Directions: Circle the correct answer

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Act 3 Pop Quiz

Directions: Circle the correct answer.

1. Why do Giles and Francis want to see Deputy Danforth?

a. They intend to beat him to his senses.

b. They want to explain their roles in the witchcraft scheme.

c. They want to persuade the judge that their wives are good women.

d. They want to explain how Parris is at faul

2. These two men burst into the courtroom unexpectedly and are accused of disrespecting the court.

a. Proctor and Putnam c. Parris and Hale

b. Francis and Giles d. Cheever and Herrick
3. What does Mary tell Deputy Danforth?

a. Abigail is not evil; she's just in love with Proctor.

b. The girls have been lying.

c. Tituba is in love with Deputy Danforth.

d. Abigail gave Elizabeth the doll.
4. Why isn’t Proctor considered a “good” Christian?

a. He stole Giles Corey’s horse c. He burned his Bible

b. He curses d. He plows on Sunday
5. What did the paper that ninety-one people signed say?

a. The community wanted Parris removed from service as their minister.

b. Rebecca, Elizabeth and Martha are all good, upstanding, God-loving citizens.

c. John and Elizabeth should be released.

d. all of the above
6. What does John Proctor find out about his wife from Danforth?

A) She is going to hang C) She is pregnant

B) She has been pressed D) She has confessed to witchcraft

7. What reasons does Mary Warren give to Hawthorne to explain why she said she saw spirits?

A) The rest of the girls seemed to see and feel something.

B) The judge seemed to react so she thought she was doing what he wanted her to do.

C) Both A and B

D) Neither A or B

8. Hawthorne thinks of a test for Mary. What is it?

a. He asks her to recite the Ten Commandments.

b. He asks her to faint, as she fainted in the courtroom.

c. He asks her to fly around the room.

d. He asks her to stick a pin in her poppet.
9. What is Mary Warren unable to do that makes her seem like a liar?

a. She doesn’t go to church c. She wasn’t honest about the poppet

b. She is not able to faint whenever she wants d. She’s always changing her story
10. What does Abigail do when confronted by the judge about whether or not she has been lying?

A) She acts offended that he would even question her.

B) She attempts to leave the room

C) She pretends to see Marry Warren’s spirit in the form of a yellow bird.

D) All of the above
11. What does Proctor end up confessing about himself?

A) He still loves Abigail C) He doesn’t believe in God

B) He had an affair with Abigail D) He has divorced his wife
12. How does Danforth check Proctor’s story?

A) He asks Abigail to tell the truth and he trusts her story

B) He takes a poll of the people standing in the courtroom to see if they believe him

C) He brings Elizabeth in and asks her why she fired Abigail

D) He brings Martha Corey in to confirm his story
13. What does Elizabeth do that surprises everyone?

a. She confesses to witchcraft

b. She lies to the judges

c. She calls Abigail a rude name

d. She faints under pressure

14. How does Mary Warren react under the pressure of the girls?

A) She breaks down and points her finger at John Proctor saying he is with the devil.

B) She gets so upset that she runs out of the room crying hysterically.

C) She stands strong and the judges believe what she is saying

D) She sticks to her story and doesn’t hesitate.
15. What happens to Proctor?

a. He is jailed for committing adultery.

b. He is jailed for lying to the court.

c. He is jailed for plowing on Sundays.

d. He is jailed for not attending church regularly.

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