Contributors to Studies in Church History


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Contributors to Studies in Church History

In cases where authors appear under different versions of their names, they have been listed under the version most commonly used in SCH. More radical variations are noted as appropriate.

Contributions to Subsidia volumes are listed after those in the main series of SCH.

Abulafia, Anna Sapir

‘Jewish carnality in twelfth-century Renaissance thought’, SCH 29, 59–75

‘St Anselm and those outside the church’, SCH Subsidia 6, 11–37
Ahn, Shin

‘The International Religious Network of Yun Chi-ho (1865–1965): Mission or Dialogue?’, SCH Subsidia 14, 228–35

Alexander, Stella

‘Religion and national identity in Yugoslavia’, SCH 18, 591–607

Allmand, C. T.

‘Some effects of the last phase of the Hundred Years War upon the maintenance of clergy’, SCH 3, 179–90

Amadi, G. I. S.

‘Healing in “The Brotherhood of the Cross and Star’”, SCH 19, 367–83

Ambler, R. W.

‘From Ranters to chapel builders: Primitive Methodism in the south Lincolnshire fenland c.1820–1875’, SCH 23, 319–31

“‘This Romish business” – ritual innovation and parish life in later nineteenth-century Lincolnshire’, SCH 35, 384–95
Andrews, Frances

“‘Principium et origo ordinis”: the Humiliati and their origins’, SCH 33, 149–61

‘By the labour of their hands? Religious work and city life in thirteenth-century Italy’, SCH 37, 81–94

‘Introduction: Doubting Christianity’, SCH 52, 1-16

‘Doubting John’ (Presidential Address), SCH 52, 17-48

Andrews, Robert

“‘Master in the art of holy living”: the sanctity of William Stevens’, SCH 47, 307–17

Anlezark, Daniel

‘Gregory the Great: Reader, Writer and Read’, SCH 48, 12–34

Ann Frances, Sister

‘William John Butler and the revival of the ascetic tradition’, SCH 22, 365–76

Ariel, Yaakov

‘In the shadow of the Millennium: American fundamentalism and the Jewish people’, SCH 29, 435–50

Arnold, Jonathan

‘Polydore Vergil and Ecclesiastical Historiography in his De Inventoribus Rerum IV–VIII’, SCH 49, 144–55

Ashby, Michael

‘“My house shall be called the house of prayer”: Religion and the Material Culture of the Episcopal Household, c.1500 to c.1800’, SCH50, 294–306

Aspinwall, Bernard

‘The Scottish religious identity in the Atlantic world 1880–1914’, SCH 18, 505–18

‘Social Catholicism and health: Dr and Mrs Thomas Low Nichols in Britain’, SCH 19, 249–70

‘Changing images of Roman Catholic religious orders in the nineteenth century’, SCH 22, 351–63

‘The welfare state within the state: the Saint Vincent de Paul Society of Glasgow, 1848–1920’, SCH 23, 445–59

‘Broadfield revisited: some Scottish Catholic responses to wealth, 1918–40’, SCH 24, 393–406

‘The Irish abroad: Michael Condon in Scotland, 1845–1878’, SCH 25, 279–97

‘Patrick Macgill, 1890–1963: an alternative vision’, SCH 28, 499–513

‘The child as maker of the ultramontane’, SCH 31, 427–45

Aston, Margaret

‘Gold and images’, SCH 24, 189–207

‘Segregation in church’, SCH 27, 237–94

‘The Bishops’ Bible illustrations’, SCH 28, 267–85

‘Lap books and lectern books: the revelatory book in the Reformation’ (presidential address), SCH 38, 163–89

‘Wyclif and the vernacular’, SCH Subsidia 5, 281–30

‘Were the Lollards a sect?’, SCH Subsidia 11, 163–91

‘Bishops, seals, mitres’, SCH Subsidia 12, 183–226

Atherstone, Andrew

‘Rescued from the brink: the collapse and resurgence of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford’, SCH 44, 354–64

‘Frances Ridley Havergal’s theology of Nature’, SCH 46, 319–32

‘Christian Family, Christian Nation: Raymond Johnston and the Nationwide Festival of Light in Defence of the Family’, SCH 50, 456–68

Atkins, Gareth

‘Reformation, revival and rebirth in Anglican evangelical thought, c.1780c.1830’, SCH 44, 164–74

‘“Idle reading”? Policing the Boundaries of the Nineteenth-Century Household’, SCH 50, 331–42

‘William Jowett’s Christian Researches: British Protestants and Religious Plurality in the Mediterranean, Syria and the Holy Land, 1815–30’, SCH 51, 216-31

‘“Isaiah’s Call to England”: Doubts about Prophecy in Nineteenth-Century Britain’, SCH 52, 381-97
Aveling, Hugh

‘Some aspects of Yorkshire Catholic recusant history, 1558–1791’, SCH 4, 98–121

Aylmer, Gerald

Gordon Leff: an appreciation, SCH Subsidia 11, 1–4

Ayton, Andrew

(with Virginia Davis) ‘Ecclesiastical wealth in England in 1086’, SCH 24, 47–60

Baar, Mirjam de

‘“Let your women keep silence in the churches”: how women in the Dutch Reformed Church evaded Paul’s admonition, 1650–1700’, SCH 27, 389–401

Bagchi, David

‘“Eyn mercklich underscheyd”: Catholic reactions to Luther’s doctrine of the priesthood of all believers, 1520–25’, SCH 26, 155–65

‘Catholic anti–Judaism in Reformation Germany: the case of Johann Eck’, SCH 29, 253–63

‘Luther and the problem of martyrdom’, SCH 30, 209–19

‘Diversity or disunity? A Reformation controversy over communion in both kinds’, SCH 32, 207–19

‘Luther and the sacramentality of penance’, SCH 40, 119–127

‘Poets, peasants, and pamphlets: who wrote and who read Reformation Flugschriften?’, SCH 42, 189–96

‘Defining heresies: Catholic heresiologies, 1520–50’, SCH 43, 241–52

‘Christ’s descent into Hell in Reformation controversy’, SCH 45, 228–47

Bainbridge, Virginia

‘The medieval way of death: commemoration and the afterlife in pre-Reformation Cambridgeshire’, SCH Subsidia 10, 183–204

Baker, Derek

‘The shadow of the Christian symbol’, SCH 6, 17–28

Viri religiosi and the York election dispute’, SCH 7, 87–100

Vir Dei: secular sanctity in the early tenth century’, SCH 8, 41–54

‘Heresy and learning in early Cistercianism’, SCH 9, 93–108

‘“The surest road to heaven”: ascetic spiritualities in English post-Conquest religious life’, SCH 10, 45–58

‘Scissors and paste: Corpus Christi, Cambridge, MS 139 again’, SCH 11, 83–123

‘Legend and reality: the case of Waldef of Melrose’, SCH 12, 59–82

‘Theodore of Sykeon and the historians’, SCH 13, 83–96

‘Old wine in new bottles: attitudes to reform in pre-Reformation England’, SCH 14, 193–211

‘Popular piety in the Lodèvois in the early twelfth century: the case of Pons de Léras’, SCH 15, 39–47

‘Crossroads and crises in the religious life of the later eleventh century’, SCH 16, 137–48

‘“Arabick to the people”’, SCH 17, 59–75

‘“A nursery of saints”: St Margaret of Scotland reconsidered’, SCH Subsidia 1, 119–41

Bakhuizen van den Brink, J. N.

‘Ratramm’s eucharistic doctrine and its influence in sixteenth-century England’, SCH 2, 54–77

Banton, Nicholas

‘Monastic reform and the unification of tenth-century England’, SCH 18, 71–85

Barkley, John M.

‘The Arian schism in Ireland, 1830’, SCH 9, 323–340

‘The Presbyterian Church in Ireland and the Government of Ireland Act (1920)’, SCH 12, 393–403

‘The renaissance of public worship in the Church of Scotland 1865–1905’, SCH 14, 339–50

Barnard, L. W.

‘Joseph Bingham and asceticism’, SCH 22, 299–306

Barrow, Julia

‘Vicars choral and chaplains in northern European cathedrals’, SCH 26, 87–97

Barrow, Logie

‘Anti–establishment healing: spiritualism in Britain’, SCH 19, 225–47

Bataillon, Louis-Jacques

Similitudines et exempla dans les sermons du XIIIe siècle’, SCH Subsidia 4, 191–205

Baumgarten, Elisheva

‘Daily Commodities and Religious Identity in the Medieval Jewish Communities of Northern Europe’, SCH 50, 97–121

Baun, Jane

‘The fate of babies dying before baptism in Byzantium’, SCH 31, 115–25

‘Taboo or gift? The Lord’s day in Byzantium’, SCH 37, 45–56

‘Discussing Mary’s humanity in medieval Byzantium’, SCH 39, 63–72

Bebbington, D. W.

‘Gladstone and the nonconformists: a religious affinity in politics’, SCH 12, 369–82

‘The city, the countryside and the social gospel in late Victorian Nonconformity’, SCH 16, 415–26

‘Religion and national identity in nineteenth-century Wales and Scotland’, SCH 18, 489–503

‘The persecution of George Jackson: a British fundamentalist controversy’, SCH 21, 421–33

‘The Oxford Group movement between the Wars’, SCH 23, 495–507

‘Martyrs for the truth: fundamentalism in Britain’, SCH 30, 417–51

‘Culture and piety in the far west: revival in Penzance, Newlyn and Mousehole in 1849’ (presidential address), SCH 44, 225–50

‘The Evangelical Discovery of History’, SCH 49, 330–64

‘The Spiritual Home of W. E. Gladstone: Anne Gladstone’s Bible’, SCH 5, 343–53

‘Baptists and fundamentalism in inter-war Britain’, SCH Subsidia 7, 297–326

Beebe, Kathryne

‘Knights, cooks, monks and tourists: elite and popular experience of the late medieval Jerusalem pilgrimage’, SCH 42, 99–109

Bejczy, István P.

‘The sacra infantia in medieval hagoigraphy’, SCH 31, 143–51

Bellenger, Dominic Aidan

(as Dominic T. J. Bellenger) ‘The French exiled clergy in England and national identity, 1790–1815’, SCH 18, 397–407

‘“A standing miracle”: La Trappe at Lulworth, 1794–1817, SCH 22, 343–50

‘An Irish Benedictine adventure: Dom Francis Sweetman (1872–1953) and Mount St Benedict, Gorey’, SCH 25, 401–15

‘Dom Bede Camm (1864–1942), monastic martyrologist’, SCH 30, 371–81
Bennett, G. V.

‘An unpublished diary of Archbishop William Wake’, SCH 3, 258–66

‘The Convocation of 1710: an Anglican attempt at counter–revolution’, SCH 7, 311–20

‘The seven bishops: a reconsideration’, SCH 15, 267–87

Bentley, Michael

‘Methodism, science and the natural world: some tensions in the thought of Herbert Butterfield’, SCH 46, 419–30

Berlis, Angela

‘Sympathy for Mussulmans, Love for Jews: Emily Loyson-Meriman (1833–1909), Hyacinthe Loyson (1827–1912) and their Efforts towards Interreligious Encounter’, SCH 51, 285-301

Berschin, Walter

‘Early medieval Latin poetry of Mary’, SCH 39, 112–25

Bethell, Denis

‘The making of a twelfth-century relic collection’, SCH 8, 61–72

Betros, Gemma

‘Napoleon and the revival of female religious communities in Paris, 1800–14’, SCH 44, 185–95

Bettley, James

‘Some architectural aspects of the role of manuals in changes to Anglican liturgical practice in the nineteenth century’, SCH 38, 324–38

Biller, Peter

Curate infirmos: the medieval Waldensian practice of medicine’, SCH 19, 55–77

‘Medieval Waldensian abhorrence of killing pre-c.1400’, SCH 20, 129–46

Multum ieiunantes et se castigantes: medieval Waldensian asceticism’, SCH 22, 215–28

Thesaurus Absconditus: the hidden treasure of the Waldensians’, SCH 24, 139–54

‘The common woman in the western Church in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries’, SCH 27, 127–57

‘Views of Jews from Paris around 1300: Christian or “scientific”?’, SCH 29, 187–207

‘Cathars and the material world’, SCH 46, 89–110

‘Northern Cathars and higher learning’, SCH Subsidia 11, 25–53

‘William of Newburgh and the Cathar mission to England’, SCH Subsidia 12, 11–30

Binfield, Clyde

‘English Free Churchmen and a national style’, SCH 18, 519–33

Et Virtutem et Musas: Mill Hill School and the Great War’, SCH 20, 351–82

‘Freedom through discipline: the concept of little church’, SCH 22, 405–50

‘Principal when pastor: P. T. Forsyth, 1876–1901’, SCH 26, 397–414

‘A chapel and its architect: James Cubitt and Union Chapel, Islington, 1874–1889’ (presidential address), SCH 28, 417–47

‘The Purley way for children’, SCH 31, 461–76

‘“An artisan of Christian unity”: Sir Frank Willis, Rome and the YMCA’, SCH 32, 489–505

‘The Bolton prelude to Port Sunlight: W. H. Lever (1851–1925) as patron and paternalist’, SCH 42, 383–93

‘“A saint if ever there was one”: Henry Robert Reynolds (1825–96)’, SCH 47, 318–33

‘Breadth from Dissent: Ada Ellen Bayly (“Edna Lyall”) and her Fiction’, SCH 48, 349–61

‘Jerusalem’s Empire State? The Context and Symbolism of a Twentieth-Century Building’, SCH 51, 334-49

‘“We claim our past in the great inheritance”: the message of four Congregational buildings’, SCH Subsidia 7, 201–23

‘Collective sovereignty? Conscience in the gathered Church, c.1875–1918’, SCH Subsidia 9, 479–506

‘Jews in evangelical Dissent: the British Society, the Herschell Connection and the pre-millenarian thread’, SCH Subsidia 10, 225–70

Black, A. J.

‘The Council of Basle and the Second Vatican Council’, SCH 7, 229–34

‘Political languages in later medieval Europe’, SCH Subsidia 9, 313–28
Black, Matthew

Foreword, SCH Subsidia 8, xi–xiv

Blair, Kirstie

‘Reforming the Religious Sonnet: Poetry, Doubt and the Church in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries’, SCH 52, 413-36

Blake, Ernest O.

(with Colin Morris) ‘A hermit goes to war: Peter and the origins of the First Crusade’, SCH 22, 79–107

Bolton, Brenda

‘The Council of London of 1342’, SCH 7, 147–60

‘Innocent III’s treatment of the Humiliati’, SCH 8, 73–82

‘Tradition and temerity: papal attitudes to deviants, 1159–1216’, SCH 9, 79–92

‘Mulieres sanctae’, SCH 10, 77–98

‘Sources for the early history of the Humiliati’, SCH 11, 125–33

‘Fulk of Toulouse: the escape that failed’, SCH 12, 83–93

‘A mission to the Orthodox: the Cistercians in Romania’ [contents lists subtitle as ‘Cistercians in the Latin empire’], SCH 13, 169–81

Paupertas Christi: old wealth and new poverty in the twelfth century’, SCH 14, 95–103

Via ascetica: a papal quandary’, SCH 22, 161–91

‘Daughters of Rome: all one in Christ Jesus!’, SCH 27, 101–15

‘Advertise the message: images in Rome at the turn of the twelfth century’, SCH 28, 117–30

‘“Received in his name”: Rome’s busy baby box’, SCH 31, 153–67

‘Message, celebration, offering: the place of twelfth- and early thirteenth-century liturgical drama as “missionary theatre”, SCH 35, 89–103

“‘Serpent in the dust: sparrow on the housetop”: attitudes to Jerusalem and the Holy Land in the circle of Innocent III’, SCH 36, 154–80

‘Signs, wonders, miracles: supporting the faith in medieval Rome’ (presidential address), SCH 41, 157–78

‘Subiaco – Innocent III’s version of Elijah’s cave’, SCH 46, 111–23

‘John Doran (1966–2012): An Appreciation’, SCH 50, 1–4

Vitae Matrum: a further aspect of the Frauenfrage’, SCH Subsidia 1, 253–73

‘Philip Augustus and John: two sons in Innocent III’s vineyard’, SCH Subsidia 9, 113–34

‘From Frontier to Mission: Networking by Unlikely Allies in the Church International, 1198–1216’, SCH Subsidia 14, 67–82

Bombi, Barbara

‘An Archival Network: The Teutonic Knights between the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Century’, SCH Subsidia 14, 83–95

Boneham, John

‘Reserve and Physical Imagery in the Tractarian Poetry of Isaac Williams (1802–65)’, SCH 48, 246–58

‘The Oxford Movement, Marriage and Domestic Life: John Keble, Isaac Williams and Edward King’, SCH 50, 366–77
Bonner, Gerald

‘Augustine’s visit to Caesarea in 418’, SCH 1, 104–13

Vera lux illa est quae illuminate: the Christian humanism of Augustine’, SCH 14, 1–22
Boone, Guus

‘Modernism and mission: the influence of Dutch modern theology on missionary practice in the East Indies in the nineteenth century’, SCH Subsidia 13, 112–26

Booth, Phil

‘Saints and soteriology in Sophronius Sophista’s Miracles of Cyrus and John’, SCH 45, 52–63

Borkowska, Urszula

‘From royal prayer book to common prayers: religious practices in late medieval and early modern Poland’, SCH 42, 180–88

‘The merging of religious elements with national consciousness in the historical works of Jan Długosz’, SCH Subsidia 6, 69–80
Boss, Sarah Jane

‘The immaculate heart of Mary: visions for the world’, SCH 39, 319–48

Bossy, John

‘Blood and baptism: kinship, community and Christianity in western Europe from the fourteenth to the seventeenth centuries’, SCH 10, 129–44

‘Catholicity and nationality in the north European Counter-Reformation’, SCH 18, 285–96

‘Leagues and associations in sixteenth-century French Catholicism’, SCH 23, 171–89

‘Satisfaction in early modern Europe, c.1400–1700’, SCH 40, 106–18

‘Met on the via moderna’, SCH Subsidia 11, 309–24

Bosworth, Lucy

‘A thirteenth-century genealogy of heresy’, SCH 33, 135–48

Bottigheimer, Ruth B.

‘The Bible for children: the emergence and development of the genre, 1550–1990’, SCH 31, 347–62

Bourdua, Louise

‘Friars, patron and workshops at the Basilica del Santo, Padua’, SCH 28, 131–41

Bowers, Roger

‘Aristocratic and popular piety in the patronage of music in the fifteenth-century Netherlands’, SCH 28, 195–24

Bowker, Margaret

‘Lincolnshire 1536: heresy, schism or religious discontent?’, SCH 9, 195–212

Bowman, Marion

‘Christianity, Plurality and Vernacular Religion in early Twentieth-Century Glastonbury: A Sign of Things to Come?’, SCH 51, 302-21

Boyle, Leonard E.

‘Innocent III and vernacular versions of scripture’, SCH Subsidia 4, 97–107

Boxer, C. R.

‘The problem of the native clergy in the Portuguese and Spanish Empires form the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries’, SCH 6, 85–106

Boynton, Lindsay

‘Gillows furnishings for Catholic chapels, 1750–1800’, SCH 28, 363–79

Boynton, Susan

‘Work and play in sacred music and its social context, c.1050–1250’, SCH 37, 57–80

Brading, D. A.

‘Divine idea and “Our Mother”: elite and popular understanding in the cult of Our Lady of Guadalupe of Mexico’, SCH 42, 240–60

Bradshaw, Brendan

‘The wild and woolly west: early Irish Christianity and Latin orthodoxy’, SCH 25, 1–23

Bradshaw, Paul F.

‘Continuity and change in early eucharistic practice: shifting scholarly perspectives’, SCH 35, 1–23

Brain, J. B.

‘Toleration and persecution in colonial Natal’, SCH 21, 379–92

Bray, Jennifer

‘The Mohammetan and idolatry’, SCH 21, 89–98

Brearley, Margaret F.

‘Jewish and Christian concepts of time and modern anti–Judaism: ousting the God of time’, SCH 29, 481–93

Brecht, Martin

‘The significance of territorial church history for church history in general’, SCH 11, 341–53

‘The relationship between established Protestant church and free church: Hermann Gundert and Britain’, SCH Subsidia 7, 135–51
Bredero, Adriaan H.

‘The announcement of the coming of the Antichrist and the medieval concept of time’, SCH Subsidia 10, 3–13

Brieger, P. H.

‘Bible illustration and Gregorian reform’, SCH 2, 154–64

Bright, Simon

‘“Friends have no cause to be ashamed of being by others thought non-evangelical”: unity and diversity of belief among early nineteenth-century British Quakers’, SCH 32, 337–49

Broadhead, Philip

‘“One heart and one soul”: the changing nature of public worship in Augsburg, 1524–1548’, SCH 35, 116–27

‘In defence of magisterial Reformation: Martin Bucer’s writing against the Spiritualists, 1535’, SCH 43, 252–62

‘The Biblical Verse of Hans Sachs: The Popularization of Scripture in the Lutheran Reformation’, SCH 48, 124–33

Brock, Sebastian P.

‘Christians in the Sasanian Empire: a case of divided loyalties’, SCH 18, 1–19

Brooke, Christopher N. L.

‘Problems of the Church historian’, SCH 1, 1–19

‘The missionary at home: the Church in the towns, 1000–1250’ (presidential address), SCH 6, 59–84

‘David Knowles’, SCH 12, ix–xii

‘Monk and canon: some patterns in the religious life of the twelfth century’, SCH 22, 109–29

‘Priest, deacon and layman, from St Peter Damian to St Francis’, SCH 26, 65–85

‘“Both small and great beasts: an introductory study’, SCH Subsidia 1, 1–13

(with Rosalind B. Brooke) ‘St Clare’, SCH Subsidia 1, 275–87

‘John of Salisbury and his world’, SCH Subsidia 3, 1–20
Brooke, Rosalind B.

(with Christopher N. L. Brooke) ‘St Clare’, SCH Subsidia 1, 275–87

Brooks, David

‘Disraeli’s Novels: Religion and Identity’, SCH48, 337–48

Brown, Callum G.

‘Unfettering Religion: Women and the Family Chain in the Late Twentieth Century’, SCH 50, 469–91

Brown, Peter

‘Eastern and western Christendom in late Antiquity: a parting of the ways’, SCH 13, 1–24

Brown, Stewart J.

‘Martyrdom in early Victorian Scotland: Disruption fathers and the making of the Free Church’, SCH 30, 319–32

‘No more “standing the session”: gender and the end of corporate discipline in the Church of Scotland, c.1890c. 1930’, SCH 34, 447–60

Brubaker, Leslie

‘Byzantine visions of the end’, SCH 45, 97–119

Bryer, Anthony A. M.

‘The late Byzantine monastery in town and countryside’, SCH 16, 219–41

Brzozowski, Mieczysław

‘The problem of the nation in the preaching of Archbishop Jan Paweł Woronicz, 1757–1829’, SCH Subsidia 6, 137–46

Bucknall, Alison M.

‘Martha’s work and Mary’s contemplation? The women of the Mildmay Conference and the Keswick Convention, 1856–1900’, SCH 34, 405–20

Buckroyd, Julia

‘The resolutioners and the Scottish nobility in the early months of 1660’, SCH 12, 245–52

Bullough, Donald A.

‘Roman books and Carolingian renovatio’, SCH 14, 23–50

‘The Carolingian liturgical experience’, SCH 35, 29–64
Burgess, Clive

‘“An afterlife in memory”: commemoration and its effects in a late medieval parish’, SCH 45, 196–217

Burnett, Charles S. F.

‘The content and affiliation of the scientific manuscripts written at, or brought to, Chartres in the time of John of Salisbury’, SCH Subsidia 3, 127–60

Burns, J. H.

‘Conciliarism, papalism, and power, 1511–1518’, SCH Subsidia 9, 409–28

Burns, R. Arthur

‘“Standing in the old ways”: historical legitimation of Church reform in the Church of England, c.1825–65’, SCH 33, 407–22

Burns, Stuart K.

‘Pseudo-Macarius and the Messalians: the use of time for the common good’, SCH 37, 1–12

Burrows, Michael A. J.

‘Fifteenth-century Irish provincial legislation and pastoral care’, SCH 25, 55–67

Burton, Janet

‘Past models and contemporary concerns: the foundation and growth of the Cistercian Order’, SCH 44, 27–45

Busfield, Lucy

‘Doubt, Anxiety and Protestant Epistolary Counselling: The Letter-Book of Nehemiah Wallington’, SCH 52, 298-314

Bylina, Stanisław

‘Le movement hussite devant les problems nationaux’, SCH Subsidia 6, 57–67

Byrne, Georgina

‘“Angels seen today”: the theology of modern spiritualism and its impact on Church of England clergy, 1852–1929’, SCH 45, 360–70

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