blade sets from Freud.  The 30 year old dado wobble blade left quite a few splinters on the plywood when the dado was cut into it. The bottom of the dado was curved but it was not very noticeable. Three of the members brought very similar dado sets from Freud. They come with carbide tips on the outer blades, carbide tips on three chipper blades and a number of washer type shims to fine tune the dado width. They are accompanied with directions that give the exact number of chipper blades and shims to use for a specific width dado. It specifies by 32nds dado widths and the correct number of chippers and shims up to 7/8 inch. The dado must be just wide enough to make a snug fit with the board going into the dado; it can’t be too loose or too tight. With the wobble blade, a number of adjustments had to be made to get the width of the dado to be correct. When using the directions of the Freud set to get the right number of shims and chipper blades, the dado was cut to just the right width and no adjustments needed to be made. The second dado set from Freud worked just as good as the first set. The next meeting will be at Will Zitterich’ s shop at 905 Top-O-Hollow Rd in Ames on June 28. Gathering will start at 6:30 pm and the meeting to start at 7:00 pm.   The topic will be converting rough lumber into milled lumber ready to be used on a project. The process will involve the table saw, jointer, and planer. If you would like to join this group, contact Will Zitterich at

TURNERS GROUP – The May meeting of the Ames Area Wood Turners was held on Sunday, May 22nd at the shop of Roger Nass in Ames, with 34 members attending. The demonstration was presented by Rob Wallace and Roger Nass which was a review of hollowing systems. Rob reviewed commercially available hand held/armbrace (John Jordan), captured bar (Jamieson), and articulated arm (JT Turning Tools “Gizmo”) hollowing systems, showing the basic methods of set-up how they work. Roger then discussed “home-made” hollowing tools, and explained how they are used. Boring Bar style tools with High Speed Steel scrapers are inexpensive and effective. Carbide insert tools such as the Hunter Tool or Hercules tool can also be very helpful in certain situations, or on problematic woods. This was a review in anticipation of our ‘tool build’ meeting in June. Show and Tell items were brought by: J. Anderson, D. Stremick, R. Nass, R. Nelson, K. Carris, C. Lester, P. Christensen, J. Turbett, D. Schafer, D. Meuler, and F. Maly. Orders were delivered for the Industrial Abrasives group purchase. Anchorseal is now available for purchase at $15/gallon. During the business meeting, the tool build of home-made hollowing tools was confirmed for Saturday, June 18th. A. reminder was given about the turning demos at the Story County Fair activity on July 23-24. The next Turners activity will be held on Saturday, June 18th at the shop of Roger Nass in Ames from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. The activity will be a “Tool-Build” session for making home-made hollowing tools. Members wanting to build tools as part of this session will need to bring steel stock with them for making tool shanks; members have been contacted about the specifications for the metal needed. Additional information about the next Turners Group meeting was sent to group members by e-mail in the June 2016 issue of the AAWT Turners Update. Contact Rob Wallace (; 292-5785) if you are interested in joining the Turners Group.

WOODSMITH STORE THURSDAY EVENING SEMINARS – Held at the Woodsmith Store, Clive - Seminars are held Thursday evenings and begin at 6:30 pm and run to 7:30 pm – Cost it $ 8.00 per seminar (includes $5 Woodsmith Store coupon); no pre-registration required. For updated scheduling see:
[Seminar program paused for the summer. Upcoming seminars posted soon.]

See you at the June AWC meeting at Rick Hutcheson’s Shop

in Grimes, Iowa on Tuesday, June 21st


GET NEW MEMBERS! Ask an interested friend to attend a meeting with you!!!

Club Officers:

President: Clay Gurganus, 2620 Somerset Dr., Ames, IA 50010, Phone: 1-515-292-7788, e-mail:

Vice-President: Alan Johnson, 3912 Squaw Road, Ames, IA 50014, Phone: 1-515-233-4831, e-mail:

Secretary/Treasurer & Newsletter Editor: Rob Wallace, 2841 Torrey Pines Road, Ames, IA 50010-8946 Phone 515-292-5785 Information to be included in July 2016 newsletter should be sent to Rob Wallace by mail, phone, or e-mail ( by Friday, July 8th.

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