Date of birth: April 3rd 1989. Adress: Kilworth road 141, Drimnagh, Dublin 12, Ireland Mobile phone number

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Curriculum Vitae

Name: Dino Hajdarevic

Date of birth: April 3rd 1989.

Adress: Kilworth road 141, Drimnagh, Dublin 12, Ireland

Mobile phone number: 087 438 0113

E-mail adress:

Work experience:

  • 15.09.2015. – 10.11.2015. – private instructions in croatian language for foreigners;

Zadar, Croatia

  • 07.07.2015. – 31.10.2015. – supply manager and supervisor, bartender, catering;

Juice-beach bar, ''Studio bar'' d.o.o., Zadar, Croatia

  • 01.05.2015. – 02.06.2015. – salesman;

T.O. ''Lauris'', Zadar, Croatia

  • 01.11.2014. – 30.01.2015. – professor of croatian language and literature;

Private elementary school ''Nova'', Zadar, Croatia

  • 15.09.2014. – 23.12.2014. – professor of croatian language and literature;

''Zadar private gymnasium'', Zadar, Croatia

  • 01.06.2013. – 30.10.2014. – warehouse operative, salesman;

''Muller'', Zadar, Croatia


  • mag. philol. croat.; University of Zadar, Obala kralja Petra Kresimira IV., 23 000 Zadar, Croatia; 2012. – 2015.
  • univ. bacc. philol. croat.; University of Rijeka, Trg brace Mazuranica 10, 51 000 Rijeka, Croatia; 2009. – 2012.

  • economist; Economic high school Sisak, Ulica kralja Tomislava 19, 44 000 Sisak, Croatia; 2004. – 2008.

Personal skills:

Native language: Croatian

Other languages: English – fluent

Ms Office: Ms Word, Ms Power Point

Class organizing and manifestation organizing

About me:

I am responsible, devoted, persistent and flexible person with experience in linguistics research, writing articles, teaching, organizing and participating in literary manifestations and a semi-professional photographer. My main area of interest are (cognitive) linguistics, literature and documentary and art photography. During my work as a primary school and high school professor I acquired significant skills in people relations, both children, teenagers, parents, work colleagues and school directors. I am friendly and open to people in general and a very good listener so I have no problem communicating and working with other people. Also, during my study, and later after it, I was an active co-organizer of several poetry nights and public lectures and discussions in the field of philology and modern (regional, ex-yugoslav) literature. I organized photo-exhibition and helped advertise in local papers and TV station all of the manifestations I co-organized. I am also able to work as a part of a team or alone.

Additional information:

  • Co-author with doc. dr. sc. Ante Perisa of ''Conceptual metaphor'' article; in preparation for press in ''Croatica et Slavica Iadertina'' paper, Department of croatistics and slavic languages, University of Zadar, Zadar, Croatia
  • I have volunteered at ''The methodology and application of linguistic research’’ conference of Croatian Applied Linguistics Society held at University of Zadar, Croatia from April 24th to April 27th 2015.

  • One of two organizers of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th ''Zadar poetry nights'' in City library Zadar in 2014., Croatia

  • One of two organizers of ''Nights of cakavian poetry'' in City library Zadar in August, 2014., Croatia

  • Participated with song ''To the searcher and traveler'' at 5th literary manifestation ''In memory of Ante Zemljar'' at island Pag in 2014.

  • Participated with short story ''In the circle'' at ''Days of croatistics'' held by University of Zadar in 2014., Croatia

  • Published review ''Cunning ikavci'' in ''Motrista'', number 77-78, magazine for culture, science and social issues; May – August 2014.; ISSN 1512 – 5475; Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Published review ''Cultural significance of burek in Bosnia and Herzegovina'' in ''Knjizevne vertikale'' magazine, number 3, May – August 2014.; Belgrade writers association; ISSN 2334 – 9085; Belgrade, Serbia

  • Published short story ''In the circle'' at ''Hrvatska misao'', magazine for art and science'', ISSN 1028 – 2246. - N.s. 18 (2014), 1 (64)=49, UDK: 821. 163. 42, Matica hrvatska, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Active member of Croatian writers association, branch - Zadar

  • Current external associate and former active member of literary association ''Ludens''
  • I am a semi-professional photographer and I have had one group exhibition in Sisak, Croatia and one independent exhibition in Zadar, Croatia. I have successfully participated in several photo-contests as well.

  • I attended journalist workshop under the guide of dr. sc. Nenad Vertovsek in ''Klooz'' association, Zadar, Croatia in 2013.


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