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CV: E.Norman


Elizabeth M. Norman

8 South Brookwood Drive

Montclair, New Jersey 07042

HOME: (973) 744-2795

WORK: (212) 998-5412

1986 PhD, New York University, Dissertation. “Women at War: The Story of Fifty Military Nurses Who Served in Vietnam.”
1977 M.A. Education, New York University.
1973 B.S. nursing, Rutgers the State University of New Jersey.

September 2010 Dayton Literary Peace Prize finalist.
May 2010 Stuart G. Christian Lecture. Virginia Historical Society.
April 2010 New York University, Steinhardt School. Griffiths Research Award.
June 2009 Certificate of Appreciation. Embassy of the Philippines, Washington D.C.
May 2004 Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Hall of Distinguished Alumni Award.
May 2004. Rutgers College of Nursing Commencement Speaker.
May 2003. University of California San Francisco, Commencement Speaker.
October 2001. American Association of Colleges of Nursing. Seventh Annual John P. McGovern Award
September 2001. Indiana State University, Distinguished Lecturer, Terra Haute, Indiana.

March 2001. University of Virginia. Eighth Annual Agnes Dillon Award.

June 2000. New York University, Division of Nursing, Distinguished Alumni Award.
November 1999. American Academy of Nursing. National Media Award.
October 1999. Lavinia L. Dock Award for Outstanding Historical Scholarship. American Association for the History of Nursing.
September 1999. Convocation Speaker. Bloomfield College. Bloomfield, New Jersey.
September 1996 Convocation Speaker. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
November 1995. International Public Print Media Award, Sigma Theta Tau

International .

September 1994. Convocation Speaker. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.

April 1993. Certificate of Appreciation. New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.

April 1992. Outstanding Alumna. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, College of Nursing.
January 1992. Book of the Year. American Journal of Nursing
October 1991. Fellow. American Academy of Nursing.
June 1990. Official Commendation for Military Nursing Research. Department of the Army.
May 1988. National Research Award. American Association of Critical Care

June 1986. Visiting Professor. Department of the Navy, Department of Psychiatry, Portsmouth, Virginia.

January 1977. Sigma Theta Tau, Upsilon Chapter


Professor New York University September 2005 -

The Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. 

Tenured faculty member teaching graduate and doctoral level writing, research design and dissertation proposal preparation. Chair and committee member for three current doctoral dissertations. UCAIHS reviewer.
Doctoral Program Director Division of Nursing January 1998 – September 2005

Contributing Editor American Journal of Nursing January 1994 to

345 Hudson Street December 1999

New York, New York 10014

Wrote a monthly question and answer column titled "Critical Questions. Authored an information column titled "ICU Monitor" from January 1996 until December 1997.
Associate Professor Rutgers, The State University July 1993 - Jan.1998

Graduate Program Director College of Nursing Fall 1996

Assistant Professor Newark, N.J. 07102 Sept. 1986 - July 1993

Adjunct Assistant Professor Sept. 1981 - Sept.1986

Tenured faculty member. Taught undergraduate and graduate nursing courses.
Research Liaison University Hospital Sept. 1990 - Sept.1992

Trauma Team Newark, New Jersey 07102 Sept. 1985 - Sept.1990

Nursing Instructor Trenton State College Sept. 1979 - June 1981

Trenton, New Jersey

Nursing Instructor Helene Fuld Medical Center June 1975 -Sept. 1978

Trenton, New Jersey

Staff nurse St.Peter's Medical Center Jan. 1974 - June 1975

New Brunswick, New Jersey

Staff Nurse United Hospitals of Newark Jan. 1973 - Dec. 1973

Newark, New Jersey


Norman M., & Norman E. (2010) Tears in the Darkness: The Story of the Bataan Death March and Its Aftermath. New York: Picador Books (media activities for the book follow).

New York Times bestseller list, two weeks.

(2010). Tears in the Darkness. Beijing, China: Fonghong Media, in cooperation with Jiangsu People’s Publishing House. Translation

(2010). Tears in the Darkness. Tokyo, Japan : Kawade Shobo. Translation.

(2010). Tears in the Darkness. Czech: Jota Publishers. Translation.
Norman M., & Norman E. (2009) Tears in the Darkness: The Story of the Bataan Death March and Its Aftermath. New York: Farrar, Strauss and Giroux.
New York Times best-seller list, eight weeks; Publishers Weekly bestseller and “summer breakout book.”; New York Times book critic Dwight Garner’s top ten non-fiction books of 2009; Editor’s Top 100 Books of 2009; Editor’s Top 10 History books of 2009; Christian Science Monitor best nonfiction books of 2009; 20 Best Books of 2009 U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings; American Library Association  2010 Notable Books For Adult Readers, Non-fiction (twelve books named); Audio Publishers Association of America History Book of the Year, 2009; Time Magazine 2010 summer book list.

Norman, E. (2000). We Band of Angels: The Untold Story of American Nurses Trapped on Bataan by the Japanese. New York: Atria Publishing. In print 2010. (media activities for this book available)

Norman, E. (1999). We Band of Angels: The Untold Story of American Nurses Trapped on Bataan by the Japanese. New York: Random House.
Norman, E. (1990). Women at War: The Story of Fifty Military Nurses Who Served in Vietnam. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press. American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year. In print, 2010.

Select Radio, Television Appearances:

June 22, 2009: WAMU (NPR) radio (Diane Rehm), Washington, DC

June 24, 2009: MSNBC television, “Morning Joe,” New York, NY

June 29, 2009: WABC radio (“Imus In The Morning”), New York, NY

July 3, 2009: KCUR (NPR) radio Kansas City, MO

July 6, 2009: WNYC (NPR) radio (Leonard Lopate), New York, NY

July 13, 2009: WUSB radio, Stony Brook NY

July 24, 2009, WDRC radio, Bloomfield CT

July 26, 2009, KHNC radio, Johnstown, CO

July 31, 2009: WMJI radio, Cleveland, OH

August 1, 2009: WABC radio (“John Batchelor”), New York, NY

August 11, 2009: WHJJ radio, Providence, RI

August 11, 2009: WDBO radio, Orlando, FL

August 20, 2009: WHAD radio, Milwaukee, WI

September 24, 2009: WGN radio, Chicago, IL

October 10, 2009: WNPT public television, Nashville, TN

December 6, 2009 MIA/POW Radio, Rod Utech, Colorado

March 4, 2010: Fox Business Network, WABC radio “Imus in the Morning.” Imus book of the week.

March 7, 2010 Sirius Radio “Left Jab”, David Good friend Mark Walsh

March 8, 2010 KVON, Napa CA

Select book reviews:

April 20, 2009, Publishers Weekly

May 1, 2009, Booklist

May 1, 2009, Kirkus Reviews

May 1, 2009, Library Journal

June 2009, Proceedings, U.S. Naval Institute Press

June 14, 2009, Billings Gazette, Billings MT

June 14, 2009, Philippine Inquirer

June 15, 2009, SI.COM, “Monday Morning QB.”

June 15, 2009, Associated Press (Ran in more than 150 newspapers and websites domestically and internationally)

June 17, 2009, New York Times (Dwight Garner)

July 8, 2009, Christian Science Monitor

July 13, 2009, California Literary Review

September 7, 2009, Publishers Weekly (Summer breakout book, second review)

October 28, 2009, History News Network

October/November 2009, Military History

November 2009, Army Magazine

November 8, 2009, The Washington Times

January 10, 2010 The Star Ledger, Newark, NJ

March 2010, Seapower Journal.

March 26, 2010 Cleveland Plain Dealer


Norman, E. (2006). "The Challenge of Historical Research." In Geri Lo-Biondo-Wood & Judi Haber (Eds.). Nursing Research: Methods, Critical Appraisal and Utilization. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: C.V. Mosby, 436-437.

Norman E. (2001). “The Nurses Captured on Bataan.” In Brian Lamb (Ed.). Booknotes, Stories from American History: Leading Historians on the Events that Shaped Our Country New York: Public Affairs, 251-258. (2002, Penguin Books)

Norman, E. (2000). Ruby Bradley biography, Laura Cobb biography, Maude Davison

biography, Josephine Nesbit biography. In Vern Bullough and Lilli Sentz, (eds.). American Nursing: Biographical Dictionary Volume 3. New York: Springer Publishing, 24-26; 57-59; 66-69; 215-218.
Norman, E., & Pinkham, D. (1993). Why should I think about my death? In D. Fishman & O. Strickland (Eds.). Nursing Issues in the 90s. Albany, New York: Delmar Publishers, 58-75.

Norman, E. (contributing author) in A. Wooley & S. Davis (Eds.). (1999). Guide for Integrating History into the Nursing Curriculum. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Invitational Nursing History Conference.


Norman M., & Norman E. (2009) “In the Company of Ghosts.” World War II Magazine. 24(3) 42- 49.

Norman M. & Norman E. (2009) “Surviving Bataan.” American Heritage, 59(2) 56-62

Kobayashi M., & Norman, E. (2006) "Development of Japanese NWI-R Evaluation of Japanese Professional Nursing Practice Environment." Japanese Journal of Nursing Administration. 16(11), 929-935.

dePaula Lima, E., Norman, E., & dePaula Lima A. (2005). Translation and Adaptation of the Social Support Network Inventory in Brazil. The Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 37(3), 258-260.

Norman, E. & Angell D. (2000). Vivian Bullwinkel. International Journal of Nursing Practice, 6 (6), 345-353.

Norman, E., & Angell, D. (1999). Vivian Bullwinkel: Sole Survivor of the 1942 Massacre of Australian Nurses. Nursing History Review, 7, 97-112.

Norman, E. (1997). Boosting Your Career with a Mentor. Orthopaedic Nursing, 16(4), 13-16. The sixth article in a professional development initiative sponsored by the National Association of Orthopaedic Nursing and Rhone-Poulenc Rorer.

Norman, E., & Eifried, S. (1995). How Did They All Survive? An Analysis of American Nurses' Experiences in Japanese Prisoner-of-War Camps. Nursing History Review, 3, 105-127.

Norman, E. (1995). American Military Nurses in Wartime and the Impact of Their Experiences on Peacetime Nursing Practice. Caduceus: Humanities Journal for Medicine and the Health Sciences, 11(1), 23-34. This special issue received the International Public Print Media Award from Sigma Theta Tau International.

Norman, E., & Eifried, S. (1993). The Angels of Bataan. Image: The Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 25(2), 121-126.

McCormac, M., Redeker, N., & Norman, E. (1992). Analysis of Motor Vehicle Crash Data in an Urban Trauma Center: Implications for Nursing Practice and Research. Heart & Lung, 21, 558-567.

Norman, E. (1992). After the Casualties: The Effect of Working in the Vietnam War on Nurses' Professional Identity and Career Decisions. Nursing Research, 41, 110-113. Reprinted in 1995 in The Journal of Military Nursing and Research, 1 (3), 25-29.

Norman, E., Griffin, C., & Getek, D. (1991). Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in an Urban Trauma Population. Applied Nursing Research, 4 , 171-176.
Norman, E. (2001). The Queen’s Poor: Life as They Find It in Town and Country. Nursing History Review, 9, 234-35. (Book review).

Norman, E. (2000, March 27). For Want of Soap and Water. The New York Times. p.26 (op-ed page).

Norman, E. (2000). We Band of Angels. New Jersey Nurse. 30, 4.

Norman, E. (1999, Summer). The Amazing World of Commercial Publishing. Bulletin of the American Association for the History of Nursing. (63), 6. (Column).

Norman, E. (1998). White Coolies: Australian Nurses Behind Enemy Lines. Nursing History Review, 6, 159-60. (Book review).

Norman E., & Angell D. (1997). Vivian Bullwinkel: Sole Survivor of the 1942 Massacre of Australian Nurses on Banka Island, Sumatra. In the Fourteenth Annual American Association for the History of Nursing Conference Proceedings Book, Hartford, Connecticut: University of Connecticut.

Norman, E., & Sarnecky, M. (1996). Nurses Under Fire: The World War II Experiences of Nurses on Bataan and Corregidor. Nursing Research, 45(2), 126. (Letter).

Norman, E. (1995). The Evolution of Cardiac Surgery. Nursing History Review, 4, 214-15. (Book review).

Norman, E. (1994). They Had No Choice But to Survive: Army Nurses on Bataan and Corregidor. In D. Stapleton & C. Welch. (Eds.). Critical Issues in American Nursing in the Twentieth Century. North Tarrytown, New York: Rockefeller Archives, 33-42. (Proceedings).

Norman, E., & Eifried, S. (1993). How Did They All Survive? An Analysis of American Nurses' Experiences in Japanese Prisoner-of-War Camps. In the Tenth Annual American Association for the History of Nursing Conference Proceedings Book, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: University of Pennsylvania Press.

Manuscript reviewer, Sigma Theta Tau International September 2008

Publishing Company.

Manuscript reviewer, American Journal of Nursing September 2003 - present
Board Member, New York State Nurses Association, June 2003 - present

Bellevue Alumnae Center for Nursing History Committee

Book Reviewer. Nursing History Review. June 1994 - September 2008

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Manuscript reviewer. University of Pennsylvania February 1992 - September 2008 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Co-principal investigator. 2010.“Bellevue Hospital” Michael Norman, co-principal investigator. Under contract with Henry Holt Publishers, John Sterling editor..

Co-principal investigator. "Tears in the Darkness: The Story of the Bataan Death March and It's Aftermath." A study of American, Filipino, and Japanese soldiers in combat in World War II and their lives in the long years after liberation. Michael Norman, co-principal investigator. Earhart Foundation Grant $27; 000; Novartis $9,060. New York University Research Challenge Grants, $7,700. Freedom Forum $5,000. NYU FAS Dean’s Challenge Grant $8,000. Student assistants: Miho Suzuki, Mia Kobayashi (Education), Wendy Matzumura, Bojana Stoparic, Davina Parades, Wilma Lacaba (CAS) Study completed September 2008.

Principal Investigator. "We Band of Angels." Historical study detailing the experiences of 99 American army and navy nurses in the Philippine Islands, World War. Rutgers University Grant support: $3,500. Study completed Spring 1998.

Principal investigator. “Australian military nurses in the Pacific Theater, World War II." Historical study examining the experiences of 65 Australian military nurses who served in Malaya. Dorothy Angell, co-investigator. Study completed Spring 1998.
Co-investigator. "Implications of daily chest radiographs on critical care nursing practice." UMDNJ staff nurses, principal investigator. Study completed January 1992.
Co-investigator. "Analysis of Motor Vehicle Crash Data in an Urban Trauma Center: Implications for Nursing Practice and Research." M. McCormac, principal investigator. N. Redeker, co-investigator. Study completed 1991.
Principal investigator. "A Comparison of Direct and Indirect Blood Pressure Measurements in Adult Trauma Patients." Supported by Rutgers Biomedical Research Grant $750. Study completed July 1989.
Principal investigator. "Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Victims of Physical Trauma." Study completed January 1988. Supported by Rutgers Summer Fellowship Award $1500.
Doctoral dissertation. Nurses In War: A Study Of Female Military Nurses Who Served In Vietnam During The War Years 1962-1973. Study completed February 1986. Chairperson: P. Winstead-Fry.
Presentations on Tears in the Darkness:
May 2010. Stuart G. Christian Lecture. Virginia Historical Society. Richmond, Virginia.
April 2010. Descendants of the American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor. Reno, Nevada.

January 2010. Vail, Colorado: Vail Symposium, Vail, Colorado

November 2009. New York. New York University, Student Resource Center and Veterans Alliance
November 2009. New York. J.P. Morgan Private Equity Group. New York
October 2009. Nashville, Tennessee. Southern Festival of Books.
October 2009. Newark, New Jersey. Rutgers University, Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights.
October 2009. Baltimore, Maryland. New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association.
September 2009. Chicago, Illinois. Pritzker Military Library
September 2009. Norfolk, Virginia. MacArthur Memorial and Museum.
July 2009. Billings, Montana. Montana State University.
June 2009. Washington D.C. Library of Congress, Philippine Embassy Asian Veterans Groups,
Presentations on We Band of Angels

May 2010 Visiting Nurse Association of New York. New York.

May 2009. Detroit Michigan Sinai-Grace Medical Center and Baltimore Maryland Life-Bridge Health, “We Band of Angels.”Keynote Address.
June 2007. Atlanta, Georgia. "Georgia Women Who Served Their Country in World War II." Georgia State University, Library Women's Collection. Annual Diana L. Fowlkes Lecture.
June 2007. Manchester, New Hampshire. "Nursing Heroes in History. New Hampshire Board of Nursing. Keynote address.
May 2007. Randolph Public Library New Jersey "Nurse who served in the Vietnam War. Fundraising keynote speaker.

November 2006, Arlington National Cemetery, Washington D.C. “Women in Combat”

November 2006. Holmdel, New Jersey. “Nurses Who Served in Vietnam.” New Jersey Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
October 2006. Newark, New Jersey. “ Health Care in Time of War.” UMDNJ Trauma Conference. Keynote Speaker.
May 2006. Dallas, Texas. “We Band of Angels.” Parkland Hospital-UT Southwestern Medical School. Keynote Speaker.
October 2005. Park City, Utah. “We Band of Angels.” Utah State Nurses Association Annual Convention. Opening Keynote Speaker.
September 2005. Wilmington, Delaware. “We Band of Angels.” Christiana Health Care System Leadership Conference. Opening Keynote Speaker
July 2005. New Orleans, Louisiana. “We Band of Angels.” 17th Annual National Nursing Staff Development Convention. Opening Keynote Speaker.
May 2005. Danvers, Massachusetts. “We Band of Angels.” Northeast Hospital System. Keynote Speaker.
March 2005. Long Beach, California. “We Band of Angels.” Long Beach Memorial Medical Center 2nd Annual Heart of Nursing Conference. Opening Keynote Speaker.
February 2005. Monterey, California. “We Band of Angels.” Association of California Health Care Leaders, 27th Annual Conference. Opening Keynote Speaker.

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