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April 2017

Dear Members,

It is less than a month to go before the show. It always seem to come too quickly in the spring and it is always a struggle to make sure all preparations have been made.
--- --- --- from the April meeting --- --- ---

  • Among all the routine (and non-routine) things of daily life, we can quickly become overwhelmed with our own circumstances and in that fail to remember that others have similar, perhaps even more troubling problems. One of the great lessons our Lord Jesus Christ showed us was that even in the midst of adversity and tribulation, he prayed for others. We ought to strive to do the same.

    • Reba Reinhardt

    • Horace Isenhour

    • Doug Huffman

    • Jacqueline Hilliard

    • Cole Abernathy

    • Ann Little

    • Kenneth Beach

    • Vee Williams

    • Larry Sigmon

    • Donnie Elmore

    • Lorna Sheets

    • Billie Sue Goforth

    • Steve Hefner

    • Wade Hefner

    • Norris Turner

    • Terry Martin

    • Eugene Hartley

    • Ira & Ann Cline

    • Howard Cooper

    • Kelly Blanton

    • Rev. Bobby Langston

    • Don Johnson

    • Carl Porter

    • Jane Abernathy

    • Kay Nash

    • Lilian Setzer

    • Daniel Schronce

    • Rick & Chastity Bumgarner

--- --- --- 2017 Show preparations --- --- ---

  • The Show Committee will be meeting for the last scheduled meeting prior to the show on April 20. We need to get as much as we can done by that time.

    • All ads and articles for the program are due by April 15.

    • A work day is scheduled for Saturday April 22 to clean-up in and around the sawmill shed and get some other odds and ends done at the fairgrounds.

    • The 2017 tee-shirts have been ordered and should be ready for purchase at the April 20 show committee meeting.

  • Approximately 288 member have renewed for 2017. We know there are a few more who have yet to pay their dues. Please do so as soon as possible. The books will soon be closed on the 2017 renewals.

  • Pre-paid passes for the show are available. See Wilson Sigmon.

  • Golf Carts will be available for rent during the show. Golf Carts of Hickory is the provider. Their fee schedule is” $20 per hour; $35 for half day; $50 for full day; $100 for both days.

    • If you’d like to have one waiting for you, call Golf Carts of Hickory (828) 855-1291 and arrange it.

    • The carts will be kept near the General Store and Howard Reinhardt will oversee the rentals from the store.

  • For anyone willing to lend a hand with any aspect of the show, or in case some need should arise before or during the show, several members are once again overseeing the various areas of responsibility. There have been a few changes since last year. The list is at the end of this letter along with the rules of the show.

  • Pray for good weather.

  • Thanks to all who helped move the steam engine into the general store building.

--- --- --- Other business --- --- ---

  • The Catawba Valley Harvest Association has invited the members of FAPA to participate as exhibitors at their upcoming Wheat harvest show June 10 at the Sigmon Farm Park in Newton. Rain/mud date will be June 17.

    • Haul-in and set up can begin as early as Thursday June 8.

    • If you’d like to participate in the action, you can, but the potential reliability dictates that active participants must be members of CVHA. Memberships will be available.

    • More details are upcoming.

--- --- --- UP-COMING EVENTS --- --- ---
Apr 14-15 Turnersburg Spokes & Cleats Swap meet

Apr 20 Sig’s Show Committee meeting

Apr 27-30 Gray TN Tri-State Antique Power Show

May 4 Sig’s May Monthly meeting

May 5-6 Morganton Valley Hills show

May 19-20 Newton FAPA show

June 1 Sig’s June monthly meeting

June 10 Newton CVHA Harvest Show

June30-July4 Denton Southeast Old Thresher’s Reunion
☺ ☺ !!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!! ☺ ☺
April birthdays

1 – Richard Blume

1 – Duane Webb

2 – James Reinhardt

3 – Bobby Franklin

3 – Dexter Sprouse

4 – Brent Henley

6 – Dennis Back

6 – Bryan Warner

12 – Charles Lynch

16 – Johnny Hollar

16 – Linda Sigmon

17 – Blake Herman

19 – Michael Dagenhardt

19 – Debbie Yelton

21 – Fred Little

26 – Kermit Nash

27 – Kelly Pope

28 – Angela Schronce

30 – Butch Fox

30 – Kyle Sigmon

May birthdays

1 – Ben Elmore

2 – Allan Keller

5 – Butch McIntyre

9 – Danny Joe Little

9 – Marry Matthews

10 – Roger Matlock

11 – Tony Sigmon

13 – Keith Shronce

14 – John Bumgarner

16 – Andy Parsons

21 – Michael McAlister

24 – Billie Herman

26 – John Looman

29 – Carroll Reed

30 – Myron Yount

--- --- ---
Is there anything you would like to sell or are you looking for something special? List it here.

(Item listings will run for 3 months before expiring. Let us know when an item is sold or bought.)

WANTED Allis-Chalmers B engine, Troy Elmore (16-10)


Allis-Chalmers G taillight, NOS,

Butch Fox (828) 4566-3940 (17-01)

A Farmall l948?, $800.00, Hal Lail, 465-1147 (17-03)
Bolens Ride Master, all original, $700;

Butch Fox (828) 4566-3940 (17-01)

Wards walk-behind tractor 3-spd, all original,

Butch Fox (828) 4566-3940 (17-01)

John Deere grain drill, 28-disc, Scott Carrigan, (Stony Point) 445-1069 (17-04)
Ford 9N + bushhog, $1100, Tim Taylor, (828) 302-1012, (17-04)

-- --- --- a thought for the month--- --- ---

Our Lord Jesus Christ gave his life in order that we might enjoy something that we could not otherwise achieve on our own – to live in the very presence of our Creator God without any sense of sin, guilt, or condemnation.

The sin and unrighteousness within all of us means that each and every man and woman, born into this world is destined to incur the righteous sentence of death. But Jesus Christ paid the price that each and every one of us would have had to pay – he paid the price for all mankind. We receive the free gift of salvation from the wrath of God – the gift of eternal life – not but doing something or going somewhere, but by simply believing that Jesus Christ died and was raised from the dead, never to die again.

We celebrate the beginning of that life each year on Easter Sunday, but each of us ought to be celebrating the continuation of that life each and every day for the life that he lives is the life that lives in us (Galatians 2:20). Christ in you and Christ in me is that which sets us apart from the world around us, yet it is that which enables us to live in this world as those who shine forth the light of God’s righteousness and holiness, not because of who we are, but because of who Christ is.

God bless you all.

See you in May

Your Secretary, David Setzer
FAPA areas of responsibility

    • Show chairman – Teddy Hefner.

    • Club trailer steward: Wilson Sigmon.

    • Registration: Donna Hollar, Amy Huffman, Dot Hawn, Kevin Sigmon

    • Program coordinator (layout, printing, etc.): Kevin & Erin Sigmon

    • Program ad coordinator: Wilson Sigmon.

    • Tee-shirt sales coordinator: Donnie & Janice Elmore

    • Tee-shirt coordinator (design layout/printing): Wilson Sigmon

    •  Storekeeper: Howard Reinhardt.

    • Gate coordinator: Ben Elmore.

    • Media coordinator: Wilson Sigmon, David Setzer, Howard Reinhardt

    • Sign & banner steward: Bill Harris & Ned Story.

    • Reserved Space coordinator: Anthony Austin

    • Exhibitor usher: Foster Edgar, Ray Weaver

    • Pulling track prep & maintenance: Butch McIntyre.

    • Tractor Pull – Wilson Sigmon

    • Lawn Mower Pull – Kevin Black

    • Blacksmith: Bob Moose.

    • Kiddie Pull: Don Greenlee.

    • Announcer & church service coordinator – Kermit Nash

    • Pole shed steward: Bill Harris, Teddy Hefner, & Jim Yount.

    • Sawmill overseer: Dale Reese, Billy Herman, and Ben Elmore.

    • Parking & trash pickup coordinator: Alan Keller.

    • Electric power usage fee collector: Charles Bentley

    • PA system steward: Brandon Sigmon.

    • Demonstration exhibit coordinator: David Setzer.

    • Wagon coordinators: Philip Spencer, Jim Yount, Art Henderson.

    • Food vendor coordinator: Charles Bentley.

    • Tractor Rodeo coordinator: Kevin Black & B.J.Moretz

President: Kevin Black 828-464-1950 Vice Pres: Wilson Sigmon 828-256-2176

Treasurer: Kermit Nash 828-459-9616 Secretary: David Setzer 828-850-4943

Show Chair: Teddy Hefner 828-310-5525 Asst. Show Chair: Anthony Austin

Asst. Secretary: Kevin Sigmon 828-256-21

Board of Directors: Phillip Spencer, Howard Reinhardt, Ned Story, Teddy Hefner, Tim Hollar, Butch McIntyre
Foothills Antique Power Association

5851 St. Peter’s Church Road, Conover, NC 28613

Foothills Antique Power Association 14th Annual Power Show May 19 – 20, 2017

  • Set-up time at the American Legion Fairgrounds will begin Thursday afternoon May 18th after the Flea-market clean-up has been completed and the grounds have been prepared. Actual time for opening the gates for setup may be between 4 or 5PM depending upon when clean-up is completed. If it is finished early, the time can be moved up.

  • Spaces in the main exhibit area may be reserved by members in good standing (dues paid). These spaces are to be occupied by 12 noon on Friday May 19 or they will be forfeited for the duration of the show (unless your intent to fill them after that time is communicated to the reserved space coordinator – Anthony Austin (828) 302-5326.

  • All members are to be aware of and adhere to the safety requirements for the show.

  • All members are called upon to function as safety monitors by presenting your own exhibits in a safe manner and helping each other do the same.

    • All equipment is to be chocked when parked. Chocks will be available if you have none.

    • Fire extinguishers are to be ready at hand.

    • Be aware of and yield to pedestrians when driving any vehicle on the grounds.

    • Demonstrations should be roped-off to keep little fingers on little hands where they belong.

  • Plenty of parking is available, but we need to utilize it wisely.

    • Trailers should be parked in the area behind the livestock barn.

    • Towing vehicles should be parked in the general parking area.

    • The area next to the pulling track is for pullers (Friday & Saturday)

  • All exhibitors are encouraged to register.

  • All exhibitors are encouraged to operate their equipment during the show except for two specific times. During these times, all engines, tractors, mowers, etc. are requested to be turned off.

    • During opening ceremonies on Saturday morning.

    • During Sunday morning church services.

  • The route for the Parade of Power will be marked off with signs. Everyone should begin by exiting the Main Exhibit area through the pulling track parking area, cross the main road and proceed through the main parking area to the back gate. DO NOT proceed into the food court area until directed.

  • This is our show. That means we are host to the public and to those who come to exhibit with us. It is up to every one of us to do what we can to make it a memorable experience for all who come. Each member is encouraged to do their part – no task is too small or menial to be worthwhile and every person is worthy of a smile or a helping hand.

  • Basic schedule of events

    • Friday: Lawn mower pull - 7PM

    • Saturday:

      • Opening Ceremony - 9AM,

      • Kiddie Pull – 10AM,

      • Demonstrations – 10AM thru mid-afternoon

      • Parade of Power – 1PM

      • Tractor Rodeo – 3PM
      • OTTPA Truck/Tractor Pull – 4PM

    • Sunday:

      • Church service – 9:30AM

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