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(PW46) From THE RACERS, 1961, tight cockpit photo of Kirk Douglas racing, head on view, the background and the other cars are all jiggley with speed but ol’ Kirk’s tires are not even rotating!! And I remember liking this movie! Matted. A$50

(PW47) From THE RACERS, Kirk Douglas in the cockpit of his “Burano” talking to the team manager, mechanics, pit counter behind, matted. A$45
(PW48) From THE GREEN HELMET, a long nose D-Type Jaguar, in the pits, driver getting in, side view, mechanics, pit counter behind, matted. A$55
Enough of this foolishness!
(PW49) Walt Hansgen, XK120 Jaguar, special body looks just like a C-Type but has spare tire on rear deck. Action side view, the winner, Watkins Glen, 1953, matted. A$65
(PW50) Taruffi, Ferrari 375, German GP, 1951, a stunning photo, action, 1/4ing front view, tight, matted. A$65
(PW51) Hamilton/Gregory D-Type Jaguar, Gregory driving, LeMans, 1957, action 1/4ing front/side view, matted. A$75
(PW52) Peter Collins, Thin Wall Special Ferrari, action head on view, Peter leaning way over entering corner, tight, great photo, matted. -B$75
(PW53) Jim Clark, Lotus 25, Belgian GP, 1963, action side view, tight, matted. B$75
(PW54) Kirkpatrick, MGA, Mille Miglia, 1956, a great photo of a bend in the road, spectators on both sides, MG just exiting corner, elevated, action photo, matted. A$75
(PW55) Stirling Moss accepting his first place award for winning the Monaco GP, 1960, the beautiful Princess Grace and Prince Rainier stand beside, matted. B$40
(PW56) The first public showing of the D-Type Jaguar, 1954, head on view, crowd around tight on car, matted, United Press Assoc. photo with release attached. B$75

(PW57) Tight cockpit photo of Stirling Moss about to go out in his Mercedes 196 GP car, adjusting goggles, crowd around, rain tires on, matted. B$40
(PW58) The start at St. Jovite, CanAm 1969, Bruce McLaren, McLaren out front, then Denny Hulme and Motschenbacher and all the rest, action head on view, very dark day, cars bright, a very excellent, dramatic photo, matted. A$60
(PW59) Toulo De Graffenried, Ferrari 625 GP car, very tight, cornering, no helmet, beret! No numbers so what’s up? A wonderful Michael Cooper photo none the less, matted. B$55
(OTR2) Mario Andretti rear engine Dean Van Lines Special with crew in pits, 3rd place and rookie of the year, Indianapolis 1965, color. $25
(OTR4) Jimmy Clark in Lotus with crew posed in pits, winner Indianapolis 1965, color. $35
(OTR7) Baron Wladimir de Rachewsky posed in cockpit of racer in Speedway NJ, not much car, vintage press photo. A$25
(OTR9) Tight portrait of A. J. Foyt, 60s, excellent. B$28
(OTR10) Jackie Stewart, Lola, posed pit lane @ Indy 1966, Speedway pic. A$18
(OTR13) Jim Bryan in Belond Special, Indy 1958, posed pic for Firestone tires, vintage, badly cracked not torn, thus. A$24
(OTR115) Jim Clark’s Lotus in garage, mechanics working, rear view, body off, Indy 1967, no Clark. A$28
(OTR120) Dan Gurney pit stop, Lotus Ford, Indy 1964, mechanics around, crowds behind, tight, great non Indy photo A$28

(OTR122) Bill Holland, in Blue Crown Special poses for Firestone, sepia, creases thus. A$26

(OTR130) Leon Duray , Miller FWD, Indy 1927, posed 1/4ing rear view, Leon looks back at camera. Press release attached. A$60
(OTR132) Ralph Hepburn leans on Packard Cable Special in Indy pits, excellent sepia vintage photo. -A$40
(OTR134) Bill Vukovich with his wife right after winning the very hot race at Indy 1953, sitting in folding chairs, Vuky wet with sweat, rag on head, wife laughing, GREAT photo with release. -A$60
I believe that Vukie only tackled the PanAmerican Road Race once and that was in a stock car. The story goes that right out of the box he was using the car too hard and his co-driver was nagging him to slow down and save the tires. After a couple of hours of this Vuckie finally did lose it and as the car tumbled down into a ravine he looked over at his co-driver and said,”OK, you drive!”
(OTR135) This and the following two photos are very rare as they are enlarged to 11 X 14, a unusual happenstance from this era. This one is Tom Alley in the Bender Special, a posed side view, Chicago 1919, excellent, sharp vintage photo. +AA$195
(OTR137) 11 X 14 print by Wilson from Hughes negative, Murphy, Hearne, Thomas, receive checker, Beverly Hills, April 1921, starter w/checker in foreground, pits in background. +AA$195
(OTR138) 11 X 14 print by Wilson from Hughes negative, Sailer, DePalma, Hearne, Vail, Thomas in 25 mile race, Beverly Hills Feb. 1921, grandstand, oil wells in background. +AA$195
(OTR142) Al Keller sit in the Bardahl Special, Indy 1958, tight, elevated 3/4 front view. A$28

(OTR143) Vukovich’s wife, (pretty) sits in cockpit of winning car with newspaper headlines announcing Vukie the winner in 1953. Engine cover off, engine visible. A$25

(OTR144) 1/4ing side view, Vukovich on main straight, Indy 1954, blurred crowd in background. COLOR PL A$25
(OTR145) Vukovich in car being pushed, pits, Indy 1954, mechanics sit on wall and watch. Non Indy (Indy) photo, you know what I mean. B$26
(OTR146) Ted Horn sits in Riverside Special on the bricks at Indy, tight posed photo, vintage, great. A$35.
(OTR147) AJ Foyt, Watson 4 Cam Ford sprinter, Leader Card Special, Ascot 1968, action side view, tight; engine, cam covers “hanging” outside the body. A$28
(OTR148) Foyt’s car as above, along with Robinson and McCoy sprinters, action side view, Ascot 1968. A$35
(OTR149) 1/4ing action side view, Bobby Unser, Watson 4-cam Ford, Ascot 1969. A$35
(OTR150) AJ Foyt in his Roadster, Indy 1961, tight action side view, Tronolone photo. PL RC A$25
(OTR154) Another elevated view of front straight at Indy but 1930, two cars in view, small, crowd and stands around, sepia, matted to 11 X 14. A$45
(OTR156) Dan Gurney poses with his new Eagle at Indy, 1970, nice, vintage AAR photo. A$24
(OTR157) Dan Gurney testing the Lotus 29, pipe organ exhausts, England 1963. Vintage Ford photo. B$25
(OTR159) Jim Clark, in winner’s circle, Indy 1965, garland around neck, hand in air, Tony Hulman beside, beaming. PL RC A$25
(OTR160) Elevated view, looking down on Brabham’s Indy Cooper, 1961, no driver, mechanics working. PL RC A$25

(LSR23) Campbell's Bluebird, Daytona 1928, posed side view, no Campbell, 3.5" X 10". PL $24

(LSR28) Herman Lang about to lower himself down into the Mercedes Benz Record car in 1938, vertical view from mid-car back, cockpit surround up, Lang looking down, crowd close behind, vintage Keystone Photo, sepia. A$60
(LSR32) Here is one you've never seen! Malcolm Campbell walking on ship deck with Charlie Chaplin and a then famous jockey, Steve Donahue. All have ties and overcoats, Charlie has a cane and is tipping his bowler hat, photo has been torn and repaired about thigh high on all three, does not detract, a wonderful vintage image! +C$25
(LSR34) Posed photo of BMC record cars, Ex181 with engine cover off in foreground, Ex219 behind, people, cars tent in background, some light staining. A$50

(LSR36) Stirling Moss stands along side of MG Ex181, body off, others lowering engine cowl, press release on back. B$45
I have several other photos of the MGs at the salt flats so call if you are interested!
(LSR40) George Eyston sits in Thunderbolt, 1938, reaches to shake hands with man outside car, tight side view, includes press release, vintage news photo. A$50
(LSR44) John Cooper sits in his Cooper J A P streamliner, elevated front view, 1952 press release attached. B$60
(LSR46) Goldie Gardner stands along side MG streamliner on the Salt Flats 1952, wire photo, release at bottom. -A$50

(LSR47) Two photos on 8 X 10 paper, Goldie Gardner in the MG streamliner in action on the Bergamo-Brescia Road in Italy. First is a cockpit shot of Gardner, the other is a 3/4 front view action photo. With 1946 news release attached. $50

(LSR49) Robert Albert’s Crosley powered lakester, (bellytank), starter bending down to see the car pushed off, Bonneville, 1952. 3/4 front view, tight, sepia, press release attached. B$50
(LSR50) Donald Campbell’s turbo-jet powered Bluebird boat, (ok,ok, so it ain’t a land vehicle), 3/4 front view at original press announcement, 1954, news release attached. B$50
(LSR51) Two photos (2 X 6.5) matted together, the first is Lee Bible posed in the White Triplex at Daytona 1929, the other the crashed remains of the White Triplex. PL $75
(LSR52) Prewar Mercedes LSR chassis, no body, no engine, 6-wheeler, never ran, elevated 3/4 front view. PL RC C$20
(LSR53) Above car, now with body on, stub wings extend from the sides, 1/4ing rear view. PL RC C$20
(LSR56) John Cobb and his Railton Mobil Special, 3/4 front view of car, John standing in the cockpit, Bonneville Salt Flats, 1947, matted, a Bill Shipler photo. A$65
(LSR57) John Cobb’s Napier-Railton Special being demonstrated at Brooklands, late 30s, side view, blisters over wheels not yet on the car, matted. A$55
(LSR58) John Cobb’s Napier-Railton, action side view, Bonneville Salt Flats, 1938, Wide World Photos, matted. A$45
AUTOGRAPHED PHOTOGRAPHS ( A 10% discount applies with AUT and EPH items when two (2) or more are purchased for $300 or more except where noted.)
(AUT6) Juan Fangio in Mercedes W196 in action, Monaco 1955, tight side view, sharp. Autographed "JM Fangio". An Alan Smith photo. PL -A$450 no discounts apply.

(AUT7) Roy Salvadori, action side view, Maserati 250F, Goodwood 1954, large, tight action, a beautiful Alan Smith photo. Autographed. PL AA $125

(AUT10) Luigi Villoresi in Maserati 250F, side view, fills the frame, French GP 1954, sharp, Alan Smith photo. Autographed. PL AA$150
(AUT11) (Baron) Emmanuel de Graffenried sits in his Maserati at Silverstone 1949, tight cockpit photo, cloth helmet, Pirelli driving suit on, an Alan Smith photo. Autographed. PL AA$85
(AUT31) Rob Walker autograph on photo of him with Tony Rolt in Walker's Connaught, Crystal Palace 1953. PL C$55
(AUT32) Autographs of Rene Dreyfus and John Cobb on photo of them seated at bar in Rene's restaurant, sepia. A$200
(AUT36) Cliff Allison autograph on Edward Eves photo of Lotus 16 in Karassel at German GP 1958. PL AA$100
(AUT53) Roy Salvadori, Cooper, action side view, Olton Park 1957, Autographed. AA$125
(AUT66) Sam Hanks, in Belond Special, posed in pit, crowd behind, Indy 1957 (winner), vintage photo, autographed by Sam Hanks, matted. A$125
(AUT68) Photo of Fangio winning British GP 1956 in Lancia Ferrari, crossing finish line with raised hands clasped together, looking at his mechanic in foreground who has hands raised in victory also. Autographed by Juan Manuel Fangio. B$450 no discounts apply
(AUT70) 4 X 5 photo, Hans Hermann, portrait, no hat, well taken, smiling, perfect condition, autographed in pen. -A$60
(AUT71) Stirling Moss, waving to crowd from cockpit of Maserati 250F, head on action view, may have been taken in 70s or 80s, hard to tell, autographed in ball point. -A$35
(AUT74) Tighthead portrait of Innes Ireland, autographed, “Solitude 1961(I think) Innes Ireland.” PL -A$150

(AUT75) Tight action photo, two Cobras, 1/4ing front view, Brands Hatch 1964, Jack Sears leading, autographed by Jack Sears. -AA$125

(AUT75) Stirling Moss in Vanwall, tight, action cockpit photo, side view, part of rear wheel and part of word “Vanwall” in view, autographed by Stirling Moss. Large 15.5 X 10.5 inches. $125
(AUT76) Stirling Moss, small professional portrait, 3.5 X 5, suit and tie, autographed by Moss. Vintage. $50
(AUT77) As above only has some creasing that does not impact viewing of photo. Autographed also. Vintage. $40
(AUT78) As above only with slight ink stain this time. $40
(AUT79) Jack Brabham, on winner’s stand with champagne bottle and a glass of champagne!! No spraying going on! Autographed by Jack. C$75
(AUT81) Innes Ireland in driving suit, goggles at neck, full length view, snapshot (with wavy edges, you know the ones), excellent photo with excellent autograph by Innes. 3.5 X 5.5 inches $175
(AUT82) Innes Ireland, tight portrait, autographed by Innes Ireland. $150
(AUT85) Jack Brabham, 1961 Cooper GP car, action side view, vintage autograph by Jack. 5.5 X 3.5 inches. $75
(AUT86) Bruce McLaren in 1962 Cooper GP car, action 3/4 front view, autographed by McLaren, low contrast to autograph. 5.5 X 3.5 inches $295
(AUT89) Dr. Ferry Porsche, professional portrait, suit, tie, glasses in hand over an open book. Autographed by Dr. Porsche. 4 X 6 inches. $295
(AUT93) Lloyd Ruby sits in the Autolite Special, pits at Indy 1961, autographed by Ruby. A$75

(AUT94) Action side view, Roy Salvadori in Aston Martin DB3S, autographed by Salvadori. 5.5 X 3.5 $50

(AUT98) Indy photo of Billy Arnold in FWD Miller at Indy 1931, paper with Arnold autograph stuck to top corner of photo. A$55
(AUT99) Indy photo of Cliff Bergere in FWD Miller, 1929 with Bergere autographed paper stuck to top corner of photo A$55
(AUT100) Autographed photo of Peter Collins in an Aston Martin DB3S in the rain. It is 3 X 5 inches and has been permanently mounted to foam core along with two other B sized Collins photos, one of a Ferrari Dino GP car, the other of Peter in a Mercedes 300SL at the Targa Florio in 1955. $695 no discounts apply
(AUT1O1) Autographed photo of Bruce McLaren in an M8 McLaren CanAm car, no numbers so must be testing, low contrast signature across nose of car. C$195
(AUT102) Signed color snapshot of John Cooper along with letterhead letter signed by John Cooper dated 1995. $60
(AUT103) Autographed photo of John Surtees, tight action photo of John in Ferrari GP car 1964. C$50
(AUT104) Portrait photo of Parnelli Jones, autographed. -C$35
(AUT106) (Baron) Emmanuel de Graffenreid, Maserati GP car, action side view, autographed by de Graffenreid. PL C$50
(AUT107) Portrait of Consalvo Sanesi, in wind cap, autographed by Sanesi, who was an early post war Alfa Romeo test driver and Grand Prix driver. PL C$75
(AUT108) Andre Pilette, driving a Simca-Gordini, action side view, inconveniently autographed on the back by Pilette. C$50

(AUT109) Montague (Monty) Roberts was the factory race driver for Thomas in the early part of the last century, as such he was elected by the factory to drive in the New York to Paris race of 1908. Here we have a collage of 10 of his personal photos of that race re-photographed into a single image of 11 X 13, dry-mounted and matted to 16 X 20. The image is both autographed and inscribed. None of these photos in the collage are in either the Schuster or Scarfoglio books. A very early piece of American racing history. $500 No discounts apply.

(AUT110) Autographed photo of Montigue (Monty) Roberts in his Thomas, posed before the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup races. Slight moisture damage to portion of autograph. $400 No discounts apply.
(AUT111) Small (3.5 X 4.5) portrait of Masten Gregory, no helmet, two pair of goggles around neck, autographed. $225
(AUT112) Autographed photo of Tony Rolt, LeMans winner, in full four wheel drift, Goodwood, in the Seaman Delage. B$100
(AUT113) Malcolm Campbell, portrait in a leather helmet with goggles on top, smiling. A vertical news photo autographed vertically. Photo ( 2.5 X 5.5) has had background “painted” out for publication on one side. $250
(AUT114) Luigi Chinetti, three time winner of LeMans, his autograph on a small photo of the start of the 1949 LeMans race. PL RC C$95
(AUT115) von Brauchitsch, Mercedes driver, autograph on small photo of the start of the Donington GP 1937 PL RC -C$85
(AUT116) Autograph of Tony Maggs on photo of his Cooper GP car, he stands along side. PL RC +C$40

(AUT117) Wolfgang von Trips in a Veritas, autographed by von Trips, as you probably realize, this is a rare one, photo is 3" X 4" and in perfect shape. This was very early in his career. $750 no discounts apply.

EPHEMERA (THE RARE BITS!) (10% discount on two (2) or more items in AUT or EPH catagory when total exeeds $300 except where noted)

(EPH55) You’ve read the books, you know the story. The 1933 Grand Prix of Tripoli had a lottery attached to it, the lottery winners were announced too early, one winner assigned to each driver entered. Varzi (some say) made contact with “his” winner and made a deal, if he would split the lottery winnings with the drivers Varzi would see to it that the drivers would let him win. Nuvolari led most of the race only to be passed by Varzi while he was in the pits. He then chased down Varzi and passed him. But Varzi repassed on the last corner to win. The whole truth of this race is still unknown. Now you can own an actual artifact from that day, a handbill that advertises the Lottery in Tripoli in 1933. It measures 11 X 16 and is folded 4 ways. It is a greenish black ink printed on cream paper, minor pencil writing to the front, otherwise excellent. We will not see one of these again. $195. No discounts apply.

(EPH56) A copy of the membership book of the “Lord’s Taverners” Cricket Club, September 1962. Signed to the cover by it’s owner, Graham Hill. 3.25 X 5, no illustrations. $195
(EPH57) Letter from Roger Ward on his personal letterhead, one page typewritten in blue ink, signed by Ward in black ink. $50
The following items are the entry forms for the Monza Race of Two Worlds in 1958. Each form lists the car owner, car and the driver and each is individually signed by the driver. Stapled to each is a hand written form listing the speeds and times of each driver’s qualifying laps. They are available for the following drivers, remember, each is signed by the driver and, of course, there is only one of each:
(EPH59) Jim Rathman, Zink Special...................$125

(EPH60) Paul Russo, Novi Special.....................$125

(EPH61) Eddie Sachs, Robbins Special.............$175

(EPH62) Johnny Parsons, Agajanian Special....$125

(EPH63) Ray Crawford, Mirror Glaze Special.....$125
(EPH65) Letter from Jackie Stewart on his letterhead, typewritten, signed by Stewart in ink. Dated August 3, 1972. $75
(EPH66) Castrol “Flick Book” of Malcolm Campbell breaking the Worlds Water Speed Record at 129.5 MPH. Flick it one way and Sir Malcolm prepares himself, flick it the other way and he races by. 2 X 3, mint except for minimally rusty staples. Maybe not flick free (since I flicked it!) but fantastically few flicks!! $85

(EPH68) Sunday August 8, 1937, the Monaco Grand Prix, von Brauchitsch wins in his Mercedes W125. Did you have the winning lottery ticket? It is probably a little late to win but you can buy a beautifully engraved, three color lottery ticket with a Grand Prix car featured in the middle. (It is supposed to be an Alfa but not quite as they must not have wanted to insult the German contingent.) These are genuine 1937 Monaco GP lottery tickets in mint condition, 2 1/4 X 4. I have several so I can even offer them in consecutive numbers if you wish more than one. Mount it on your wall and tell your friends it was the winner, what do they know? While they last. $25 each.

(EPH71) Poster from the 1989 Monterey Historic Auto Races mounted on foam core, a tribute to Aston Martin, autographed by Stirling Moss, Carroll Shelby, Jack Fairman, David Brown and three others that I cannot figure out who they are, so potluck! $175
(EPH72) Letter on NASCAR letterhead dated December 15, 1966 signed by Big Bill France his-own-self. This is the man that started it all. $75
(EPH73) Ellery Garfield, engineer, worked for Renault in the 20s designing and driving both the 1925 Renault 40CV open car and the 1926 Renault 40CV cabin speedster that claimed 24 hour speed records at Montlhery, the 1926 car being the first car to record speeds over 100 mph in 24 hours beating the Bentleys to the record. Garfield wrote of his exploits in two letters sent to C. Harold Wills, principal in Wills St Clair automobiles. The first letter is a four page hand-written letter written and signed sometime after the 1925 record. The second letter was type-written and signed after the 1926 100 mph record, it is two pages long. Also included are four photos of the 1925 car in action and during a pit stop and six photos of the 1926 cabin speedster including action, pit stops and three different views of the car at rest. Three photos were taken by Meurisse, one photo is autographed and one photo has a schematic drawing of the car on the reverse. All but one photo have written descriptions on the reverse. Also included is a carbon of a telegram sent by Mr Wills to Garfield. A very interesting piece of racing history, ten photos, two letters, telegram carbon. $900. No discounts apply.
(EPH74)A letter from 1961 hand written and signed by Humphrey Cook, principal in ERA automobiles on letterhead stationary. $60

(EPH75) Typewritten letter, signed by Leslie Hawthorn father of Mike Hawthorn, concerning the purchase of a car. Written to a RAF Wing Commander, on Tourist Trophy Garage stationary in 1937. $125

(EPH76) Another, as above written to same person about same purchase in 1938. $125
(EPH77) Vintage red leather armband for official at Monaco GP, unused, clear window for your name and photo, impress your friends, get girls or whatever. $100
(EPH78) Vintage plastic armband for 1000km di Monza, 1966, this is proof you were there, impress, etc., etc. $35
(EPH79) Now you can prove that you were a photographer at the Italian GP in 1970, plastic armband (4" wide) with place for photo. $35
(EPH80) Another vintage photographer armband, 1000 km di Monza 1971, with place for photo. $35
(EPH81) Vintage silk ribbon armband for the greatest Grand Prix ever, Nurburgring 1957, red and white, (3" X 12"). $100
(EPH82) Vintage silk German GP armband, green and white, no date, (3" X 12"). $35
(EPH83) Vintage cloth armband, British GP 1952, sewn together, ready to go on your arm. $35
(EPH84) Vintage card armband with ribbon ties, (3" X 7"), orange, German GP 1962. $35
(EPH85) A 32 page booklet printed in 1937 by Auto Union on the successes of the Auto Union racing team in 1937, profusely illustrated with both photos and drawings it describes the 1934, ‘35 and ‘36 season also. 8 pages describe the racing successes of DKW motorcycles. 7 X 10 inches, printed in German and in excellent condition, it is trite to say but this is very rare! $275 no discounts apply.
(EPH86) Program for the 1937 Vanderbilt Cup races, has been folded vertically to fit into a pocket probably on race day but has been well taken care since, excellent. $125

(EPH87) ADVENTURE AT SPEED is a paper-bound is a 20 page book, 8 ½ X 11 ½ , containing a “potted” history of the Land Speed Record and a stiff cardboard cut–out model to build of Seagrave’s Golden Arrow LSR car. Printed in 1974. $35

(EPH88) A 20 X 15 ½ inch 4 view plan drawing of Donald Campbell’s Bluebird LSR car, done by Model Maker Plan Service. I do not know when but I remember them being advertised in the early 60s. Folded twice, small tear in corner, does not effect plan. $50
(EPH89) Winfield News, Vol. 3, No. 3, May 1931, a small one fold newspaper with photos that is really an advertisement for Winfield carburetors but a friend of mine says that these sell for $100 on the internet, Gack! This one has a tiny tear but no missing bits so it can be yours for $35.
That’s about it for this round, I will have another catalog out in February or there abouts. It was great meeting so many of you at the various events last summer, it is fun putting faces to the names.
For those of you that this is the first catalog you have received it could also be the last as the names that stay on the catalog list are photo purchasers. No worries, just call or e-mail me and I will send the next one to you. I am not cheap I just need a simple method to screen out the idly curious from the enthusiasts.
We now have to look forward to a long winter of no racing until next year. I don’t know about you but I can hardly wait to see what Montoya can do with next year’s BMW. Or can Michael and Ferrari stay on top? Is CART really lost or are they just circling the drain for something to do? Is it really about big common stock maneuvers and nothing to do with racing?
What about ALMS; will any of the manufacturers return with our economy in the tank? Can TransAm make a comeback to its glory days? Will NASCAR really disembowel SPEEDVISION to the point that we will be watching Grand Prixs on the Wide World of Sports again? (What ever happened to that ski jumper guy that was always crashing?)

There are some scary possibilities out there for the coming year so it may not be a good year for road courses in this country. If you have the chance, help them out and attend an event in person, just maybe you’ll have a great time!
All the best for the Holidays to you and your family,


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