Journal for Critical Animal StudiesJournal for Critical Animal Studies
Bartmann and the Khoisans as “the nearest approximation to the lower animals” (Washington 2006: 83). 2 In being connected to animality
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Newsletter Summer term 2012Newsletter Summer term 2012
Newsletter. This brings you the latest news and views from the Committee as well as updates on planned activities over the coming months
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D3 Swimming One of the Best-Kept Secrets in the ncaaD3 Swimming One of the Best-Kept Secrets in the ncaa
Greg Parini has been involved in D3 swimming for 30 years, first as a swimmer at Kenyon and subsequently as a D3 coach
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The History of La Carrera PanamericanaThe History of La Carrera Panamericana
La Carrera Panamericana, La Carrera, and even La Pana; this rally-like sports event was classified as one of the most important of its kind due to the breadth of the route
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Leyland Pitt, Simon Fraser UniversityLeyland Pitt, Simon Fraser University
They might also both notice that by the 26th of October, players on the Betfair website had traded more that 9 million pounds sterling on the outcome of the us presidential election – or around us$5 322 950 at current exchange rates
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