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Collage Rubric

Name: ____________________________ Date: ______________



Almost perfect, just check the following items.


Needs a bit of work, check the following areas.



You really need to do some work on this in the following areas. See me.


Accuracy: Were the items that you chose actually from your text? How accurately did you describe the importance of these items? Were there items that you neglected that were actually more important?

Completeness: Is your collage FULL? Do you have images or writing covering the entire paper? Do you have at least 20 items? Did you include 2-3 sentences for each picture explaining what the item is and why it is important in the book?

Creativity: Is your collage visually appealing? Would it engage an audience? Is it colorful? Does it stand out?


Does the work represent your best effort? Did you put time and thought into this project? Is everything neatly done? Did you check mechanics and grammar in your writing?

Presentation: Did you stand up straight, make eye contact with your audience, and speak loudly enough for everyone to hear? Were you informative, enthusiastic, and confident? How well did you answer your peers’ questions? Did you respond appropriately to their comments?


What you need to do:

  1. Select 20 items from your independent reading book that you think were important to the plot. (For example, in The Egypt Game, items like the crocodile stone and the fake eyelashes could be chosen).

  2. Draw or glue pictures of these items to a large piece of construction or poster paper.

  3. Around each picture you must write at least 2-3 sentences explaining what the item is and why it is important to the plot.
    • Your sentences may be typed or handwritten but must be presented neatly on the page (no scribbles, please).

    • Make sure you write in COMPLETE sentences.

    • Check your spelling and grammar.

    • Be sure to include the book title and author’s name somewhere on the project.

* Remember, you want your audience to be able to read and understand your written pieces… and you want the collage to really catch their eye! *

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