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Dear Sir/ Madam,
Notice is hereby given that the Eighty-Fourth Annual General Meeting of the Kent County Playing Fields Association will be held at Tonbridge Castle Tuesday 3rd May 2011, commencing at 6.30 which you are invited. A copy of the Annual Report is available from Cantium Lodge on request or can be viewed on our own website –


  1. Welcome by the Chairman.

  2. Apologies for absence.

  3. To confirm the Minutes of the 83rd Annual General Meeting.

  4. To consider and approve the 84th Annual Report.

  5. To consider and approve the Accounts and Balance Sheet for the year ended 30th November 2010.

  6. To elect the Members to serve on the Management Committee:

  1. Chairman of the Management Committee (2 year term).

  2. Vice President of the Management Committee (2 year term).

  3. Vice Chairman of the Management Committee (2 year term).

  4. Honorary Treasurer of the Management Committee.

  5. Chairman of the Golf Committee. (2 year term).

  6. Members of the Association ( 1 year term).

The current members are, Anthony Levick ,Richard T. Maylam ,M.Hawkes, A.Griffith.

  1. To elect the members to serve on the Golf Committee.

The current members are Shirley Daniel, Ken Daniel, Ann McGuirk and Malcolm Hawkes

  1. Appointment of Auditor.

Any other business for referral to the Management Committee.

Presentation of the Stanley Blow & Ole Kverndal Awards.
By Order of the Management Committee.

Paul Peacock

1st April 2011


The Kent County Playing Fields Association is a registered charity and is affiliated to the National Playing Fields Association.

The Association is governed by the Rules, amended in April 2007.
The Object of the Association is to ensure that there are adequate facilities for recreation in every city, town and village in Kent and, to fulfil this Object, to encourage the provision, improvement, retention and use of playing fields, children’s playgrounds and other recreational centres.

Supporting the Association
The Association has a strong membership that is committed

to achieving its Object.

The extent to which the Association is able to assist with the

achievement of its Object, however, is dependent

upon the level of financial assistance it receives year-on-year.
If you would like to support the Association, Gift Aid and

membership forms have been reproduced at the end of the

Annual Report for completion and return to the office.
A complete list of Members may be obtained on application to

The Secretary, Cantium Lodge, Terrace Road, Maidstone,

Kent ME16 8HU. Telephone: 01622 753960.


The Chairman’s Report – Helen Skellorn

Although the year started quietly there was a general feeling that all the work put in previously, to promote awareness of the Kent County Playing Fields Association, was beginning to take effect, soon we were launched into a busy year, the Newsletters produced in the spring and autumn bear witness to the amount that has been done to meet our Aims and Objectives. 

Loans to sporting organisations are all now presented by us, at a celebratory event along with our plaque to be displayed on the building, with a report and photographs for the local press.
We are grateful to our trustee Richard Maylam for facilitating our presence at The Kent County Show in July. We were very proud of our display, which attracted much attention and where we made some useful contacts. We were delighted to see Mr Hugh Robertson, MP for Faversham & Mid Kent and Minister for Sport & Olympics, who despite his hectic schedule found time to visit our exhibit. Mr Robertson spoke to both the Secretary and I and was most impressed by the young athlete, Mark Cryer,who had given up his day, to support the Charity and help promote awareness of our awards and service to the community.
Our secretary Paul Peacock is working with the governing bodies of some leading sports to introduce a closer working relationship; providing a base for mutual support and membership and ensuring clubs know we are there helping to develop sport and recreation across Kent. Accordingly these links may now be viewed at the Kent Leisure & Olympic Services, Kent Cricket Board, Kent Rugby Union, and Kent Football Association’s websites. 
We record our grateful thanks to Ted Wilson who was highly esteemed as our Vice President, he has now, due to ill-health, tendered his resignation. Prior to that he was, for many years, our Secretary and Treasurer, whilst holding a similar post with The Men of Kent / Kentish Men he was far-sighted in being involved in the 50/50 purchase of Cantium Lodge, giving us security and economy of overheads that not many Playing Fields Association have.

We have welcomed Robert Horner to the post of Vice Chairman and kept our former post holder, Malcolm Hawkes as an elected member of our committee being irreplaceable as right hand man for each and everything that needs to be done, thank you Malcolm.

Ken Daniel did not stand for re-election at the AGM but continues in his active role on the Golf Committee so we will not lose his expertise.
We have welcomed Andy Griffith to the board of Trustees representing the Kent County Cricket Board,
Induction to this role is by meetings with the Secretary and other Trustees.
With our delegated ability to co-opt we are delighted to appoint Mr.K.C. Wong as Treasurer, he represents Gillingham as a member and is seen to be helping at many events, we have waited some long time for the right person to present themselves.
All our Life Members have been contacted to elicit their continuing interest, we are indeed pleased that some have agreed to accept their Newsletter by e-mail but where no answer was received they have been removed from our list. This category has been dropped for any new members and is the sole reason for the drop in Membership numbers this year. 
The half yearly meeting of Council was again held in Maidstone Town Hall, hosted by His Worship the Mayor, Councillor Eric Hotson, known to most of us as a previous Trustee of the Association.
This is a popular event, not being encumbered by the business of an AGM, this year we all enjoyed a talk by Councillor David Turner of Gravesham Borough Council. With both Rugby and Cricket as major interests he spoke about cricket but also on the role of sport and its influence in our lives, a subject very close to our hearts. 

The Stanley Blow and Ole Kverndal Fund, the Ivy Hawkes Memorial Fund and the Virgo Awards for groups and individual young people, giving grants of just a few hundred pounds, have had some brilliant feedback often telling of National and International achievements. £5,315 was granted this year. Among those to receive grants were Jack Finch who subsequently went on to win the National Mountain Bike Championship and Sophie Ayre who won the Kent U17 Long Jump. Previous years award winners, Folkestone Water Polo Club, won the Kent League Cup Tournament and Lucco Russo became Kent U17’s Cross Country Champion. In addition general grants of £9,712 were made to a variety of Clubs and Parish Councils. Furthermore, loans to sports clubs and other organisations have been made totalling £88,000; comparing this to £7,500 last year tells its' own story.

The Cecil Leitch Five Club Competition

Many thanks are due to our Golf Committee, chaired by Richard Young who held a very successful event at Wrotham Heath Golf Club raising £5,143 for us. We thank them for their excellent hospitality. Innovations at this year’s event were the photographs taken by Harry Peacock, appreciated by the players and raising a further £95.25 in funds for the Charity and sponsorship of the event which brought in an additional £600.

This year the Finals Day will be on 13th June at Ashford Golf Club. 


Donations: Cobtree Charity Trust, Stonewall Park Charitable Trust, R. L. Steele, Sir Charles Jessel, Lord Kingsdown, Countess Mountbatten of Burma, M. Hawkes, Mrs P Hawkes, K.C. Wong, Edwin Boorman OBE DL MA, Helen Skellorn, P.Peacock, Hartley Country Club Ladies Bowls Section, Whistable & Seasalter Golf Club, Kent County Ladies Golf Association, Woodlands Manor Golf Club, Saltwood Cricket Club, Piers D.Butler, BOA Merrill Lynch, Sir Jonathan& Lady Benn, Easy Fundraising, R.K.Todd, Wrotham Parish Council, C.Baldwin, GB Promotional Products, J.Knott, B.Beeken D.Byford, J.D.Hall, C.J.Warner,Westgate &Birchington Golf Club, Knockholt Cricket Club, Herne Bay Golf Club Ladies Section, Knole Park Golf Club, Mr&Mrs,R.A.Simmons, Eltham Warren Golf Club, Nizels Golf Club, St Augustine’s Golf Club, Larkings Chartered Accountants, Tonbridge Juddians RFC,SO Hairdressing, R.Janz, J.Skelton, I.E.Russell, G.J.Cooke,, ,

A.Birkett, P.J.C.Smallwood,P.A.Lippiatt,B.Heyes,B.Kverndal,R.W.Edelstone,J.Munday,B.Rees

Maj.Gen.R.W.L.McAlister,R.Bourner,S.W.L.Brice. Tonbridge &Malling DistrictCouncil.

Competitions: Shooters Hill Golf Club (Ladies Section), North Foreland Golf Club (Ladies Section),



The membership of the Association as at 30th November 2010 was 370 made up as follows:
Life members 38

Benefactor Members 2

Annual members Individuals 40 Clubs 156

Parish Councils 104 Schools 3

Corporate 1

Gift Aid 26

Wykeham Stanley Cornwallis Memorial Trust

It has not been possible to report any awards made by this trust for the past two years, contact has now been made by Charlotte Cornwallis, granddaughter of Lord Cornwallis who was the leading founder member of KCPFA and in whose memory the fund was raised in 1986, the trustees of this fund are considering linking with the Kent Trust For Youth Sport for future administration so I quote his thoughts, " you can learn mathematics or languages at school but you cannot learn how to live a happy , healthy life without somewhere to join in the fun. Just remember we want to help those who help themselves. Come and join the Kent County Playing Fields and see what you can do to help."

However, at this AGM we are presenting awards from the Stanley Blow and Ole Kverndal Memorial Fund in support of new initiatives by clubs to provide additional sporting opportunities for young people aged between 10 and 16 years and to recipients of the Ivy Hawkes Memorial Award.

Patron’s Award

The Patron’s Award was presented to Ken & Shirley Daniel and to Mrs Ann McGuirk on recognition of their services to the Charity over many years. Our Patron Mr Edwin Boorman OBE DL MA made the awards at a luncheon held at the Maidstone Club in November 2010 and paid tribute to all three particularly for their fund raising activity on behalf of the Cecil Leitch 5 Club Competition .Our gratitude on behalf of everyone connected to the Charity must also go on record.

Our total asset of just under £¼ million represents our working capital from which we make our loans, so it fluctuates according to demand. In the absence, at present, of any financial support from local authorities, we do depend on the interest from investments to cover some of our running costs. We now have a new duty to report on our Charity’s annual public benefit. ( Charities Act 2006).As such we are pleased to report that during the year we made loans of £25,000 to Gravesend Rugby Club,£19,000 to Egerton Playing Field Committee , £20,000 to Bly Spartans Football Club and£24,000 to Tunbridge Wells Borderers Sports Club. Several general grants totalling £9,712 were given to various organisations throughout Kent with a further £2,250 pending. Our Memorial Funds made grants of £5,315 to a variety of clubs, individual sportsmen and women. All of which contribute to the advancement of amateur sport and health, the relief of those in need by way of disability and the advancement of citizenship and community development.

To conclude, thoughts must inevitably turn to two events in 2012, The Olympics and the QE11 Challenge. I am pleased to report that the vast majority of our Borough and District Councils have taken up the initiative to nominate fields within their boundaries to the Queen Elizabeth 11 Challenge and will ultimately provide playing space in perpetuity for many future generations to enjoy as well as securing a permanent legacy to Her Majesty in celebration of 60 years as Sovereign. Information for this can to be found on our website.   

Helen Skellorn 16th February 2010

Treasurers Report – Mr.K.C.Wong


The Charity’s unrestricted funds over the year had been depleted by 7.3%, leaving a total of £229,500 to be brought over. This is mainly the result of a much increased level of grants awarded and an increase in administrative expenditure. 

Investment income was also reduced, reflecting the low interest rate environment of 2010 (a shortfall of £2,139 compared to the previous year). 

But it is not all doom and gloom. Annual subscriptions were up almost 29% to £5,347 (£4,154 in ’09). Net Competition income including donations was up 9% at £11,047. 

Looking ahead to 2011, a decision was made to increase investment income by transferring funds (£50,000) from the Deposit Account into 2 equity accounts. These were set up at the beginning of the financial year, namely:

a)      COIF Charities Property Fund (est. yield of 7%)

b)      CCLA Global Equity Income Fund (est. yield of 5%) 


In addition to the rise in the volume of grants awarded during the year, there had been a huge increase in loans approved. To sustain this level of activity without depleting working capital, the trustees may have to find new strategies for lending, increasing income or reducing cost. At present, cash in the Bank is £14,000 including funds in the Deposit A/C. Expected loan repayments during the year is £26,900.

16th February 2010

Patron: Edwin R. P.Boorman OBE DL MA

President Geoffrey Cooke, Beccanceld, 99 The Street, Bapchild, Kent ME9 9AF

Vice-President Vacant Post
Chairman Mrs.Helen Skellorn, 12 Primrose Terrace, Shrubbery Road, Gravesend, Kent DA12 1JN

Robert W.Horner, Linden Lea, Greenhill Road, Otford, Sevenoaks, Kent TN14 5RR
Honorary Treasurer K.C.Wong, 28 Watling Street,Gillingham,Kent ME7 2YH

Golf Committee

Chairman Richard Young, 1 Nunnery Fields, Canterbury, Kent CT1 3JN


Custodial Trustees The Rt. Hon. Lord Kingsdown KG, PC, John Manley and Edward St.J. Brice, DL
Secretary Paul Peacock, Cantium Lodge, Terrace Road, Maidstone,

Kent ME16 8HU. Telephone: 01622 753960

Registered Larkings, Cornwallis House, Pudding Lane, Maidstone, Kent ME14 1NH

Bankers National Westminster Bank plc, 3 High Street, Maidstone, Kent ME14 1XU

The Management Committee (whose members serve as Trustees of the Association)

- Chairman: Helen Skellorn

The Association’s Officers: (as detailed on Page 3 of this Annual Report)

Elected Members: A.Griffiths, M.S.Hawkes A. Levick and R T Maylam

The Council – Chairman Helen Skellorn, Vice-Chairman Robert Horner, Treasurer K.C.Wong
Elected Members: J. D. Ellis, Kent County Bowling Association, 11 School Lane, Blean, Canterbury, Kent CT2 9JA

C.Boswell, President Kent Football Association, Invicta House Cobdown Park, Ditton Maidstone ME20 6DQ

Mrs. B. Upton, Kent County Amateur Swimming Association, 184 Wilmot Road, Dartford, Kent DA1 3BS

R .Young, Kent County Golf Union, 1 Nunnery Fields, Canterbury, Kent CT1 3JN

A.Griffith, Community Cricket Manager West & Met. Kent, KCB Development Office, Old Dover Road, Canterbury CT1 3NZ
The Golf Committee - Chairman: Richard Young

Elected Members: K. Daniel, Mrs. S. Daniel, Mrs.A McGuirk, M.S.Hawkes,

Ex-Officio Members: The Association’s Officers

The Association’s Officers, the Custodial Trustees, District Representatives and representatives of local authorities, whilst holding office.

Bexley A. Griffith, 1 Roman Way, Boughton Monchelsea, Kent ME17 4SG.
Canterbury R. Young, 1 Nunnery Fields, Canterbury, Kent CT1 3JN
Dartford Mrs. J. Wood, 60 Ediva Road, Meopham, Kent DA13 0ND
Dover North G. Cowan, 13 Danes Court, Dover, Kent
Dover Central F. J. Wilson, 208 Downs Road, Walmer, Deal, Kent CT14 7TN
Dover South Cllr. K. Sansum, 56 Eaves Road, Dover, Kent CT17 9LX
Gillingham K. C. Wong, 28 Watling Street, Gillingham, Kent ME7 2YH
Gravesham Mrs.H Skellorn, 12 Primrose Terrace Shrubbery Road ,Gravesend Kent DA12 1JN
Maidstone North No Representative
Maidstone South A. Levick, 1 Rose Court, Vanity Lane, Linton, Maidstone, Kent ME17 4BP
Medway North M.S.Hawkes, Runsell Grange, Yelsted Lane, Boxley, Maidstone, Kent ME14 3EJ
Medway South I. Hudson, 32 Beauworth Park, Maidstone, Kent ME15 8EU
Sevenoaks R. W. Horner, Linden Lea, Greenhill Road, Otford, Sevenoaks, Kent TN14 5RR
Shepway North P. Sumpter, 20 Hasborough Road, Folkestone, Kent CT19 6BR

Swale and Sheppey G. J. Cooke, Beccanceld, 99 The Street, Bapchild, Sittingbourne, Kent ME9 9AF

East and West

Swale Central A. Smith, Bapchild Court, School Lane, Bapchild, Sittingbourne, Kent ME9 9NL
Thanet No Representative
Tonbridge and D. Legg, 50 Ridgeway Crescent, Tonbridge, Kent TN10 4NA

Malling South
Tunbridge Wells P. French, 31 Bounds Oak Way, Southborough, Kent TN4 OTW


Kent County Council Cllr. A. Chell, 14 Sheppey Road, Maidstone, Kent ME15 9SL
Ashford Cllr.B.J.D.Heyes,7 Kings Avenue,Ashford TN23 1LU
Canterbury Cllr. P. Todd, 60 Sherwood Drive, Whitstable, Kent CT5 4PH
Dartford Cllr. Graham Harris, Civic Centre, Home Gardens, Dartford, Kent DA1 1DR

Cllr. P.Thurlow,32 Cedar Drive,Sutton at Hone,Dartford,Kent DA4 9EN
Dover Cllr. N. J. Collor, 114 Maison Dieu Road, Dover, Kent CT16 1RR
Gravesham Cllr. W. Lambert, MBE, 35 Frobisher Way,Gravesend, Kent DA12 4QY
Hythe & New Romney Cllr. A. F. Ryder, 21 Baldwin Road, Greatstone, New Romney TN28 85Y

Lydd Town Council Cllr. Barbara Walsh 60 The Derrings,Lydd, Romney Marsh Kent TN29 9BN

Maidstone Cllr. Mike Fitzgerald, 11 Laxton Drive, Chart Sutton, Kent ME17 3SQ

Medway Cllr. Doe, The Warren, 21 Style Close,Rainham ,Gillingham, Kent ME8 9LS
Sevenoaks Cllr. J. A. Underwood, “Kalana”, London Road, Swanley, Kent BR8 7AW
Shepway Cllr. Mrs. J. D. Hollingsbee, Snowdrop, Swan Lane, Sellindge, Ashford, Kent TN25 6EB
Swale No Representative
Tonbridge & Cllr. M. Coffin Hill Park Farm, Wrotham Hill Road, Wrotham, Sevenoaks,Kent

Malling TN15 7PX

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