Cp writing Grammar Lesson #10 – Noun Clauses

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Grammar Lesson #10Noun Clauses
A noun clause is a subordinate clause that is used as a noun within the main clause of the sentences. You can use a noun clause as a subject, a direct object, an indirect object, an object of a preposition, or a predicate nominative.
The following words can be used to introduce noun clauses:

how however if that what whatever

when where when wherever whether which

whichever who whom whoever whomever whose

why that

Underline each noun clause (remember a clause has a subject and a verb) and then indicate if the clause functions as a subject (S), a direct object (DO) or indirect object (IO), object of a preposition (OP) or a predicate nominative (PN).

_______1. My father believes that Andrew was responsible for the accident.

_______ 2. Whatever you decide to do will be fine with me.

_______ 3. The man asked Tim what he wanted to be.

_______ 4. They argued about what they should wear to the prom.

_______ 5. Mr. Baker promised that he would bring us back before midnight.

_______ 6. It seems whoever broke the window will have to pay to have it replaced.

_______ 7. That the jury found the man innocent shocked everyone.

_______ 8. My mother knows where I am going.

_______ 9. Whether Susan goes with us depends on he mother’s mood.

_______ 10. Richard though about what he should tell the stockholders.

_______ 11. Who is the man with whom Ms. Shaker is speaking?

_______ 12. What you plan to do about your current situation is none of my business.

_______ 13. Whoever told you that ridiculous story about my uncle and the clown car lied.

_______ 14. Shaun felt that he could trust Mike with the secret plans.

_______ 15. How anyone could be so cruel is beyond me.

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