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BM LGBT History Month, London WC1N 3XX.
Patrons: Cyril Nri, actor, director, writer; Sarah Weir, Executive Director of the Arts Council.

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Four weeks and counting……….
AS we move into 2006 – a happy and prosperous new year to you all – there are only four more weeks to the beginning of LGBT History Month 2006!

Thanks to all of you who have provided us with events fro the calendar using the form provided. However there are many more events yet to be placed on the calendar – please don’t leave this to the last minute. Maintaining the calendar is labour intensive and needs to happen alongside all the other work we have to do over the next two months.

This year there will be someone working full-time on the development of the Month for January and February and so if you have any questions, queries or requests, you can contact Paul Patrick on 01282 441601 or 07883091678 or the usual email address.

4 February – 5 March 2006
Queer is Here, a display at Museum of London from 4 February to 5 March 2006, uncovers a glimpse of the Museum’s collections and the hidden histories of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered communities in London, looking at issues affecting them both now and over the past 30 years.

Gay activism; health; coming out and bullying in schools; the experience of gay people in the public eye; the power of the pink pound; celebrating queer culture through Gay Pride and new civil partnerships come under the spotlight.

Dynamic black and white photographs by Peter Marshall capture a decade

of the annual Gay Pride event. Headlines and features from The Pink paper and other publications highlight gay issues as they happened, while protest badges, tee-shirts, a stole worn by a gay priest at his ordination, pamphlets and other ephemera are evocative reminders of the struggle for recognition and equal rights.

Extracts from the Museum’s oral history recordings feature gay and lesbian Londoners telling their stories and giving their thoughts on realisation, relationships, the gay scene and society.

‘Queer London’, a study day on Saturday 4 February, 2-5pm, will uncover the capital’s gay and lesbian histories, and at 5pm on Saturday 4 February there will be a performance by the Gay Men's Chorus.

The display is in the main foyer of the Museum and entry is free. It will tour to further venues in London, to be confirmed on the Museum of London website at:

QUEER IS HERE is a Museum of London Hub project organised to coincide with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Month, February 2006


Marian Williams 020 7814 5502

Tim Morley 020 7814 5607

Museum of London, London Wall, London EC2Y 5HN

Open Monday to Saturday 10am-5.50pm, Sunday 12-5.50pm

Admission free

Recorded information: 0870 444 3851

Tube: St Paul’s, Barbican and Moorgate

The Museum of London is the only museum to tell the story of London from pre-historic times to the present day. Find out what Romans ate for dinner, experience the Great Fire of London, go window-shopping in our Victorian walkway and be amazed by the magnificent Lord Mayor’s coach. Admission is free. To hear about our exciting events programme and start exploring London’s history and the histories of Londoners visit or call 0870 444 3851.

Queer London
Saturday 4 February, Museum of London, 12noon-5pm
Join speakers Peter Tatchell, Maureen Duffy, Alkarim Jivani, Matt Cook, Laura Doan and Matt Houlbrook to debate and discuss the fascinating, hidden histories of queer London, celebrate the opening of the free exhibition Queer is here, and finish the day with some rousing tunes from the Gay Men's Chorus.
Admission free, programme and further details from Museum of London Box Office 0870 444 3851,
Museum of London, 150 London Wall, EC2Y5HN, between Barbican and St Paul's tube.
Read Peter Tatchell’s excellent piece on Queer History:
He will be speaking at the Schools OUT Conference “Putting LGBT History Into Education” at the Drill Hall Theatre and at the Queer London Conference at the Museum of London - sadly both on the same day - 4th February!
Most Inspiring LGBT Person.
Thanks to all of you that have contributed to our search for the most inspiring LGBT person in History. If you haven’t yet had your say please go to the website and check it out and then make your own nomination, explaining your choice in about 200 words!
Humanists get new Vice-President.

The Gay and Lesbian Humanist Assocation (GALHA) is pleased to

announce that the author, feminist, physician, human rights activist and

Humanist, Taslima Nasreen, has demonstrated her support for the group

by joining its panel of vice-presidents.

Like her fellow author Salman Rushdie, Ms Nasreen fell foul of Islamic

extremists. After the publication of her novel Ljja (Shame) in 1993, she
received death threats and was forced to flee her native Bangladesh.
Since then she has lived in exile in Sweden but travelled extensively
giving lectures in many different countries and taking part in

Among the awards she has received are Sakharov Prize for Freedom of

Thoughts from the European Parliament, Human Rights Award from the
French Government, UNESCO Prize for the Promotion of Tolerance and
Non-Violence, and Distinguished Humanist Award from the International
Humanist & Ethical Union.

GALHA members were delighted when she showed her support for

lesbian and gay rights by attending a dinner which the group arranged at
the Congress of the International Humanist & Ethical Union held in the
Netherlands in 1996.

GALHA's secretary, George Broadhead, said: "We are very grateful to

have the endorsement of this brave, internationally recognised human
rights campaigner and it is a great boost to our morale."

More information about Taslima Nasreen can be found on her


People using LGBT History Month to further their support for LGBT communities!



Tel. 01689 866698

Bromley Primary Care Trust in SE London is about to carry out a local study of LGBT people who live, work, socialise and access services in the borough. The project will launch in support of February’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender History Month, a national initiative instigated by “SCHOOLS OUT!”, raising awareness of the LGBT community.

The Bromley study entitled, THE OUTLIVING Project, is a questionnaire based piece of research looking at health and service provision. “We are aiming to be more inclusive than exclusive in this project and aim to create a clearer picture of the LGBT community in Bromley.” States Adam Lott, the worker responsible for this study. “The outcome of this study will create an important evidence base to develop future service provision in the borough especially in the light of the Civil Partnership issues faced by Bromley residents earlier this year, much work is yet to be done.”
The project will begin end January 2006 ready to launch in support of February’s LGBT History Month and will be in the field for 3 months. Anyone wishing to find out more about the project, use contact details

Teachers’ Support Network and the Times Educational Supplement launch survey.

The Teachers’ Support network in conjunction with the TES are launching a questionnaire aimed at LGBT teachers to discover their treatment at work and the extent to which their schools support them and deal properly with the issues that are raised around sexuality and gender identity. This is the first ever survey of its kind and is of great importance. The Questionnaire will be available on the Teachers’ Support Network website soon:

If you are an LGBT teacher please look out for it and fill it in. If you have friends and family who are LGBT teachers please let them know!

Welsh logos!

We now have our logos in Welsh.

The full range are available from the website:

With many thanks to Matthew Burt and AberPride Society (LGBT Society)

Aberystwyth Guild of Students.

LGBT History Month welcomes the move to create a “virtual museum”.

Check original story out at:,,1665299,00.html

Sue Sanders, Co-Chair of LGBT History Month Steering Group, stated,” this is a really exciting venture. When we initiated LGBT History month UK in February we did so in order to encourage our cultural and educational institutions to acknowledge the lives and achievements of LGBT people. This initiative, part of the very exciting Proud History Project, asks museums to acknowledge that they hold our history too and they have an obligation to celebrate our past alongside that of others.
“The virtual museum could be an excellent resource for schools and colleges as well as for all people with an interest in the lives and struggles of LGBT people.”
Paul Patrick, her Co-Chair added, “A people’s history is central to the development of their identity and more and more LGBT people are realising that and making the moves to uncover and celebrate whom it was that we were. Uncovering and celebrating that past gives us back our humanity and helps prevent the distortion and stereotyping that lead to prejudice and homophobic bullying.”
LGBT History Month were honoured to receive two brand new poems from the much loved and well reviewed gay poet, Roger Taber, featured on the LGBT History month website.
We thank him sincerely for thinking of us and we publish them below.


Sitting on a bench by a naked tree,

he edged closer, laid a hand on my knee,

arms around each other the way mates do

only now, something disturbingly new


I felt his hand move until it found mine,

caress my fingers lightly then entwine;

hot breath on my cheek like intimate lace

though I dare not turn, look him in the face


Not a word, his head on my shoulder,

my mind in turmoil, heart beating louder;

I froze and hastily he pulled away...

winter closing in on us, sad and grey


I turned, licked my lips and leapt the abyss;

on the other side, we shared our first kiss




You wore black jeans, your shirt was white;

hair, a crown of gold in the soft twilight;

You walked like a god in fields spring green,

the most beautiful man I had ever seen


I watched in awe, rooted to the spot

as you chatted with flowers, this tree, that bird

in a voice as sweet as Pan’s own flute;

the most beautiful sound I had ever heard


You came up to me, caught me in your arms

and soon those full, moist lips found mine,

murmuring a spell of centuries-old charms…

turning mid-winter on my tongue into wine


Too soon you left me, though not so alone

for seeing our love restored to heaven


Copyright R. N. Taber 2005

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