Characteristics of the Emergent Reader The emergent level reader

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Characteristics of the Emergent Reader

The emergent level reader:

  • is aware of print conventions

  • enjoys listening to and participating with a variety of literature

  • has an attitude of anticipation of and expectancy about books and stories

  • expects books to entertain

  • expects stories and books to make sense

  • enjoys new books

  • enjoys listening to favorite books read and reread

  • wants to read

  • knows how stories and books work

  • handles books confidently

  • makes predictions

  • recognized book language (once upon a time; the end; author; illustration) and sometimes uses these words

  • understands that the text as well as the illustrations carry the story

  • uses prior knowledge to create meaning

  • interprets pictures

  • retells a story

  • develops a memory for text

  • recognizes some words or symbols

  • chooses to explore books independently

  • shows pleasure in rhyme and rhythm of language

The emergent level writer:

  • knows language can be recorded

  • wants to write
  • “writes” at an early developmental level (scribbles, L-R scribbles, letter-like marks, strings of letters) using approximations for the sounds heard at the beginning of words

  • is aware that writing conveys meaning

  • uses pictures as writing

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