Caffeine culture Focus Questions

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Caffeine culture
Focus Questions

  1. B
    Episode 18

    20th july 2010

    Learning Area

    Health and Physical Education

    Key learning

    Students will investigate the effect caffeine has on the human body and it being used to enhance sports performance.

    riefly summarise the story.

  2. What is caffeine?

  3. Which food and drinks contain caffeine?

  4. What effect does it have on the human body?

  5. Why do some sports people take caffeine tablets before they compete?

  6. Why have some people criticised sports people for doing this?

  7. What health problems can too much caffeine cause?

  8. Complete the following sentence: `It’s not just professional athletes having caffeine before competing…’

  9. Taking caffeine before sport is illegal. True or false?
  10. Do you think sports people should be allowed to take caffeine tablets? Explain your answer.

    Caffeine culture

Students will explore in more detail, what caffeine is and the effect it has on the body. They will also investigate the issue of sports people using caffeine to enhance performance.

Begin by asking students to look at the words below. With a partner, recall how they were used in the BtN story.

caffeine stimulant caffeine tablets

health problems banning improve performance

energy drinks

Using a thesaurus or the internet, students find the synonyms for three of the words above.

Students can choose one or more of the following activities:
Write a persuasive argument for or against the following statement:
Sports people should be allowed to have caffeine before competing.

What does caffeine do to the human body? What happens to your brain, heart rate and nervous system when you consume caffeine? What are the side effects of having small and large amounts of caffeine?

Create a public awareness campaign educating young people about the health problems associated with large amounts of caffeine consumption.

Analyse your own caffeine consumption. Over a 7 day period, record any food or drinks you consume, that contain caffeine. Compare your results with other students. What was surprising?

Create a `Did you know?’ fact sheet about caffeine. Display the information in an interesting way.

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