Barton County Community College Transfer Track to Newman University

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Barton County Community College

Transfer Track to Newman University


ewman University (NU) welcomes the opportunity to work with Kansas community colleges

to aid in a smooth and efficient transfer of credit hours. All NU baccalaureate or bachelor degrees require:

  • Completion of Newman Studies Program (NSP); students entering NU with an AA or AS degree from a regionally accredited community college will meet the skills and general education components of the Newman Studies Program with the possible exception of 3 hours each of specified philosophy and theology courses,

  • Completion of NSP Core Courses,

  • A minimum of 124 credit hours,

  • 40 upper division hours (above 3000 at Newman),

  • 30 resident credit hours, and

  • At least 62 credit hours from a four-year college/university.

This sheet lists courses which transfer from Barton County Community College to Newman University to meet the Skills and General Education requirements of the Newman Studies Program. The following headings, shown in bold, are NU’s Skills and General Education areas. The courses below the headings are Barton County Community College’s courses that meet Newman’s requirements.

Skills Courses:

___BSTC 1001 Intro to Computers OR

BSTC 1036 Computer concepts &

Applications I

___COMM 1230 Public Speaking

___ENGL 1203 English Composition I

Honors OR ENGL 1204 English

Composition I AND

___ENGL 1206 English Composition II

OR ENGL 1207 English Comp II Honors

___MATH 1828 College Algebra or any

mathematics course with College Algebra as a prerequisite

General Education:
Only one course from a discipline may be used to satisfy NSP General Education requirements. No more than 2 courses from General Education may count towards a major.

Human Story: 3 courses

Disciplines include anthropology, art, communication, English, history, psychology and sociology.

___ANTH 1816 Cultural Anthro

___ANTH 2812 Intro to Anthropology

___HIST 1400 American History to

1877 OR HIST 1403 American

History to 1865

___HIST 1401 American History 1865

to present OR HIST 1402

American History 1877- present

___HIST 1408 Western Civilization to

1500 OR HIST 1409 History &

Philosophy Western Culture to 1500

OR HIST 1450 History of World Civ

to 1500

___HIST 1410 Western Civilization

1500Present OR HIST 1411

History & Philosophy Western

Culture 1500 – Present OR HIST

1452 History of World Civ 1500 to


___LITR 1210 Intro to Literature

___LITR 1218 American Lit to 1865

___LITR 1220 American Lit 1865 to


___PSYC 1000 General Psychology

OR PSYC 1001General

Psychology – Honors

___PSYC 1014 Dev Psychology

___SOCI 1100 Intro to Sociology

___SOCI 1110 Juvenile Delinquency
Creative Spirit: 2 courses

___ARTS 1200 Art Appreciation

___LITR 1210 Intro to Literature

___LITR 1218 American Lit to 1865

___LITR 1220 American Lit 1865 to


___THEA 1300 Intro to Theatre

Universe We Live In: 1 course

(Lab required)

___LIFE 1406 Principles of Botany

___LIFE 1413 Env Science & Lab

___CHEM 1802 Fundamentals of


___CHEM 1806 College Chemistry I

___PHSC 1400 Physical Science

___PHSC 1600 Physics I OR PHSC 1604

Engineering Physics I

Quest for Meaning: 2 courses

(one each from PHIL and RELI)

___PHIL 1602 Intro to Philosophy

___PHIL 1604 Systematic Ethics OR 1606

Humanity/Ethical Decision Making

___RELI 1301 New Testament

Literature: Gospels OR RELI 1303 New

Testament Literature: Acts and Epistles

___RELI 1307 Old Testament Literature:

Wisdom Books OR RELI 1307 Old

Testament Literature: Prophets
Four Newman Studies Core Courses must be taken at Newman University.
Based on 2014-2015 NU Catalog

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