Crenshaw Cool Cats Thank You for a wonderful Valentine Day! No School on Monday

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Crenshaw Cool Cats

Thank You for A Wonderful Valentine Day!

No School on Monday

Dear Parents,

No School Monday February 20th 2017 it is Presidents Day.

Valentine Day Breakfast

Thank you for your help in making this a wonderful day.

Shoe Tying Workshop!- We will still be learning how to tie our shoes this week. Please have your child wear lace up shoes everyday

Snacks : Thank you for all the wonderful snacks so far this year. February Snack calendar was sent home. If you did not receive it please let me know.
Cooking: We had a great time at our Valentine Breakfast on Tuesday February 14, 2017. The Student passed out card and candy in the afternoon and make exciting projects. Thank you for your help in making this a wonderful day.
Library Books

Please send library book back to school on Tuesday. If they do not return the book they cannot check out another one.

Here are a few quick notes for our class:

  1. Please check my web page often for up dates.

  2. Please send your child with a coat, hat, and gloves everyday for out door play!

  3. Please label everything you sent to the class with your child's name. (lunch, jackets, hats, gloves, etc.)
  4. Please send in a change of clothes for your child. Some of you have already.

  5. Please send homework folders back to school everyday.

  6. Please send popcorn books each day.

  7. Please send a coat for your child each day.

  8. Call me if you have question. 489-6810

Word List - Please take the word from the home work sheet and the web site and place them on index cards so that you can practice them with your child.

This Months Birthday Celebrations

Happy Birthday



Class Cooking #
Valentine Breakfast
Letter “ ”


Ask your child how to make (:

Books/Stories Read

  • Farley Fox Story

  • Baby Barnaby Story

  • Gilda Goose Story
  • Crazy Camel Story

  • Lizzy Lamp Story

  • Lunch by Denise Fleming

  • The Elves and the Shoemaker by Pau Galdone

  • If You Give A Mouse A Cookie by Laura Joffe Numeroff

  • Edgar Elf Story

  • Nellie Newt Story

  • Ichabod Ichthyosaurus Story

  • Winkie Walrus Story

  • Victor Vampire Story

  • Yakety Yak Story

  • Quentin Quail Story

  • Zackary & Zena Story

  • Who’s Making That Noise? By J. Tyler

  • Game Day by Cari Meister

  • Franklin And The Hero by Paulette Bourgeois

  • Doug Gets His Wish by Jim Jinkins

This Months Animated –Alphabet Sounds

  • P – Polly Panda

  • U – Uncle Upton

  • O – Ollie Ostrich

  • M – Mimi Mermaid

  • X - Max the Ox and Felix Fox

  • A - Actress Annie

  • D - Daisy Dragon

  • T – Timmy Tiger

  • S – Sadie Seal

  • R – Rosie Raccoon

  • H – Hippy Hippo

  • J - Jenny Jaguar

  • B - Baby Barnaby

  • G – Gilda Goose

  • C- Crazy Camel

  • L- Lizzy Lamb

  • E – Edgar Elf

  • N – Nellie Newt

  • I - Ichabod Ichthyosaurus

  • W – Winkie Walrus

  • Victor Vampire Story
  • Yakety Y Q – Quentin Quail

  • Z – Zackary & Zena

Songs Of The Month

  • Polly Panda

  • Uncle Upton

  • Ollie Ostrich

  • Mimi Mermaid

  • Max the Ox and Felix Fox

  • Actress Annie

  • Daisy Dragon

  • Timmy Tiger

  • Sailing Sailing

  • Sadie Seal

  • Rosie Raccoon

  • Hippy Hippo

  • Jenny Jaguar

  • Kimmy Kangaroo

  • Farley Fox

  • Baby Barnaby

  • Gilda Goose

  • Crazy Camel

  • Lizzy Lamb

  • Edgar Elf

  • Nellie Newt

  • Ichabod Ichthyosaurus

  • Winkie Walrus

  • Victor Vampire

  • Yakety Yak

  • Quentin Quail

  • Zackary & Zena

February 20, 2017

Issue # 20

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