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Joey Scout Program



Theme: Wet Night

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CIA: Colouring in Sheet

Colouring in sheets, pencils.


Opening Ceremony



Game: Sponge Relay

4 x buckets, 2 x sponges.


Game: Pass the Sponge

Sponges filled with water.


Game: Target Practice

Water bombs, plastic bottles place on a table.


Activity: Bubble Mania

Bubble mix, pipe cleaners, foam cups, chux, rubber bands.


Game: Circle Squirt

Water bottle filled with water.


Game: What’s the Time Mr. Cloud

Water pistol filled with water.


Story: Tuku the Turtle

Story sheet.


Closing Ceremony






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Coming In Activity:
Colouring in sheet – Practice Good Outdoor Water Activities (see below).
Game: Sponge Relay

Have the Joey Scouts in relay formation. Give each team a bucket with water in it, a big sponge and place another bucket at some distance away. In turn each Joey Scout must dip the sponge in the first bucket then run to the second bucket and squeeze the water out of the sponge into it then run back and give the sponge to the next Joey Scout. Continue until all Joey Scouts have had a turn. The winning team is the one with the most water in the second bucket.

Game: Pass the Sponge

Divide the Joey Scouts into 2 teams. Joey Scouts stand in a line and pass sponges over their heads to the next person. The Joey Scout at the front reloads the sponge with water and goes to the end of the line with the sponge to repeat.

Game: Target Practice

Joey Scouts take turns to throw water bombs at the bottles to knock them over.

Activity: Bubble Mania

Make bubble pipes. Twist pipe cleaners into a loop. Cover a polystyrene cup with a piece of chux held on with an elastic band. Make a small hole in the bottom using a nail. Dip chux end in solution and blow through the small hole. Use various items to blow bubbles with – fly swatters etc.

Bubble Mixture
1 part dishwashing liquid (good quality)
10 parts water
¼ part glycerine

Game: Circle Squirt

Joey Scouts are seated in a circle. One Joey Scout has the water bottle and skips around the circle dropping the bottle behind another Joey Scout. That Joey Scout picks up the bottle and attempts to squirt the original Joey Scout with water before he returns to his spot.

Game: What’s the Time Mr. Cloud

Played as What’s the time Mr Wolf, except instead of saying 1 o’clock you say summer time or winter time and so on and every so often say rain time. When rain time is said Mr Cloud tries to wet the other Joey Scouts.



Long, long ago, when the earth was young, birds, animals and fish were not as we know them today. They were full of promise, like stories which were about to be told.

One such animal was the turtle, but that wasn't his name then. He was called Tuku. Now Tuku was a large round heavy creature, smooth as stone in a river bed, but soft to the touch. He did not have the hard protective shell that turtles have today. Tuku moved very, very slowly.

Each morning he would muster all his strength and raise one eyelid to the bright dewy day, then he would rest and after a short while he would raise the other eyelid. Again he would rest. His large, brown, short sighted eyes would try to focus and he would begin to feel very hungry. It was, after all the middle of the morning.

Tuku never rushed. Even though he felt as though he had not eaten for at least 1000 years, he gradually raised himself from the ground and put one foot carefully in front of the other, One foot at a time, slowly, slowly, step by step. In this way Tuku moved from his shady home beneath a bush into the brilliant sunshine.

"How hot it is", Tuku grumbled to himself. (He was often grumpy first thing in the morning). How hard I shall have to work to find my self a little something to eat and drink!"

Slowly, slowly, step by step Tuku moved toward the stream which threaded like a silver ribbon between clumps of reeds. Tuku liked the reeds. They were smooth and chewy and he liked to drink the pure water of the stream.

After a very long time Tuku traveled the short distance to the stream. He could feel the sun burning his back and his head was dizzy with tiredness. He drank the sweet water and broke off a fresh green reed to chew.

'Oh for some cool mud on my skin', Tuku thought (he was too tired to speak out loud) and with a huge effort he rolled over onto the muddy water's edge.

The mud was so soothing that Tuku could feel himself beginning to fall asleep. He was not going to fall asleep that close to the water though, he might fall in!

So Tuku dragged himself from the mud and slowly, slowly, step by step moved into the shade of a nearby tree and fell asleep. He slept and slept and slept all through the day and the night and the next day as well. As he slept the leaves fell upon him and stuck to the mud on his back.

During the night the dew wet the leaves and the mud and all the following day more leaves fell in layers onto the back of the sleeping turtle.

When Tuku finally woke up he discovered to his surprise that he had a hard shell on his back It felt rather strange. He tried to shake it off but the layers of leaves and mud had stuck fast.

'What am I to do?' moaned Tuku. Then he noticed that all his shaking and shuffling had taken him out of the shade and into the bright sunlight. He blinked his eyes and slowly he realised that he could no longer feel the harsh rays of the sun burning his back.

A smile gradually made its way across Tuku's wrinkled face. He was very pleased. 'How clever of me to make this cover for my back', he said to himself, 'Look at my fine cover', he boasted to any animal which happened to be passing. 'Just look at me, safe from the sun forever.'

All this excitement made Tuku very tired and he slowly closed his eyes and pulled his head and legs inside his wonderful cover and slept.

And this why the turtle has a shell.

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