Creative Writing Journal Grading Grid


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Creative Writing Journal Grading Grid




1. Tell me about your favorite toy from childhood. (1/7/11)

2. Tell me about a memorable conversation you have had. What made it memorable? (1/13/11)

3. Tell about a time when your parents did not approve of one of your friends. (1/18/11)

4. List 5 things that comfort you and five things that scare you. Write about one of them. (1/24/11)

5. Tell me about a time when you were shocked or surprised. (1/26/11)

6. The world will end on September 26, 2011. Everyone knows it. (1/28/11)

7. Imagine a lake. Describe it through the eyes of a murderer and through the eyes of a grieving parent. (2/3/11)

8. Tell me about a time when your parents didn’t understand you. (2/8/11)

9. Write about the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. (2/10/11)

10. Tell me about your perfect day. (2/14/11)

11. What is interesting about your news articles? Where’s the conflict? What symbols can you find or add? (2/16/11)

12. In this world time flows backwards. Write a scene or describe a process that runs backwards. (2/18/11)

13. Tell me about a style you don’t like. (2/23/11)

14. What does this song remind you of? (2/25/11)

15. Tell me about your history as a writer. (3/1/11)

16. In this world time moves more slowly the farther you are from the center of the earth. What would life be like? (3/3/11)

17. Development of the main character in your 10-page story. (3/9/11)

18. Two days have passed since the end of your story. Write a reaction to the story from a secondary character’s point-of-view. (3/15/11)

19. Suppose people lived forever. What would life be like? (3/17/11)

20. What were your parents like when they were your age? (3/29/11)

21. Write about something without using the letter “e.” (3/31/11) (Note that this journal entry does not have to be twenty lines long.

22. Tell me about a time when you found something. What was it? How did it make you feel? (4/4/11)

23. I remember when . . . (20 items) (4/6/11)

24. Think of someone you know (but don’t REALLY know). Describe the person’s life or write a mini-story about the person. (4/12/11)

25. If you could change anything about LHWHS, what would it be? (4/14/11)

26. What did you learn from your historical research that you didn’t know before? (4/20/11)

27. What annoys you? (4/22/11)

28. Why do people write poetry? (4/26/11)

29. Free write. (4/28/11)


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