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Capitalism: A Love Story NAME:________________

Director Michael Moore, Paramount Vantage, 2009


Please answer all the questions during and/or the film.  This is your evidence of paying close attention and your understanding of the issues.  Continue your responses on the back as necessary.
What images comprise the title sequence (AKA the opening credits) of the film?  What commentary is Moore immediately making about whom he thinks to be our economy’s villains?



Why does Moore compare the fall of the Roman Empire to contemporary American society? What does he see as comparable cultural and economic factors?

What message did President Jimmy Carter declare on national television towards the end of the 1970s?  How did President Ronald Reagan change the message in the 1980s?



How did the industrial model of work in the 1950s and 1960s allow more families to move into the middle class?  Does that still exist?


What corporation does not allow Michael Moore through its doors?  How has the filmmaker's reputation affected its attitude towards him over the past 20 years?

What percentage of our country's wealth is owned by which percentage of our country's population?  Compared to the 1950s, how has this concentration of wealth shifted?



 What is “Dead Peasant’s Insurance”?

What career that requires a high level of education, training, and responsibility keeps its top performers at an incredibly low salary?  What are some reasons for this low wage?  Does it seem fair to you?



This film was released in October of 2009, and Michael Moore was editing it up until the very last minute before its premiere.  What are his concerns about the Obama administration? Is he hopeful? Cynical and unsure?

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