Course DescriptionCourse Description
This course explores a theatrical panorama, from the ancient Greeks to contemporary times, in an attempt to understand the mythological significance of the events dramatized by master playwrights
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August Wilson, Theater\August Wilson, Theater's Poet of Black America, Dies
August Wilson, who chronicled the African-American experience in the 20th century in a series of plays that will stand as a landmark in the history of black culture, of American literature and of Broadway theater
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The Cyclops Background InformationThe Cyclops Background Information
Mount Aetna. Euripides was born around 484 B. C, and he wrote an estimated total of 92 plays. He only won four first prizes for his works in his lifetime
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And Juliet Taymor’sAnd Juliet Taymor’s
And what does it mean that The Tempest, a play in which the main character says he prizes his books above his dukedom, does not include a scene of reading or of writing, as does a play to which it is often compared, namely
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Language and Political Change: Africa/America in August Wilson’s Cyclical Plays andLanguage and Political Change: Africa/America in August Wilson’s Cyclical Plays and
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First Paper Assignment: Anatomies of ChangeFirst Paper Assignment: Anatomies of Change
Aeschylus’s Oresteia. Although your focus should be on one of these four texts, you may include in your paper pertinent references to other texts we’ve studied—the “Darmok” episode, say, or the other plays of Aeschylus’s trilogy
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