For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”
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Living dangerously (part 3): for such a time as thisLiving dangerously (part 3): for such a time as this
I want to talk with you about living dangerously as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, as men and women, girls and boys, young and old, who have pledged our allegiance and love to the one true and living God, who is “our Maker, Defender
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The book of actsThe book of acts
Madison, ga 30650, in its World Wide lit correspondence school. The main aim of this Acts course is to help you become familiar with that book. It relies on direct study with some support from Ryrie’s commentary
351.61 Kb. 9
Extreme MakeoverExtreme Makeover
Revival is when God gets so sick and tired of being misrepresented that He shows Himself
49.5 Kb. 1
The Awesome Presence of GodThe Awesome Presence of God
We meet some characters in our story in Acts this morning who prime us perfectly for our time at the Lord’s Table which will follow
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Raj/Jesus acim study Group January 17Raj/Jesus acim study Group January 17
I think I want, in spite of what I think he or she needs. I don’t want to interfere with being the perfect expression of You, Father
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Raj/acim study Group – June 29, 2003Raj/acim study Group – June 29, 2003
Raj: Don’t sigh Michael. And good afternoon to everyone who’s joining us on the internet as well, and if those of you on the internet have a question specific to something we’re discussing from the Course, feel free to post your question
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The fall of manThe fall of man
In the third chapter of Genesis we have the Biblical explanation of all of this, with its account of the fall of the human race in Adam from its place of high honor and safety to its present disgrace and insecurity
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An Abbreviated History Of Saint Bede’s Episcopal Church Manchester, Tennessee On Its Fiftieth AnniversaryAn Abbreviated History Of Saint Bede’s Episcopal Church Manchester, Tennessee On Its Fiftieth Anniversary
I able to contact many supply priests. I do grieve for the many priests that I found have died
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A woman Caught in AdulteryA woman Caught in Adultery
Scroll down to Gospel Reflection, Discussion Questions for the Gospel, and Proclaiming Faith Activities
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“The Story We Find Ourselves In”“The Story We Find Ourselves In”
A small Group Study Course for Young People based on The Story We Find Ourselves In Further Adventures of a New Kind of Christian Brian D. McLaren (2003) Jossey Bass
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1. 8 Advent and Christmas1. 8 Advent and Christmas
Advent and Christmas. The children are told two Advent stories – the Annunciation and the Visitation. In these stories the great Advent themes of hope and joyful expectation are presented
243.5 Kb. 1
Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear By Kari Froelicher, ma, lpcPerfect Love Casts Out All Fear By Kari Froelicher, ma, lpc
And since fear has to do with punishment, love is not yet perfect in one who is afraid” (1John 4: 18). If perfect love casts out fear what does the opposite do? Does fear then cast out love? How does fear distort and block one’s capacity
52.5 Kb. 1
Fruits of the Spirit: a study from Galatians 5 By Susie FowlerFruits of the Spirit: a study from Galatians 5 By Susie Fowler
Bring something for them to construct something with – clay, play dough, pipe cleaners – be creative and make it appropriate for your kids
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