Ratio a ratioRatio a ratio
In mine there are 2 cups of sugar and 5 cups flour, so the ratio of sugar to flour is 2 to 5
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Advertising and Commercial Culture Product placementAdvertising and Commercial Culture Product placement
Product placement- the advertising practice of strategically placing products in movies, tv shows, comic books, and video games so the products appear as part of a story’s set environment
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Come Back to AfghanistanCome Back to Afghanistan
Afghanistan’s scholars, writer, poets and educated people found themselves in self imposed exile for their own protection. They spread out in Europe and some in the United States
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Virtues of Hajj (Pilgrimage to Makkah)Virtues of Hajj (Pilgrimage to Makkah)
I have been so surprised that many friends have found them to be beneficial. In my own humbleness, I never dreamt that so much benefit could have been derived from the words and pen of one who himself is not able to practice all that is
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Green Earth MovementGreen Earth Movement
Okras, leafy green cabbages and other vegetables, bananas or oranges and apples that you so relish may be overloaded with some of these harmful pesticides
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East georgia chapterEast georgia chapter
How does an organization identify key individuals and community leaders to serve as the catalyst for securing the most income from the smallest yet most impactful donors? Weinstein offers the following guidance to organizations planning for
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Table of contents executive summaryTable of contents executive summary
Chapter 4 Population Projections and Characterization & Quantification of Municipal Wastes 43
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A library is not a building stacked with books – it is a repository and source of information and ideas, a place for learning and enquiry, and for the generation of thought and the creation of new knowledge.”
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Mission reportMission report
Mentary Assembly’s Science and Technology Committee (stc) learned during its visit to Israel and the Palestinian Territories from 4 to 7 November 2013
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Elyria public library system meeting of the Board of TrusteesElyria public library system meeting of the Board of Trustees
Present: Gerald Crum, President; Rhonda Smith, Vice President; Sam Battle, Trustee; Ray Armstrong, Trustee; Kaleena Whitfield, Trustee; Debbie Kroupa, Trustee; Ann Schloss, Secretary
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