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(ARK203) Ken Miles, Porsche-Cooper (Pooper) at Paramount Ranch, action side view, tight on car. PL RC A$25

(ARK204) Bob Drake, Birdcage Maserati, Riverside, action front view, others coming up behind. PL RC A$25
Alright, I admit it, I have been known to take a photo or two.
(DL1) Mark Donohue leaning on Javelin Trans Am car, eating an apple, talking to Roger Penske and Don Prudhhome!!!, Kent, WA 1970 Color PL A$25
(DL2) Bruce McLaren in cockpit of McLaren M6B, most of car in view, crowd behind, Tyler Alexander leaning into cockpit, paddock, Laguna CanAm 1968. Color PL A$25
(DL3) Mark Donohue sits in the cockpit of Lola AMC F5000, on grid at Seattle International Raceway, 1973, 3/4 front view. PL RC A$25
(DL4) Mark Donohue sits on pit wall in deep discussion with Dan Gurney, tight on the two of them. PL RC A$25
(DL5) Parnelli Jones, Mustang, Kent, 1970, tight, action side view, through the trees, artsy, fills frame. PL RC A$25
One of the best all-time racing quotes was Parnelli’s decription of driving the Baja 1000, he said that “it was like an all day airplane crash”!

(LS1) Five 8 X 10 LeSesne photos with LeSesne stamp on each, Malcolm Campbell and his Bluebird, Daytona Beach 1931, includes: studio portrait of Campbell in driving attire; head on view of car with Campbell along side; side view of car with crowd and pier; elevated rea/side view of car; elevated rear view with crowd and mechanics, vintage, excellent condition. A$345

(LS2) four 8 X 10 LeSesne photos with LeSesne stamp on each, Kaye Don and his Sunbeam Silver Bullet, Daytona Beach 1930, includes: Side view of car with Don leaning against back tire, autographed on negative; head on view of car, someone (Don?) in seat, crowd tight around; rear view of car with tail rudders; rear view of car without tail rudders being paraded through town. Vintage, excellent condition. A$275

I just received a dozen vintage LeSesne photos of the White Triplex Special that I am preparing for sale so please ask.
The following photos are 11 X 15, permanently mounted and matted to 16 X 20, ready for framing.
(MG2) Start, LeMans 1961, the winning Ferrari TR61 of P. Hill and Gendebien passing stationary Cunningham Maseratis, huge, huge crowd in and on pit structure. PL $100
(MG3) Tight photo of Baghetti’s Ferrari 156 GP car, British GP 1961, no Baghetti, others working on car, looking at it. PL $100
(MG4) Tight photo of the Ferrari team, Monaco GP 1966, no drivers, lots of other people around, great atmosphere. PL $100
(MG6) Start of British Empire Trophy Race, Silverstone 1961, Moss in middle of front row, all Coopers, Lotuses behind, action side view, tower, stands behind. PL $100
(MG7) The Phil Hill/Oliver Gendebian Ferrari TR61, winners, in pits, LeMans 1961, tight, hugh crowd on pit counter, drivers out of car talking to each other, a home run. PL $100
Back to normal 8 X 10s, no mats . . . . . . .
(MG12) Bruce McLaren, Aston Martin 214 leads E Jaguar through the chicane, Goodwood TT 1963. PL RC A$25
(MG14) Graham Hill, BRM, leads Lotus, action 1/4ing head on view, Monaco 1963, crowd, great building behind. PL RC A$25
(MG15) Graham Hill, Brabham F2, Oulton Park 1965, completely sideways, oversteer, looking back to see where he was, this is a tight, one in a million photo. PL RC A$25

(MG16) Jim Clark sits in his Lotus 43 BRM, tight head on view, pits at Monza 1966. PL RC A$25

(MG18) Head on view of Dan Gurney’s Eagle Climax in pits, Monza 1966, no Dan. PL RC A$25
(MG19) Graham Hill, Mini Cooper, RAC Rally 1966, tight head on view, bent out of shape coming out of forest turn, crowd behind. PL RC A$25
(MG20) Graham Hill, BRM, sits in car watching a churn of fuel being poured into front tank. Brave. PL RC A$25
(MG21) Front view of BRM H16 in pits, Monza 1966, mechanics working but no driver. PL RC A$25
(MG22) The seldom seen McLaren GP car with a Ford V8, Monaco pits, 1966, no driver (sole entry for Bruce). PL RC A$25

(MG24) Jim Clark, Pedro Rodriguez and Pete Arundel in discussion, Mexican GP 1966. PL RC A$25

(PL15) Motschenbacher's McLaren M8B leads Revson's Lola T220, Gethin's McLaren M8D, Mid Ohio 1970, action rear view, tight, into corner, crowd behind. -B$25
(PL17) A great vintage portrait of Geoff Duke and Reg Parnell, Sebring 1953 by Ozzie Lyons. A$26
Photos through RM9 are 11 X 15, permanently mounted and matted to 16 X 20, ready for framing.
(RM4) Louis Chiron, Maserati 4CLT, Monaco GP 1950, tight action view, elevated 1/4ing head on. #16 of 100. PL $125
(RM7) Fangio, Alfa Romeo 158, winner, Monaco GP 1950, tight, action, 1/4ing front view, signs behind. PL $125
(RM8) Alberto Ascari, Ferrari, Monaco GP 1950, action, very tight, cornering, front 1/4ing view, #26 of 100. PL $125

(RM9) Luigi Villoresi, Ferrari 375, French GP 1951, corning on cobblestones, action side view, #17 of 10. PL $125

(RM12) Start, Monaco GP 1955, Fangio’s Mercedes W194 along side Ascari’s Lancia D50, Moss/Mercedes just behind, 1/4ing front view, 19 or 20 cars in view, dusty, crowd behind, fabulous. PL RC A$28 note, this is an 8 X 10 unmatted photo.
(RM13) Villoresi’s Lancia leads the Mercedes of Fangio and Moss down the hill into the hairpin, Monaco 1955, action head on, Lancia turning in, FABULOUS! PL RC ZZ$95
All of the MEURISSE photos are matted as they are wonderful and deserve the very best, these are real treasures, don’t miss out.
(ME1) The Bachmann/Glazmann Chenard & Walcker rounding a corner through the village at LeMans, 1923, crowd behind leaning over fence. $100
(ME2) Etancelin passing the pits in Alfa Romeo, 1/4ing front view, Grand Prix de la Marne, mechanic holding signaling board up, crowd, stands behind. $100
The next Meurisse photos are of the 1914 French GP.
(ME4) Champoiseau’s Schneider decending a wooded hillside, 1/4ing front view, dust, clouds. $100
(ME5) Champoiseau’s Schneider on straight, stone wall, crowd to one side, 1/4ing front view, opposite side from ME4. $100
(ME7) de Moreas (“Cenisio”) in a Nazzaro racing down hillside, 1/4ing side/front view. $100
(ME9) Dario Resta, Sunbeam, 1/4ing front view, fence, crowd along side, hill in background. $120
(ME10) Pietro’s Alda very close side view, elliptical wheels, crowd behind. $100
(ME14) Pietro’s Alda viewed from atop cliff, boys, bicycles in foreground, crowd, river valley in background. $125

(ME20) Arthur Duray, Delage, elevated rear view, enter curve, cliff, built up road, river below. $100
(ME22) Karl Jorns, Opel, elevated top view, river and village in the background. $100
(ME23) Champoiseau, Schneider, virtually the same view as ME22 with a different car. $100
End of MEURISSE 1914 French GP photos and on to MEURISSE photos taken other times or places.
(ME24) Tim Birkin, Alfa Romeo,1/4ing front view, receiving the flag for winning the 1931 LeMans race, starter w/flag, crowd behind, matted. C$200
(ME25) Start of 1921 French GP, Jimmy Murphy, Duesenberg, moving off ahead of Segrave’s Sunbeam, crowd, stands behind. This photo was brought back from France by Jimmy Murphy himself, no, he did not autograph it, darn! C$250
I know very little about Lester save that he was a great photographer that shot mainly SoCal events in the 60s. You guys can tell me more I am sure, these are all vintage pics.
(LN1) Swede Savage, Gurney Lola-Eagle, Riverside 1968, 1/4ing front view, car fills frame. A$30
(LN2) The Allen Green Corvette coupe, Stardust GP, 1968, action side view, another Corvette behind. COLOR A$30
(LN3) Dave McDonald, Corvette, crossing finish line, Riverside Times GP 1962, action front view. A$30

(LN4) Dave McDonald, Corvette, leading Billy Krause, Cobra, Riverside 1962, action front view, cornering, this was the first race for the Cobra. A$38

(LN5) Action side view, John Surtees, Lola, Riverside 1963, on his way to winning the first CanAm. A$32
(LN6) Ron Bucknum, Austin Healey side by side with Rick Muther, Porsche Speedster, action side view, Riverside I think. A$35
(LN7) Rusty Hyde, TR3, action side view, I give up where, California I am sure, not Riverside. A$25
(LN8) A H Sprite having at it with an MGTD, a SoCal amateur race, 3/4 front view, close. A$25
(LN9) Amateur race starting grid, Willow Springs, 60s, rear 3/4 view, MGAs, Healey, 365, TR3s, Alfa and Morgan toward the front. A$25
(LN10) Ken Miles, Sunbeam, Riverside, 1963, action, side/front view, close. A$25
(LN11) Hap Sharp, Chaparral, Riverside Times GP 1963, 1/4ing side view. A$28
(LN12) Jim Hall, Chaparral, Riverside USRRC, 1964, along side Holbert, King Cobra, waiting on the grid, side view. A$30
(LN13) Action side view, Jim Hall, Chaparral, Riverside USRRC 1964. A$30
(LN14) Jim Hall, Chaparral, Riverside 1965, action side view, tight, this is the one with all of the louvers. A$30
(LN15) John Surtees, Lola T70, hand in the air, crossing line for checker, winning the first CanAm race, Riverside 1963. A$28
(LN16) Mark Donohue, McLaren, leads USRRC race through esses, Riverside, 1968, huge field follows. A$28
(LN17) Start of Riverside USRRC 1968, formation lap, crowd behind, cars slow, thus very sharp, Donohue on pole, Lothar along side. A$28

(LN18) Chuck Parsons, Lola T70, action side view, Riverside 1968, both very tight and sharp. A$28

(LN19) Skip Scott, Lola T70, action 1/4ing front/side view, tight and sharp, Riverside 1968. A$28
(AS7) Mike Hawthorn in Thin Wall Special Ferrari, Goodwood 1953, driving through pits, no helmet, 1/4ing side view, all but front wheels in photo, a great photo of Mike! PL AA$75
(AS8) Luigi Villoresi sits in his Ferrari GP car talking to mechanic, Ascari along side, full car in view but tight, other people around, International Trophy Race, Silverstone 1949. Permanently mounted and matted, great photo. PL AA$100
(AS10) 1/4ing rear view of the three Alfa Romeo team cars in the paddock, British GP, Silverstone 1950. See into the cockpits and the people beyond. Another great photo permanently mounted and matted. PL -ZZ$125
(NS3) Gunnar Nilsson, JPS Lotus, Monza, 1976, elevated 3/4 front view, tight, sharp. B$26
(NS10) Vic Elford, Porsche 908/03, Targa Florio 1971, tight, action, 3/4 front view, cornering, fans behind. B$30
(NS12) Action side view, low angle, Jackie Stewart, BRM P261, 1966, grassy foreground, cloudy sky above. PL RC A$25
(NS13) Innes Ireland, Lotus, very tight, action head on, signed by Snowdon lower right corner. PL RC A$32
(NS14) Jimmy Clark, Lotus, Tasman races, action, top view, taken almost straight down on car, interesting. PL RC A$25
As editor of THE MOTOR in England D B Tubbs seems to have gone to Europe in 1938 to report on and photograph the German Grand Prix cars. His recent passing has brought a small group of vintage photos from that trip into the market. Tubbs signed the back of each of these photos.

(TUB1) Herman Lang, Mercedes at the Grassglockner Hill Climb, 1938, elevated view, looking down on front view of car, on cobblestones, turning into corner. Photo is 4.5 X 7 matted. $60

(TUB4) Nuvolari, Auto Union, action side view, tight, Bern, Switzerland 1938, photo 6 X 9, matted. $175
(TUB6) Two small snapshot, 2 X 3 and 1.5 X 2.5, matted together, of Mt Washington hill climb cars, 1937, both look like dirt track cars, one is more of a hot rod, both posed photos, no action, really fun if you know the area, sepia, matted. $45
(TUB7) Small (2 X 3) photo of the Prenant/Morel Talbot at LeMans, 1938, action side view, last part of rear fender not in frame, sepia, matted. $45

(TUB8) Hans Stuck, Auto Union, Shelsley Walsh hill climb, 1936, elevated, action head on view, tight on car, the only photo I have seen of this historic occasion, small (4 X 5), matted, sepia. $75
(TUB9) Action side view, Nuvolari, Auto Union, Donington 1938, tight on car, vintage photos of “the man” are few and far between, I might have to keep this one, sepia, matted. $175
(JES1) Dave Ash/John Van Driel in MG MkII Special, cornering at Sebring 1952, another car behind. A$26
(JES2) Beau Clark/Charles Hassan in Bandini Crosley, action 3/4 front view, tight, Sebring 1952. A$30
(JES10) Grier/Collins Allard J2 Ford, in pits along side smoking XK120, side view. A$30
(JES11) Rear view of VW Special of Brundage/Brundage in pits, Sebring 1952. A$24
(JES12) Brundage/Brundage, VW Special, Sebring 1952, action 3/4 front view, leading MG TD. A$24

(JES14) Reg Parnell, Geo. Abecassis, John Wyer, accepting prizes for second place, Sebring 1953. A$22

(JES17) Dr. Dick Thompson in MGTD leading 2 others, action 3/4 front view, Sebring 52. A$24
(JES22) Thompson MGTD leads Clark Bandini Crosley, action side view, middle distance, Sebring 1953. A$28
(JES30) Patton/Bailey MGTD side by side with XK120, straight, 3/4 front view, Sebring 1952. A$26
(JES35) Stubbs/McAfee Allard J2X Cadillac leading Shields/McKinsley MGTD, Sebring 1953, action side view, middle distance. A$26
(JES39) Allen/Longworth MGTD cornering, leads DB Panhard, Sebring 1953, MG middle distance, 3/4 front view. A$24
(PRE101) Photo of engine of 3.8 Alfa Romeo GP car, car from the 30s, photo vintage to the 60s. -B$18
(PRE108) Mercedes in paddock, Donington 1938, low angle front view, no driver, people about, other Mercs behind. Corner crack, not by car. PL -B$26
(PRE108X) As above. PL +A$34
(PRE109) Arthur Dobson, ERA, action, tight 1/4ing side view, very old photo, probably 30s, maybe 40s, I don’t know that much about him, great photo. A$45
(PRE149) Rob Walker's Delahaye, cornering, tight, location, date unknown, press photo. A$28
(PRE152) Bernd Rosemeyer standing in the cockpit of his Auto Union, celebrating winning the 1937 Vanderbilt Cup, laurel wreath around neck, holding small cup, the Vanderbilt Cup being held in foreground, cowl of AU only visible, people around. This is a vintage news photo in excellent condition with release attached. It is matted to XX. A$150

(PRE154) Start of 1936 Vanderbilt Cup race, showing main straight, grid just moving off. Starter stand in foreground, front row has already left, all other cars in view, elevated. Release attached. Matted. -A$95

(PRE155) 1936 Vanderbilt Cup, view of first turn past grandstands, 20 cars in view, including Joel Thorne hugging the rail, sepia, vintage news photo. Matted -A$95
(PRE156) Three US style dirt cars passing packed stands, Vanderbilt Cup 1936, news release attached. Matted. -A$95
(PRE157) Front row of grid for GP of Europe at Monza 1927, shows a Cooper Special (USA), Delage and an OM, 3/4 front view. PL -A$25
(PRE160) Head on action photo of Hans Stuck, Auto Union, winning the Italian GP, Monza 1935, car in middle distance, checkered flag in foreground, a vintage press photo, permanently mounted and matted. +B$60
(PRE171) Louie Unser, in what appears to be a hot rod special, Pike’s Peak 1936, wonderful photo, action head on view, cornering around a crowd of people, trailing a cloud of dust, sepia, matted, vintage press photo. B$75
(PRE172) Caracciola, Mercedes Benz, Belgian GP 1935, elevated 1/4ing front view, cornering, eight cars behind, Bugattis, Alfas, MB, sepia press photo, matted. B$60
(PRE174) Brivio, Alfa Romeo leads Varzi, Auto Union up the hill, Monaco 1936, action 3/4 front view, ornate wall, columns behind, photo 4 X 6, matted. $65
(PRE176) Mercedes Benz W165 on loading dock, ship behind, on route to Tripoli, 1939, nose of car and front wheels visible, man in suit along side, copy neg. PL RC B$15
(PRE187) Tight, action side view, Chinetti/Sommer Alfa Romeo 2.3 at LeMans 1932. PL RC B$24
(PRE190) Bernd Rosemeyer, Auto Union, German GP 1937, action 3/4 front view, cornering, crowd behind. PL RC $25

(PRE191) The Alfa Romeo of Earl Howe, Tourist Trophy Race, Ards, 1933, action, tight, 3/4 front view, cornering, city streets, crowd behind. THE MOTOR photo, matted. B$125

(PRE192) The Alfa Romeo pits at the Tourist Trophy, Ards, 1933, three Alfas, Howe pulling out Richards, Lewis just behind, 1/4ing front view, tight. THE MOTOR photo, matted. B$125
(PRE193) The Alfa Romeo of Earl Howe, Tourist Trophy, 1933, 1/4ing head on view, cornering around advertising banners, great crowd behind. THE MOTOR photo, matted. B$100
The next 9 photos are vintage Mercedes Factory photos, all are sepia, all are size B and they are all matted.
(PRE194) Luigi Fagioli, Mercedes, Czech GP, Brno, 1934, side view in pits, being pushed off, pit crews, spectators, time clocks, a very busy photo. Great. $50
(PRE195) Tight, action side view, Rudi Caracciola, Mercedes, Swiss GP 1937, (winner), crowd behind. $75
(PRE196) von Brauchitsch, Mercedes, 1934, cornering, tight 3/4 front view, vertical photo. $55
(PRE197) Dick Seaman, Mercedes, German GP 1938, (winner) action side view, another Mercedes in the distance. $50

(PRE198) Start of Vanderbilt Cup Race, 1937, starter waving flag, Caracciola, Mercedes; Rosemeyer, Auto Union; and Rex Mays, Alfa Romeo just leaving the line, three tier grandstand behind. Great photo. $100
(PRE199) Rudi Caracciola, Mercedes, Swiss GP 1937 (winner) head on view, cornering, Nuvolari, Auto Union, close behind. $75
(PRE200) The start of the 1937 Swiss GP, on cobblestones, 4 Mercedes, 3 Auto Unions, 2 Alfa Romeos plus others in view. $75

(PRE201) Hermann Lang, Mercedes, pit stop, head on view, fuel hose in, tires going on, full of action, dramatic. $75

(PRE202) Hermann Lang, Mercedes, Tripoli GP 1937, side view on straight, followed by Auto Union, cars in distance, huge crowd, palm tree in foreground, pits in background. $50
End of vintage Mercedes factory photos but I do have others not listed, please ask.
(PRE203) E R Thomas, Mercedes, posed on the sand at Ormond Beach, 1905, formal 3/4 side view, bare headed, goggles on top of head, car #6 entry in Dewar Challenge Trophy Race. Photo is sepia, some cracking to surface, matted. +C$125
(PRE204) H P Muller, Auto Union, Swiss GP 1938, head on action, cornering, very tight, matted. C$55
(PRE205) News release photo of the new Auto Union V12, 1938, no people, row of small doors in background, photo by Graf Colonna, matted. C$75
(PRE206) Tight 3/4 rear view of von Brauchitsch’s Mercedes W25, German GP 1936, in paddock, open Mercedes passenger car in background, matted. -C$50
(PRE207) Caracciola, Mercedes, way out in front, French GP, Monthlery, 1935, car small in overall photo, another car behind, matted. C$50
(PRE208) Hasse, Auto Union, leads Maserati down straight into first turn, Donington GP 1937, 14ing front view, grandstand in background, great photo, sepia, matted, THE MOTOR. -B$95
(PRE209) Rosemeyer, Auto Union, winning his very last race, Donington GP 1937, cornering, 3/4 front view, photogs in foreground, crowd behind, great historic photo, sepia, matted, THE MOTOR. B$150
(PRE210) Caracciola, Mercedes, Donington GP 1937, exiting corner, 1/4ing head on, people, tower, woods behind, sepia, matted, THE MOTOR. B$125

(PRE211) Hasse, Auto Union, Donington GP 1937, action 3/4 front view, tight, going around a building that is way too close to the track!, sepia, matted, THE MOTOR. B$95

(PRE212) G Comotti, Darracq, winner, Donington Tourist Trophy Race 1937, side view of cockpit, gloves, wind hat, goggles on top of head, bandage on chin (rocks?), sepia, matted, CENTRAL PRESS PHOTO. A$50
(PRE213) Peacock/Newsome, Lea Francis, LeMans 1930, I realize many of you do not care about the LeaF but this is a really cool photo, action head on view, but in the background three cops, right on the track on the outside of a corner, one of them laying sideways on a bench! These people had no imagination at all! (Was this guy the prototype for today’s rent-a-cop?) Sepia, matted, THE MOTOR. B$65
(PRE214) Viscount Curzon, Type 43 Bugatti, Tourist Trophy, Ards 1928, action 3/4 front view, crowd, signs behind, sepia, matted. B$60
(PRE215) Henne, BMW 328 roadster, Nurburgring, late 30s, action side view, chasing another car, third car in ditch, crowd behind, sepia, matted, DAS SPORTBILD. -A$75
(PRE216) The two Alfa Romeo 312 of Sommer and Siena in pits, Tripoli GP 1938, head on view, one behind the other, mechanics around, no drivers, sepia, matted. C$75
(PRE217) Humphrey Cook, ERA R1A, leading Bugatti on banking, Brooklands, 30s, action side view, sepia, matted, THE MOTOR. B$55
(PRE218) Robin Hanson, Maserati 6CM in foreground, about to be passed by Seaman’s Mercedes, Donington GP 1937, crowd behind, great photo, sepia, matted, THE MOTOR. B$125
(PRE219) Robin Hanson, Maserati 6CM, Donington GP 1937, action 1/4ing front view, leaving corner, crowd, tower, behind, sepia, matted, THE MOTOR. B$85

(PRE220) Rivers Fletcher, Bugatti T51A, prepared for hill climb, 1932, side view, double wheels on rear, Rivers along side car, I believe that this is the ex-Earl Howe Bugatti, sepia, matted. B$45

(PRE221) Wagner, FIAT, French GP 1912, thundering down a long road lined with trees on both sides, car very close, coming right at you, some crowd behind, this is a modern print from a vintage negative but it is so dramatic that I have matted it. PL A$55
(PRE222) The Ulster Aston Martin of C. Penn Hughes, Tourist Trophy, Ards, 1935, 1/4ing rear view, nosed into wall full of advertising banners, great detail of Ulster A M, matted. B$55
(PRE223) SS100 Jaguar, Shelsley Walsh hill climb, 30s, action photo, cornering, matted, THE MOTOR. B$45
(PRE224) The spinning Bugatti Type 55 of Merlin-d’Arnoux, LeMans 1935, tight on car, slightly out of focus because of spin, great crowd, tall pines behind, driver’s mouth open in astonishment, woops! Matted, sepia, THE MOTOR. B$50
(PRE225) Lord Howe’s pits, LeMans, 1930, Howe’s Alfa all but covered up by people but Tracta #26 and #27 and a Lea Francis are coming down the straight, great atmosphere, matted, sepia, THE MOTOR. B$50
(PRE226) A very humble looking Robert Benoist, Delage, posing as winner of the British GP, Brooklands, 1927, tight on cockpit, car, driver covered in grime, flowers on rear of car, matted, sepia, CENTRAL NEWS. B$60
Confused on photo size? Legend at first of catalog explains.
(PO24) Bruce McLaren-Cooper leads Ginther-BRM, Snetterton 1963, front 3/4, you can see Bruce's face! Autocar photo. A$26
(PO25) Innes Ireland, Lotus-BRM, Goodwood International, Easter, 1963, 3/4 side/rear view, Autocar photo. B$26

(PO32) Denny Hulme, McLaren at Silverstone 1969 followed by two others, all high wings, front view, wet. Autocar photo. A$24

(PO36) Denny Hulme in high wing McLaren, Silverstone 1969, front view, Autocar photo. A$24
(PO40) Mike Parkes above crowd with wreath over shoulders, cup in hand, BRDC Silverstone 1967. Autocar photo. A$20
(PO43) Mike Parkes-Ferrari, Silverstone 1967, tight on action side view, engine, cockpit, front wheels, sharp. Autocar photo. A$26
(PO53) Trintignant's Cooper exiting tunnel, Monaco 1961, 3/4 front view, Autocar photo. A$24
(PO79) Paul Frere in Simca-Gordini, GP of Belgium 1954, in of car in pits, talking to friends, helmet on. PL -A$20
(PO108) Ferguson 1 1/2 litre 4WD GP car 1961, low, action 3/4 front view, at hillclimb. Car fills frame. A$24
(PO109) Peter Whitehead in C-Type Jaguar, the RAC TT at Dundrod 1951, action side view. PL A$26

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