Biblical ArcheologyBiblical Archeology
Christianity is a historical faith based on actual events recorded in the Bible. Archaeology has therefore played a key role in biblical studies and Christian apologetics in several ways
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The knowledge of writing in iron age palestineThe knowledge of writing in iron age palestine
Hebrew epigraphy presents a richer source, lacking only royal monuments. On the basis of that evidence and analogies from other parts of the ancient Near East
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Teachers notesTeachers notes
Fire is a 32-page picture book, written in rhyming verse by Jackie French and illustrated by Bruce Whatley. It can be used with students at all stages. Because it is in rhymed couplets
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Orality and Writing in ArabiaOrality and Writing in Arabia
Arabic sources that were committed to writing long after Arabic script (q v.) was fully developed. It may be said, however, that the interplay of orality and writing in this milieu shows up most clearly in the Qur’ān itself
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5-6 November 2007, University of Warwick, United Kingdom5-6 November 2007, University of Warwick, United Kingdom
The later part of the paper portraits the larger initiative of mainstreaming hiv, which is built on the lessons learnt from the similar strategies to strengthen local governance responses
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Matilda O\Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy Editings by: Lawrence R. Spencer
I can not vouch personally for her as a credible source of information. In fact, I cannot factually substantiate that such a person actually existed
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On Hamlet Date: 1951 by William Shakespeare AuthorOn Hamlet Date: 1951 by William Shakespeare Author
University of Chicago. The Meaning of Shakespeare has been frequently reprinted since its publication in 1951. He was also the author of Blake's Fourfold Vision
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Position of Women in the Indian CivilizationPosition of Women in the Indian Civilization
She has done great service to religion by preserving age old traditions, moral fervor and spiritual vein in our society. It is the mother who conducts puja in our homes, attends spiritual discourses, wears Indian clothes i e
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Preface to the second editionPreface to the second edition
This has not been possible within the time allowed by the publisher for the preparation of the second edition. A good deal of the book, therefore, appears as it was written in 1946
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Some comments on Faith Bandler’s speechSome comments on Faith Bandler’s speech
State Aboriginal Protection Boards, and how that optimism was soon shattered by the “ugliness” of enduring entrenched racist attitudes. She argues against giving in to despair as she sees the majority of people as fair-minded
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Part one introduction and lines 1-1250: VocabularyPart one introduction and lines 1-1250: Vocabulary
Vocabulary: alliteration, alliterative verse, Anglo-Saxon (or Old English), scop, hapax legomenon, beot, comitatus, cyning, scop, shame/fame culture, thegn, litotes, meiosis, wyrd, mead-hall, wergild, flyting
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Eight Hundred Years of Roman CoinageEight Hundred Years of Roman Coinage
Italy, then to supremacy in the western Mediterranean area following the defeat of Carthage, and finally to control over the entire Mediterranean basin with the decline and collapse of the great Hellenistic monarchies of the east
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Order of eventsOrder of events
The story of the typhoon is the interior story, beginning with “It happened one September afternoon ” when the ten-year-old seventh man experienced “everything that mattered most” swept off “to another world.”
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In Search of a Master Narrative for 20th Century Chinese History1In Search of a Master Narrative for 20th Century Chinese History1
This paper analyses the process of writing and re-writing post-49 history in the prc trying to give an answer to this puzzling question
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