Partition Journeys – a muslim School Girl’s StoryPartition Journeys – a muslim School Girl’s Story
Pakistani woman holds photograph dated 1936, showing her father (seated, first left) with his colleagues in the British Army in India. The woman now lives in Bradford. This is her story. Tim Smith
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Partition Journeys – a hindu Refugee’s StoryPartition Journeys – a hindu Refugee’s Story
It took us 12 hours to reach Lahore and when we got there, people were being massacred left right and centre at the Lahore Railway Station. Our driver was also a Hindu but he refused to go further until we were certain we were safe
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Uestions for discussion The Gallipoli StoryUestions for discussion The Gallipoli Story
Discuss the Btn gallipoli story in pairs. Record the main points of your discussion and share them with the class
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BtN: Episode 10 Transcript 28/04/15BtN: Episode 10 Transcript 28/04/15
Hello, I'm Nathan and welcome to a very special Behind the News, coming to you today from the Australian War Memorial in Canberra
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And let it begin!And let it begin!
It’s in relationships that we find the core purpose of any community. It takes time and devoted energy to allow relationships to be fostered and to grow in trust
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Paper for discourse & communication titlePaper for discourse & communication title
Title: Turkish Newspapers’ role in winning votes and exasperating Turkish-Kurdish relations: The Ağrı shootings
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