Brahmacharya Gandhi & His Women Associate

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Brahmacharya Gandhi & His Women Associate :

Girja Kumar gives an authentic account of the Mahatma's relations with his various women associates and the repercussions these romantic liaisons produced on those close to him, including 'Ba' (Kasturba Gandhi). Was rated the second best seller for four consecutive months by AP New York and Yahoo last year. Was widely reviewed by newspapers and magazines. Please visit for details about the book and reviews.
Author : Girja Kumar;

ISBN : 81-89766-00-7

Price : Rs. 695/-
Pages : 426 (Hardbound)

Dalit Phobia Why do they Hate Us?
Again a widely reviewed book, (see website) Dalit Phobia furthers the understanding of the caste divide in India in the context of reservation for backward classes. The book talks about the hate sense, which the author insists is a genetic disease, passed on from generation to generation.
Author : Chandra Bhan Prasad

ISBN : 81-89766-01-5

Price : Rs. 395/-

Pages : 240 (Hardbound)

Hindu Muslim Divide A Fresh Look:
The author talks about the emotional turmoil caused by the physical division of the country in 1947. Prof. Singh gives an insight into the problem caused by the Hindu Muslim divide and tries to suggest remedies. He hopes the younger generation will be the better lot, free from the problems of the communal divide. The India International Centre in New Delhi selected the book for discussion on their premises.

Author : Prof Amrik Singh

ISBN : 81-89766-05-8

Price : Rs. 345/-

Pages : 252 (Hardbound)

Seeing through the stones A tale from the Maoist land :
A novel, it talks of naxal youths and their fight against feudal order, police and renegades in their own rank and file. It is a suspense-filled account
of real-life happenings in some parts of the Naxal-affected rural India .
Author : Diptendra Raychaudhuri

ISBN : 81-89766-06-6 

Price : Rs. 300/-

Pages : 359 (Hardbound)

Indira Gandhi A Political Biography (1966-1984) :
The author recounts from his experiences as a journalist during the period when Mrs. Gandhi was in power and produces an emotional history that helps understand the situation as it existed then.
Author : Benny Aguiar

ISBN : 81-89766-11-2

Price : Rs. 425/-

Pages : 232 (Hardbound)

Understanding India Relevance of Hinduism:
Dr S Radhakrishnan once said Hinduism is a way of life. Understanding India…. tries to present exactly that. It tries to bring together under one cover the thoughts of some of the most eminent men and women – erudite scholars, jurists, advocates, diplomats, Ministers, administrators and others. Some of the contributors include Dr Karan Singh, Prof. HR Bhardwaj, Dr. Kaarthikeyan, Hari Jaisingh and Subhash C Kashyap. Hindustan Times recently carried an intriguing  chapter by Bharat Karnad in its book page. (See website)
Edited by: : Subhash C Kashyap

ISBN : 81-89766-04-X

Price : Rs. 495/-

Pages : 550 (Hardbound)

The Little Hero:  One Boy's Fight for freedom

A heartrending story about a twelve year old Iqbal Manish who was

gunned down by an assassin fighting against child labour. He was
awarded the Reebok 'Youth in Action' award and a scholarship to study
law in Boston. But before he could start to enjoy the results of his
hard work, his life was cut short by a hail of bullets from the gun of
an unknown sympathiser with the carpet masters. An inspiring tale of
what one can achieve and a gripping call to action to end child
Author : Andrew Crofts;

ISBN : 81-89766-75-9;

Price : Rs. 245/-
Pages : 238 (Paperback)

The Doomsday Book:
Many Ways the World Can End, Introduction by Trinath Mishra, IPS

Whether it is a tsunami or an asteroid, a terrorist attack or a nuclear war, the end of the world seems ever closer. The Doomsday book looks at all the burgeoning threats to civilizations, explaining the story and the science behind each one, and provides a clear-headed assessment of how serious they are and what can, and is likely to be done about them.

Price : Rs 245/-

ISBN : 81-89766-80-5

Pages : 265 (Paperback)
Mallika-e-Tarannum Noorjehan The Melody Queen:
Written by Pakistan based author Aijaz Gul

Noorjehan was an extraordinary woman, who according to many pundits,

is born only once in a century. Our and your Noorjehan lived her life

on her own terms and when those terms were not offered, she just
walked out. She was an actress, a playback singer, a wife with two
failed marriages and a loving mother of five kids. She went through
hell travelling from Qasoor to Lahore to Kolkata to Mumbai. She lived
several lives. Her joys and pains, her triumphs and failures, both in personal and professional life, need to be told explicitly to all the readers
around the globe who love films, music and life. This book brings all
the events, incident in their true colour for all of us who want to
know about a woman, a star and a singer who has been loved in India,
Pakistan and beyond for seventy years now.
Price : Rs. 395/-

ISBN : 81-89766-46-5

Pages : 200 (Hardbound)
We, the People of India: A Story of Gangland Democracy:
Written by Maloy K Dhar

On fraud in Indian Elections and slow decomposition of democracy.

'We the People of Mahabharat' is a fresh evaluation of the intrinsic
strength, promotive value and efficacious facilitation of evolution of
the Republic of India through the process of limping constitutional
democracy and a decomposing electoral system. The story highlights,
for the first time, through the format of reproduction of the diary of
a person who was an insider of the 'Systemic Establishment' and who
dreamt of bringing epochal changes to the decomposing system in which,
only Democracy of Election has triumphed over the essences of Liberty,

freedom and Social Justice enshrined in the Constitution of India.

He mercilessly dissects the present electoral democracy in India and

provokes the thinking people to re-evaluate if it is not time to
innovate serious systemic changes to prevent the political class from
hijacking the still- fledging democracy, like they have been
unscrupulously plundering the resources of the nation. The story
narrated under the shadows of the Mahabharat and the Gita, depicts a
scenario of forthcoming clashes between the people who are struggling
for changes and the vested interest, which have hijacked the dreams
and aspirations of the people to their private coffers.
Price : Rs 395/-
ISBN : 81-89766-43-0

Pages : 454 (Paperback)


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