Axma story Maker. Press Release a tool for creating interactive stories and text-based games

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AXMA Story Maker. Press Release

A tool for creating interactive stories and text-based games

AXMA Story Maker is a freeware tool, which enables authors to create and distribute works in the genres of hypertext fiction, interactive fiction, and text-based adventure. Story Maker comprises an intuitive visual editor and a compiler module, which renders the story into a compact HTML file, which can be opened in any modern web browser. Works created with AXMA Story Maker can also be submitted to the Interactive Story Online Library.

August 30 2012 – AXMA Story Maker, a freeware tool for creating, debugging, and publishing interactive stories, was released by AXMA Soft Ltd.

Interactive stories make use of hypertext to engage readers in a dialogue, often letting them decide the outcome of the story by making choices. Hypertext is not only a means of creating a non-linear reading experience, but can also be used to evoke more meanings, more possible interpretations of the text, in a post-modernist sense.
Works created with AXMA Story Maker can be read on any PC, Mac, and mobile device (Android-powered smartphones, tablets, and e-readers; iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad). This means readers can experience interactive stories anywhere, at any time, at home or on the go, making interactive storytelling an exciting prospect on the ebook and mobile game markets.
AXMA Story Maker product features:

– A highly intuitive visual interface;

– An easy to use internal editor with syntax highlighting;

– Image and background music support;

– No programming knowledge required;

– Full Unicode support (i.e. stories can be written in any language);

– Instantly publish your stories to our online library;

– Stories are compiled into a single compact HTML file;

– Mobile friendly;

– Readers can save and load their progress at any point.
AXMA Story Maker is freeware. The software runs on Windows, OS X, and Linux.
AXMA Soft Ltd. official website:
AXMA Story Maker official page:

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