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(PO266) Roy Salvadori in Cooper Monaco, Aintree 1958, 3/4 side/rear view, wet, good photo. PL RC C$18

(PO271) Don Wester's Genie USRRC car, side view in pits, driverless, tight. A$28
(PO346) Jack Fairman, Ferguson 4WD F1, 3/4 front/side view, posed in pits. B$26
(PO347) Denny Hulme, McLaren M19C, South Afican GP 1972, action side view, tight. B$25
(PO368) Bruce McLaren, McLaren M7A "biplane" in paddock, Brands Hatch 1969, side view, crowd behind. +C$24
(PO408) Ferrari GP car, John Surtees along side, elevated headon view, tight, in pits Monza 1965, press photo. -A$34
(PO443) The Enever-Hedges Healey Prototype in paddock at LeMans 1970, tight 3/4 front view. PL RC A$25
(PO444) Enever-Hedges Healey Prototype cresting hill, action frontal view, LeMans 1970. PL RC A$25
(PO484) Rover-BRM turbine at LeMans 1965, Stewart, Hill, action side view, Rover photo. A$26
(PO492) Ferrari GP car specially built for Monza, shows whole car, has Firestone tires, I am sure meant for Race of Two Worlds, Monza 1958. PL AA$45
(PO493) John Surtees, Ferrari GP car, Silverstone 1964, action front view, cornering, tight. PL AA$40
(PO494) Richie Ginther, BRM, Monaco GP 1964, 2nd place, 3/4 front view, very tight, he is looking at you. PL -AA$40
(PO496) Jackie Stewart, Matra, Race of Champions 1968, action front view, cornering, tight. PL RC AA$40
(PO541) Jackie Stewart, Tyrrell team posed around their 1970 GP car. PL RC A$20

(PO581) Ford GT40, (#6) again, where?, side view in pits, no driver. A$24

(PO582) Front view of same GT40 as above. A$22
(PO583) Porsche 718 formula car of Wolfgang Seidel, Snetterton 1962, paddock, side/rear view, tight people behind. PL RC A$24

(PO600) Peter Gethin, McLaren M10A, Oulton Park 1969,action front view, crowd in background. PL B$20

(PO612) Willie Mairesse's Ferrari D246, Monza 1960, paddock, no driver, mechanics around. PL RC A$25
(PO619) Peter Collins stepping out of Trintignant's Lancia-Ferrari, Aintree 1957, pits, head on. PL RC A$24
(PO633) Von Trips F2 Porsche, paddock, Avus 1959, side view, tight, no driver. PL RC A$22
(PO649) Bruce McLaren, Cooper along side Innes Ireland’s Lotus 18, French GP 1960, tight, sharp, action 3/4 side view. B$28
(PO653) Elevated, tight view of Mark IV Ford GT, LeMans test day 1967, action side view, rear hub wired, fins on fenders. A$30
(PO657) Masten Gregory, Lotus 24 BRM hand raised (to enter pits?) along side Mike Spence, Lotus 25. Italian GP '63. A$27
(PO659) M. May, Lotus 18, French GP-Reims '61, action front view, Ginther, Ferrari, about to pass. A$25
(PO662) Ford Mirage, BOAC 500, Brands Hatch '67, another car directly behind, action front view, cresting hill, curve behind with abandon car, etc. great Autocar photo. A$28
(PO663) Mauresse, Ford GT40, on banking at Monza, '68, action 1/4ing front view. A$26
(PO665) Wagstaffe/Preston Lotus 47, (racing Europa), LeMans '67 action view, by sand bank, one front wheel off ground. A$27

(PO670) Patrick Depailler, 6 wheel Tyrrell, British GP 1976, action side view of a very interesting car. PL -A$26

(PO671) Luigi Musso walks along side his Maserati 250F before start of GP of Argentina 1955, pits, crowd behind. PL RC A$25
(PO676) Bruce McLaren, McLaren M4B, BRM V8, Monaco 1967, action side, top view, looking down and into car. PL B$25
(PO681) Redman in Lola T70 leads a formula libre race of Jag, formula cars, wet, Oulton Park, a real clubby photo. B$22
(PO683) Another "clubby" photo, David Wragg in Lotus 22 leads Dixon's Lotus 15, others in formula libre race, Cadwell Park. B$22
(PO684) Ken Warton, BRM V16, drifting a corner, head on, tight, sharp, Goodwood '53. PL C$26
(PO686) Driver's meeting, Monaco 1967, nine drivers in view, Chiron conducts, back to camera. -A$25
(PO687) Keith Greene, Gilby F1 car, BRDC Silverstone, '62, action front view, could you ID a Gilby? Thot' so. B$25
(PO690) Crashed remains of Karl Kling’s Mercedes 300SLR, Mille Miglia 1955, car fully visible in ditch, police beside, wall behind. PL RC A$25
(PO692) Jackie Stewart, Matra, British GP 1971, tight, action side view, background blurred. B$26
(PO696) John Surtees, Honda, British GP 1968, action side view, no engine cover, huge exhaust system, V12. -A$27

(PO697) Surtees, hatless, being towed in, Honda, British GP '68, side view, tight. -A$25
(PO705) Peter Whitehead's 1951 Ferrari GP car posed outside of Donington Museum, 3/4 side/front view, sharp. B$22

(PO710) Surtees in Lola Honda V12 GP car, Monza '67, on grid, legs of people around, clear photo of car. B$26

(PO713) Mike Hailwood, Surtees TS14A, British GP '73, tight, action side view, COLOR. PL $25
(PO714) Gaston Andrey in pits in a Cooper F1 car, head on with engine cover up, Chris Econamaki holds cover. A$22
(PO726) Stirling Moss's Porsche F2, Walker paint, posed by buildings, Brussels GP '60, side view, no people. PL RC A$24
(PO743) Great photo of Jackie Stewart, BRM, French GP 1965, elevated 3/4 front view, action, cornering. A$26
(PO744) Great photo of the Brussels GP, Lotus 18 leading a Cooper, action headon, bridge, crowd behind. A$25
(PO745) Roy Salvadori, Cooper Monaco sports car, Aintree International 1963, action side view, ground wet. B$26
(PO746) Bruce McLaren, Cooper, Portuguese GP 1959, action 3/4 front/side view. B$26
(PO750) Action head on view, Jackie Stewart, Matra GP car, Tight. B$24
(PO751) New Porsche F2 car, Monaco 1959, car in aluminum, paddock, Cooper behind. PL RC A$24
(PO752) Two mechanics stand behind Fangio's Mercedes W196, British GP 1955, passenger cars behind. PL RC A$25
(PO755) 1/4ing action front view, von Trips, Ferrari GP car, Spa 1960, tight, excellent. PL RC A$25
(PO759) Head on action photo of Brian Redman, Lola and, would you believe, Max Mosley!! in Brabham, F2? Crystal Palace 1968. Vintage Autocar photo. A$22 Brian could afford bigger tires! Poor Max!.........right..........
(PO763) Tight action side view, Mike Hawthorn, Ferrari, British GP 1954, knees must be hitting steering wheel! PL RC A$25

(PO764) Elevated action front view, Henri Pescarolo, Matra-Simca 650, Sebring 1970, sepia. A$20

(PO766) Peter Collins, Ferrari, Monaco 1958, action side view, tight, cornering, palms, people behind. PL RC A$25
(PO768) Graham Hill, Lotus 49, no wing, Spanish GP 1968, winner, front view entering pits, crowd of photogs, cops to left. Vintage Autocar photo. A$26
(PO769) Jackie Oliver, Lotus 49, wing, Oulton Park Gold Cup 1968, 1/4ing front view, cornering. Vintage Autocar photo. A$28
(PO770) Tony Dean, Porsche 908, Mid-Ohio CanAm 1971, eye level side view, action. PL RC A$26
(PO776) Prince Bira sits in his Simca Gordini GP car, cockpit area of car visible, another car behind. Vintage press photo. B$45
(PO786) Farina, Ferrari, Nurburgring 1953, elevated action side view, car in middle distance, picturesque, sepia. PL RC A$25
(PO789) Farina, Ferrari, Nurburgring 1953, 1/4ing rear view, about to cross bridge, car in middle distance. PL RC A$25
(PO790) The Brabham/Cevert, Matra 650 sports car, action side view, tight, Daytona 1970. A$22
(PO800) John Surtees, Honda, in pits, Monza 1968, mechanics around, front view. AA$50
(PO801) Semi artsy photo of 1966 Honda GP car on great cobblestones, no people, elevated side view,feet behind. AA$45
(PO804) The David Piper Racing Ford F3L, 3/4 front view, elevated, emerging from garage, no people. AA$60
(PO807) Stirling Moss, Walker Cooper, in the rain, Silverstone International Trophy Race 1961, action 3/4 front view, BRM behind enveloped in spray, crowd behind. 11 X 14 PL $85

(PO808) Villoresi, Ferrari, Berne 1951, cockpit portrait, helmet on, polo shirt, very relaxed, wonderful. PL AA$55

(PO810) Follmer leads in Porsche 917, Hulme McLaren 2nd, half field in view, CanAm, Road Atlanta 1972. AA$45
(PO815) Richie Ginther, Honda GP car, Spa, Belgian GP 1965, action side/front view, crowd behind, great color print, 10 X 10 in. matted. +A$75
(PO817) Phil Hill, Ferrari Dino 156 F2, in pits, German GP 1958, tight front view, w/mechanics 11 X 15 in., matted for framing. #23 of 100. PL $125
(PO824) Stirling Moss, Walker Cooper, Intercontinental Race, Goodwood 1961, action side view, tight, crowd behind, 11 X 15in., #28 of 600, matted, ready for framing. PL $125
(PO830) Richie Ginther, Ferrari 250 GTO, Tourist Trophy 1964, tight action side view, 11 X 15 in., #21 of 500, matted, ready for framing. PL $125
(PO836) Lorenzo Bandini, Ferrari, Monaco GP 1962, action side view, tight. PL RC A$22
(PO838) Phil Hill, Ferrari shark nose, Dutch GP 1961, tight action side view. PL RC A$26
(PO846) Sam Posey, Dodge Challenger, tight action side view, Lime Rock TransAm 1970. COLOR PL A$25
In an article for Road & Track Sam wrote that “driving a CanAm car was like sitting on the front porch of a house as someone pushed it off a cliff.”
(PO847) Swede Savage, Plymouth Barracuda, tight action side view, Lime Rock TransAm 1970. COLOR PL A$25
(PO848) Jim Hall, Chevrolet Camaro, tight action side view, Lime Rock TransAm 1970. COLOR PL A$25
(PO849) Parnelli Jones, Ford Mustang, tight action side view, leaving a trail of dust after using a little apex! Lime Rock TransAm 1970. COLOR PL A$25

(PO850) George Follmer, Ford Mustang, action side/front view, kicked a little sideways, Lime Rock TransAm 1970. COLOR PL A$25

(PO851) Mark Donohue, AMC Javelin, tight action side view, Lime Rock TransAm 1970. COLOR PL A$25

(PO852) A young Roger Penske stands in pit lane by his two AMC Javelins driven by Donohue and Revson, neither driver evident, Lime Rock TransAm 1970. COLOR PL A$25
(PO857) Innes Ireland/Lotus 18 leads Stirling Moss/Cooper, Silverstone International Trophy Race 1960, action front view, cornering, crowd behind. TC March photo. B$28
(PO859) Ak Miller/co-driver, in “Caballo”, pose with a photographer in Mexico before start of Pan American Road Race. Hot Rod Magazine photo. PL RC A$40
(PO860) Ak Miller/co-driver, sit in “Caballo” with four crew members behind before start of Pan American Road Race. Hot Rod Magazine photo. PL RC A$40
(PO866) Duncan Hamilton, D Jaguar; Shorter, Ferrari, (Monza?) lead field at start British Empire Trophy race, action front view, other cars behind, vintage Penn photo. B$25
(PO869) Alfa Romeo T33 on test at Vallelunga, 1970, posed 1/4ing side view with driver. A$25
(PO873) Mike Hawthorn, Ferrari Dino, French GP 1958, action 1/4ing side view, tight. PL RC A$25
(PO878) Gendebein, Ferrari, action head on view, LeMans 1959. PL RC A$25
(PO880) Taruffi, Ferrari, at start of Mille Miglia 1957, tight on middle of car, shows mechanics around. PL RC A$28
(PO882) Luigi Villoresi, Ferrari, British GP 1951, action side view, tight. PL RC A$22
(PO893) Fangio, Alfa Romeo 158, British GP 1951, action side view, tight. PL A$25

(PO895) Kinnunen, Porsche 917, Silverstone Interseries, action i/4ing front view from ground level, crowd behind. PL RC A$25

(PO899) Delevan S. Lee, Cad-Allard J-2, Watkins Glen 1953, action side/rear view, tight, you can almost read the dash, barn, parked cars behind. Slight stain on one edge. -AA$75
(PO900) Charles R. Limbeacker, MG TD, Watkins Glen 1953, action 1/4ing side/front view, tight. -AA$50
(PO901) Duncan Black, Bandini, Watkins Glen 1953, 1/4ing side/front view, tight on car, cornering, negative rear camber! I know what that feels like, I had a Corvair once. -AA$60
(PO902) Mostly rear view from one side, action, of Harry Herrmann’s Porsche 356; Henry Wessell’s OSCA and George Schrafft’s Crosley at Watkins Glen 1953. Farm house in background, cars close to middle distance. -AA$50
(PO905) Color photo of Tony Gaze in an Alta at the International Trophy Race, Silverstone 1952. Action 1/4ing side view, green hedges!!, crowd in background, sharp, colorful, (for once) PL $110
(PO906) Portrait of Ascari sitting along side Villoresi in the Ferrari that they ran in the 1951 Carrera Panamericana. Permanently mounted and matted to 16 X 20 photo is ZZ$100
(PO907) A posed photo of a Lotus 30, 1/4ing side view, no people, dated 1964. $25
(PO912) Mickey Thompson bending over the engine in his 1954 Ford as he prepares for the 1954 Pan American Road Race, with helper, tight on engine area, news release attached. B$45
(PO913) Ak Miller working on engine of Caballo de Hierro in preparation for the 1954 Pan American Road Race, release attached. -A$55

(PO916) Mike Hawthorn in Phil Hill’s Dino Ferrari GP car during practice, Morocco 1958, hay bales in foreground, tight side view, COLOR Cibachrome, the red is really, really red! PL A$40

(PO917) Mike Parks, Ferrari Dino 246SP sports car, Brands Hatch 1962, 1/4ing side, front view, braking hard, dark backgroud, tight. PL RC A$25
(PO918) Bandini, Ferrari GP car, Monza 1963, side, front view, tight, sepia. -A$32
(PO919) The Cassel-Dusinberrie-Lane Porsche 718 RSK, Sebring 1961, action, front, side view, tight. PL RC A$25
(PO920) The Veuillet-Mouche Porsche 365 coupe with front wheel skirts, LeMans 1952, action front, side view. PL RC $25
(PO921) Pedro Rodriguez, BRM 153, Oulton Park 1971, action side view, tight, signs, crowd behind. PL RC A$25
(PO924) Facetti-Guichet Ferrari GTO, Targa Florio 1964, action side view, blurred wall behind. PL RC A$25
(PO928) The Hermann-Maglioli Porsche 718 RSK, LeMans 1959, action side view, cornering. PL RC A$25
(PO930) The BRM V16s, Turnberry 1952, grid scene, one car in foreground, other behind people, Mays talks to Reg Parnell, by now car is covered with louvers and scoops, (is Mays begging Reg to get in the damn thing one more time?) PL RC A$26
(PO931) The Redman-Siffert Porsche 908, Sebring 1969, head on view, Corvette, palm tree, airplanes behind. A Bill Warner photo. A$25
(PO932) Porsche Abarth coupe, side view, outside Abarth factory, no people. PL RC A$24
(PO934) Jochen Rindt, Lotus 49, British GP 1969, action 1/4ing front view, very tight, very sharp. PL RC A$25
(PO935) World Champion Giuseppe Farina, cockpit pose, Alfa Romeo 159, great vintage press photo. -A$50

(PO937) The Rodriguez/Kinnunen Porsche 917, LeMans 1970, elevated front view, lights on, dramatic. PL RC A$25

(PO938) The 917LH of Elford/Ahrens, LeMans 1970, lights on as above but a completely different body shape. PL RC A$25
(PO939) The de Adamaich/Courage Alfa Romeo 33/3 cresting a rise, action, head on photo, LeMans 1970. PL RC A$25
(PO940) The Gregory/Hezemans Alfa Romeo 33/3 being pushed to the grid by mechanics, LeMans, 1970, other cars behind. PL RC A$25
(PO941) A 1953 Porsche America Roadster being prepared for an amateur event, pits, Pacific Raceways, Kent, WA. PL RC A$25
(PO944) Man in helmet sits in Alfa Romeo 33/3TT, 1/4ing front view, factory photo? PL A$25

(PO945) Another factory photo, Alfa Romeo 33, man behind wheel, 1/4ing front view, an earlier car without high engine cover. PL A$25
(PO946) And yet another, this time a Alfa Romeo 33SCTurbo, no driver, 1/4ing front view. PL A$25

(PO947) Vaccarella, Alfa Romeo 33, 1/4ing side view, action, cornering, Sebring, 1972, car fills frame. A$30

(PO948) Same car, Vaccarella’s Alfa Romeo 33, in the pits for fender repair, tight on front of car, Sebring 1972. A$28
(PO950) Alfa Romeo GTA of Kwech/Theodoracopulos, under two liter TransAm, unknown place and date, action side view. A$30
(PO952) The Andretti/Ickx Ferrari 312PB leads the Stommelen/Revson Alfa Romeo 33TT, Sebring 1972, action 1/4ing front view. A$30
(PO954) Roger Penske, Xerex Special, action side view, Brands Hatch, 1965. PL C$20

(PO956) Jean Behra, Maserati 250F, German GP 1957, action side view, tight. PL RC A$24

(PO959) The Brabham/Cevert Matra Simca MS650 being pushed to the grid, LeMans 1970, head on view, mechanics pushing. PL RC A$25
(PO960) The Gregory/Hezemans Alfa Romeo 33/3 being pushed to the grid, LeMans 1970, another Alfa behind. PL RC A$25
(PO962) BRM V16, the first version, posed 3/4 front view, no people, factory photo? B$24
(PO964) Ritchie Ginther’s BRM leads Bandini’s Ferrari, Siffert and Hailwood, British GP 1963, 1/4ing front view, crowd behind, vintage “Autocar” photo. A$28
(PO965) Graham Hill, BRM, pulls into the pits, Dutch GP 1963, tight front view, mechanics around. PL RC A$25
(PO966) Gilby Engineering’s Maserati 250F, paddock, Goodwood 1957, rear wheel off, rear/side view, tight. PL RC A$25
(PO967) Andre Leon’s new 1953 Maserati A6GCS poses in residential street, 1/4ing side view. PL RC A$25
(PO969) Jean Behra, Maserati 250F, action 3/4 front view, unknown location. PL RC B$24
(PO970) “Dickie” Stoop, Porsche Carerra Coupe, Brands Hatch 1961, action 1/4ing side view, cornering. PL RC A$24
(PO971) Menditeguy, Maserati 250F, Aintree 1957, 3/4 front view, tight, great. PL RC A$25
(PO976) Peter Gammon, Lotus 6, Ilsley, 1954, stains along right margin, does not effect subject. B$24
(PO982) Stirling Moss, Mercedes W196, action side view at hairpin, Spa, Belgian GP 1955, tight. PL RC A$25
(PO987) Action front view, Smothers/Baker Porsche 906E, Corvette along side, Sebring 1969, vintage Warner photo. A$28

(PO991) Portrait of Mark Donohue, a Watkins Glen press release photo. A$20

(PO992) Tight, action front view, Tony Dean, Porsche 906, Silverstone, 1967, vintage Dunlap photo. A$22
(PO993) 3/4 front view, Porsche 908, paddock area, Nurburgring, 1967, doors open. B$24
(PO994) Two Porsche 908/02, nose to tail, Chassevil/Lena leads Cosson/Leuze, LeMans 1971, crowds behind. A$26
(PO995) The Schutz/Buzzetta Porsche 910, winning at Nurburgring, 1967, tight, action, 1/4ing front view, crowds behind. A$28
(PO996) George Eaton, BRM P154 CanAm car, action, 3/4 front view, press release at bottom. A$26
(PW3) Farina sits in Alfa Romeo 158, in pits, British GP 1950, 1/4ing side view. PL RC B$22
(PW5) Stirling Moss, Mercedes 300SLR, Irish Tourist Trophy, 1955, 1/4ing side/rear view, action, right rear fender completely torn off. B$25
(PW8) OK, I know for sure that haven’t seen this one!! A vintage factory photo (quite lovely) of the 1950 Tatra Sport race car on cobblestones, sepia, as they say,”very rare”. B$25
(PW9) Somewhat less rare but rare none the less, Peter Lerch in his Dailu Mk II, action side view, Mosport. +C$20
(PW10) Mario Andretti, March 701, British GP 1970, action 1/4ing side view, broken winglet, right front, crowd behind. B$25
(PW11) Jackie Stewart, Matra leads Jochen Rindt’s Lotus 49B, Mexican GP 1969, action head on view. B$25
(PW12) Delevan Lee, Cadillac Allard J2, Watkins Glen 1953, setting fastest lap, action side view. A$30
(PW13) Ed Hamill in his Hamill SR3 at Riverside CanAm 1966, tight, action side view, bleachers behind. PL RC A$25

(PW14) Jean Behra, Maserati 250F, Aintree GP, 1957, action 1/4ing front view, cornering. PL RC A$25

(PW15) 1955 Abarth Spyder, 1/4ing side view, 1955 press release attached. B$65
(PW16) Elevated view of 1955 Abarth Spyder looking down on top, car on marble floor. B$65
(PW17) Harry Schell, Maserati 250F, German GP 1957, action, 1/4ing side view, tight. PL RC A$24
(PW18) Peter Collins, Maserati 250F, Aintree 1955, action, side view, tight. PL RC A$24
(PW19) Cevert in the Matra 650 that he shared with Jack Brabham, Daytona 1970, action side view, tight. A$25
(PW20) Large ZZ photo, Jo Bonnier, Ferrari 330P, LeMans 1964, action 1/4ing front view, looking down into car from bank at esses. PL ZZ$100
(PW21) Another large ZZ photo, this time matted, Pedro Rodriguez, BRM P160, Monaco 1971, action head on view, car fills frame, signs behind. PL RC ZZ$125
(PW22) The Giorgi/Garant Corvette, LeMans 1968, action head on view, exiting corner, signs, cops behind, Autocar photo. A$30
(PW23) A J Foyt, Grand Sport Corvette, Sebring 1964, action side view, color and vintage! Great. A$38

(PW24) Lancia team poses by Lancia D24, in warehouse, Sebring 1954, wonderful photo. PL RC A$35
(PW25) Denny Hulme, Brabham, head on action photo, a real man with real oversteer! Very tight, great. A$25

(PW26) What we have here is three vintage 2 1/4 contact sheets by Michael Cooper, 8 X 10, each with 11 or 12 2 1/4 square photos of a 1970 Goodwood test of Bruce McLaren and his McLaren M8D, I believe that these were taken just before the test where he was killed. They are as follows:

(1) All 12 photos of Bruce posing on the car but the car is not seen much.
(2) All 12 photos are different views of the whole car, no Bruce.
(3) 11 photos of Bruce, the car with Bruce, details of the car, the car on the track.
If you get to me first you can have all three for $125
(PW27) Harry Heuer, Ferrari 248SP, Sebring 1963, action front view, Corvette behind, just past Triumph tower, COLOR. PL A$25
(PW28) The two front engine Chaparrals of Hall and Sharp, staged on the grid for the start of Sebring 1963, no drivers, by this time covered in air dams, fins, the last cars before the rear engine cars, crowd, pits behind. COLOR. PL A$25
(PW29) Great cockpit portrait of Jochen Rindt, Cooper Maserati, no helmet, before the German GP, 1967. PL RC A$22
(PW30) De Adamich, Alfa Romeo GTA, Tourist Trophy 1967, action side view, tight, crowd behind. Autocar photo. A$28
(PW31) Tony Dean, Porsche 906, Silverstone 1967, action head on view, crowd behind, tight. B$25
(PW32) Chris Amon, Ferrari GP car, Race of Champions, Brands Hatch 1968, very tight, action head on view. B$25
(PW33) Jackie Stewart, Matra Ford, action 1/4ing front view, tight, Race of Champions, Brands Hatch 1968. B$25
(PW34) A string of four Ford Mustangs lead two Jags through a corner, Tour de France 1964, Autocar photo. A$32

(PW35) Action side view, tight, Ford Mustang leading another around a mountain corner, Tour de France 1964, scenic. A$35

(PW36) Charles Limbacher, MGTD lead another TD and a 120 Jag, 1/4ing front view, past barns and houses, Watkins Glen 1953. A$25
(PW37) Cockpit portrait of Francois Cevert, March 701, British GP 1970, has helmet on. A$28
(PW38) Sam Posey, Dodge Challenger, action side view, release below from Autodynamics, 1970. A$28
I have met a lot of people in the racing business over the years and Sam Posey stands out as one of the truly nice guys. Sam and I did a trade many years ago and I have one of his paintings on my wall that I cherish. Sam is currently fighting a heroic battle with Parkinson’s Disease so please keep him in your thoughts.
(PW39) Sam Posey, Dodge Challenger, action front view, cornering, Autodynamics release below, 1970. A$28
(PW40) George Follmer, Ford Mustang, action side view, 1971, tight. A$28
(PW41) Elevated view, looking down on Mark Donohue’s Penske Javelin pits during a tire and fuel stop, excellent. A$30
(PW42) Sam Posey, Porsche 904, Watkins Glen 500, 1966, tight, action side view. A$25
(PW43) Mark Donohue in Javelin talking to Roger Penske and one other kneeling by car door, tight on group, 1971. A$28
The following six photos are from the archives of the COZY THEATRE in Los Angeles, they were used once and put away.
(PW43) From THE DEVIL’S HAIRPIN with Cornell Wilde, 1957, a D-Type Jaguar leads an Aston, a Mercedes Special, Old Yellar and several others out from under the overpass at Paramount Ranch, matted. A$60

(PW44) THE DEVIL’S HAIRPIN again, D-Type Jaguar leads five others including Aston, XK120, Old Yellar around a checkered pylon, Paramount Ranch, 1957, matted. A$55
(PW45) THE DEVIL’S HAIRPIN one last time, this time an Arnolt-Bristol, a Siata and an Allard on the front row during a start, many others behind, Mobil Start-Finish banner, crowd behind, Paramount Ranch, 1957, matted. A$55

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