The prayer of the frogThe prayer of the frog
Tony de Mello. To judge from the success of the course, we have to admit she’s right. We’ve had to bring out four editions of the reprint after his death the message of this special incarnation of a ‘guru’ is evoking a real inner discovery in
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By Annie Cahn Fung translated fromBy Annie Cahn Fung translated from
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Supervisor: Christine Lohmeier mscSupervisor: Christine Lohmeier msc
This thesis examines the issue of trust in the news media in relation to the rather newly-promoted concept and mean of conflict reporting, Peace Journalism (PJ)
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Gita saroddhara (quintessence of the gita)Gita saroddhara (quintessence of the gita)
The Gita Saroddhara is quite a lengthy book and so it has been divided up into Chapters
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The Seven Headed Dragon Hindu and Occult Teachings Examined in the Light of ChristianityThe Seven Headed Dragon Hindu and Occult Teachings Examined in the Light of Christianity
God and the World. Truth — an Absolute or Relative Concept? Man — His Nature and His Purpose. The Problem of Personality. Sin and Karma. Life Beyond the Grave or the Transmigration of Souls. Ideas of Salvation, Good and Evil
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History 385C: History and Fiction in Modern AmericaHistory 385C: History and Fiction in Modern America
Do certain genres of historical fiction, such as war novels, capture the essence of events in ways that nonfiction accounts cannot? Are some periods of historical fiction richer than others? Is all history fiction to a degree?
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1. Nabokov, Vladimir. Pale Fire (1962)1. Nabokov, Vladimir. Pale Fire (1962)
Larry McCaffery's "20th C. Greatest Hits" (100 English-Language Books of Fiction)Larry McCaffery teaches American literature at San Diego State University and is co-editor of the journal Fiction International
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