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Director’s Report

January 2013

As announced, the upgrade will proceed the weekend of February 3rd. Final reminders will go out tomorrow. Please remember that the Workflows client MUST be updated before using the system on Monday.

Earlier this month, based on a comment on our Facebook page, we added a technical support link to iBistro. We now regularly receive a number of questions from patrons via that email. It is interesting that most of the comments have to do with PINs and renewing library materials.
2012 annual statistics will be sent out by the middle of next week.
Potential Member

I met with the Board and staff of the Keyport Public Library in Monmouth County. They are very interested in joining LMxAC (in large part thanks to a discussion between their Board president and Kimberly Paone at Matawan Aberdeen). Keyport is not automated so it will be a big project to convert their collection and patron accounts. Christy and I will meet with staff again next week and the Board is expected to consider LMxAC membership at their next meeting.


SmartPay will be turned on February 1st for Edison, Monroe and Piscataway. On February 19th we intend to make it available system-wide.

StoryCorps Application

I applied for the StoryCorps grant as discussed with the Board.

Activity Report

In December we made 4 troubleshooting visits to 3 member libraries. Other measures of activity include:

System statistics December

New Items Added 15,223

Bib Records Added by LMxAC 895

New Bib Records Added 3,375

New User Records Added 4,067

Brief Record Upgraded to full MARC 138

Duplicate records merged 388

API reports and transactions 4

Authority Records Added 230

Authority Records Modified 44


I have participated in the following meetings

Public Policy Jan 4

Keyport Board Meeting Jan 8

NJLA Emerging Leaders Program Jan 9

New Director Orientation – Old Bridge Jan 14

NJLA Board Meeting Jan 15

NJLA Fundraising Committee Jan 15

Dunellen Board Meeting Jan 16

Grassroots Advisory Committee Jan 16

Circulation Committee Jan 23

ALA Midwinter Jan 24-29

Respectfully Submitted,

Eileen M. Palmer

Executive Director

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