Jonathan Frome Representation, Reality, and Emotions Across MediaJonathan Frome Representation, Reality, and Emotions Across Media
Based on this theory, I present a model of emotion that can both describe our affective responses to a wide variety of representational media and help us compare different types of media in terms of their ability to generate emotions in
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Naomi samuel available published booksNaomi samuel available published books
Published by Modan since 1991. This is a book I wrote originally for my son Daniel when he was 5, and is widely used in pre-school programs in Israel to foster cross cultural understanding and talk about the issue of color
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The Hobbit Literature Unit IntroductionThe Hobbit Literature Unit Introduction
The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien is a great book to introduce the fantasy genre. The book is packed with high-interest, page turning material. There are also morals interlaced with adventure and consequences throughout
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English 9 Mrs. Sauberlich Silent Reading Reading the ClassicsEnglish 9 Mrs. Sauberlich Silent Reading Reading the Classics
My hope is that through reading the classics, you will grow in awareness, knowledge, and wisdom about literature and life. Here’s how Reading the Classics will work this year
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The Book of Irish Writers, Chapter 46 Sam Hanna Bell, 1909-1990The Book of Irish Writers, Chapter 46 Sam Hanna Bell, 1909-1990
His father died when Sam was 9 and the Bells moved back to his mother's family farm near Strangford Lough
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The Important Things in LifeThe Important Things in Life
The central theme is “The Important Things in Life.” Whether headed off to college after high school or not, the literature in this unit will hopefully help students realize that what’s stressing them out —college or whatever else it may be—may not actually be the
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Trust Your EnemiesTrust Your Enemies
This “preview” copy of Trust Your Enemies contains about 45% of the entire novel—almost all of Part I
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Genre Study: Book ReviewGenre Study: Book Review
Like Atwell, I have to ask, how are book reports improving literacy when they are merely regurgitations of plot summary, and how are they relevant to “real-life”?
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Scott High SchoolScott High School
And our Summer Reading Program is designed to help students maintain—and even sharpen—the skills they already possess
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Text of Jacinta\Text of Jacinta's Story Episode 1 (V2) The purpose of this story
Strategy making is an art or craft much more than a science. If you try to learn strategy making as a series of routine steps out of a text book
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The Legend of Echo And NarcissusThe Legend of Echo And Narcissus
In Greek mythology Echo was a wood nymph who loved a youth by the name of Narcissus. He was a beautiful creature loved by many but Narcissus loved no one. He enjoyed attention, praise and envy
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Lesson plan outline jmu elementary Education ProgramLesson plan outline jmu elementary Education Program
Plan must be initialed and dated by the teacher when it is reviewed—at least one day in advance
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