Dissertation: The Cairo Letters

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Jen McClanaghan


PhD English, Poetry, Florida State University, Summer 2009

Dissertation: The Cairo Letters, Major Professor: Dr. David Kirby

Committee: Barbara Hamby, Dr. Andrew Epstein, Dr. Adam Jolles

Major Area: History of Poetry, Minor Area: Poetic Theory
MFA Creative Writing, Poetry, Columbia University, Spring 2004

Thesis: A Human Animal, Major Professor: Lucie Brock-Broido

Thesis Committee: Marie Howe, Timothy Donnelly
BA Creative Writing, Antioch College, Spring 1995
River Legs, selected by Nikky Finney, Kore Press First Book Award, forthcoming

“My Lie,” The New Yorker, January 9, 2012

“The Smallest Barometer,” Alaska Quarterly Review, Fall/Winter 2011

“Goodbye World,” “Rachel Sleeps,” The Pinch, Fall 2011

“The Beginning,” Shenandoah, online

“Life and Life Only,” “Life and Life Only Again,” “Infinite Melancholy,” “The Last Fire at the

End of the Earth,” The Southern Review, Summer 2011

“Redneck Volvo” & “The Rose,” The Florida Review, Fall 2011

“Stepping Into a Furnace,” Hawaii Women’s Journal, Issue No. 5

“Peninsula,” Indiana Review, Summer 2010

“Prosody of a Horse,” Barrow Street, Fall/Winter 2010

“One Red Look,” New England Review, Winter 2010

“On Returning to the World” & “Spending the Day in Bed,” Sycamore Review, Fall 2010

“World’s Largest Milk Bottles” & “Hidden Industry,” Hotel Amerika, Fall 2010

“An Apology for Some of the Ways the World Went Wrong,” Southern Humanities Review,

Fall 2010

“Greatest Show on Earth,” AGNI online, December 2009

“Historical Disasters,” Spoon River Review, Summer/Fall 2009

“What You Hear When You Listen to Dying Trees,” The Pinch, Fall 2009

“The Dead,” essay, The Iowa Review, Spring 2009

“River Legs,” Georgetown Review, Spring 2009

“Magician’s Assistant Sawed in Two,” FIELD, Spring 2009

“A Human Question,” Columbia Poetry Review, Spring 2009

“Easter Sunday” & “Crows in the Street,” The Chattahoochee Review, Winter/Spring 2009

“To Whom it May Concern” & “Dear Toledo,” Third Coast, Fall 2009

“Easy For a God,” Sycamore Review, Winter/Spring 2009

“Personal Ad With Lobsters,” Post Road, Spring 2009

“Dear December,” “Dear Mr. President, Dear Abraham Lincoln,” “Electricity of Crickets,”

Cream City Review, Spring 2009

“Your Own Private Oil Spill,” The Missouri Review’s poem of the week, July 2008

“Night Garden of Slow Birds,” Cimarron Review, Fall 2008

“For That I Came,” “The Concert Singer,” Literary Imagination, Spring 2005

“Yellow Springs,” Washington Square, Spring 2005
“My Lie,” Best American Poetry 2013

“My Lie” & “Dear Toledo,” The Best of Kore Press, 2012

poetry manuscript contests

Finalist, Dorset Prize, 2013

Finalist, Barrow Street Press Poetry Award, 2012

Finalist, Carnegie Mellon Press, 2011

Semi-Finalist, The Brittingham Prize, 2011, 2010

Finalist, Autumn House Press, 2010

Finalist, Dorset Prize, 2009; Semi-Finalist, 2010

Finalist, National Poetry Series, 2009

Finalist, Saturnalia Books, 2009
Finalist, Third Coast Poetry Contest, March 2010

Best New Poets nomination from FIELD, 2009

Winner, Georgetown Review Poetry Prize, December 2008

Dissertation Research Grant, Florida State University, Spring 2007

Bryant Hall Distinguished Teaching Award, Florida State University, Spring 2006

Finalist, “Discovery”/The Nation, 2003

Assistant Professor, Salve Regina University, present

Assistant Professor, Stephen F. Austin State University, 2011-2013

Creative Writing Instructor, Louisiana State University, 2009-2011

Instructor, English Department, Florida State University, 2004-2009

academic and administrative service

Faculty Search Committee, Stephen F. Austin State University, 2013

Faculty Advisor, Sigma Tau Delta, Stephen F. Austin State University, 2012-2013

Director of Professional Series, “Publishing and Life After the MFA,” 2009-2011

Assistant to the Director of Creative Writing, Florida State University, Fall 2007-Spring 2009

Assistant to Associate Professor, Julianna Baggott, Florida State University, Fall 2006

Host, The Warehouse Reading Series, Summer and Fall 2005

Co-Chair, Writers Harvest, literary and charity event, Fall 2005

Department Research Assistant, Columbia University, Fall 2003-Spring 2004

Poetry Editor, The Florida Review, current

Nonfiction Editor, REAL, 2012-2013

Resident Scholar, Postdoctoral Researcher, The Southern Review, 2009-2011

Associate Editor, Anhinga Press, Fall 2007-Summer 2009

Associate Poetry Editor, Apalachee Review, Spring 2006-Summer 2009

Production Editor, The Southeast Review, Fall 2004-Fall 2006

Editorial Intern, The New Yorker, Fall 2003


“The Shrine Down the Hall: Poetry Writing and the New York Times,” Teaching Writing Symposium, Stephen F. Austin State University, Summer 2012

“Status Update: The Personal Essay in the Age of Facebook,” AWP Conference, Washington DC, 2011

“The Writer in Foreign Territory,” NonfictioNow Conference, University of Iowa, 2010

Full scholarship, New York State Summer Writers Institute, Skidmore College, Summer 2009

Reading, Gulf Coast Writers Association, Fairhope Alabama, 2008

Reading, Florida Literary Arts Conference, Flagler College, 2008
courses taught

Department of English, Stephen F. Austin State University

ENG 362-01 Advanced Poetry Workshop (Spring 2013)

Collaborative workshop with the art department, culminating in a gallery exhibit of poems and the drawings that inspired them.

ENG 562: Graduate Nonfiction Workshop (Fall 2012)

Graduate workshop focusing on a personal essay for the Times “Lives” column,

the research essay, and the profile.

ENG 362 & 462: Intermediate and Advanced Nonfiction Workshop (Fall 2011, Spring 2012-2013)

V.S. Pritchard said of the genre, “It’s all in the art. You get no credit for living.”

Workshops on the art of essay writing and revising for publication.

ENG 261: Intro to Creative Writing (Fall 2011, Spring 2012)

Workshop and technique class designed to introduce students to contemporary concerns in

fiction and poetry through workshop and close readings of published pieces.

ENG 200: Intro to Literature (Fall 2011, Spring 2012, Fall 2012, Spring 2013)

Survey course that underscores the interconnectedness of literature and students’ lives

by studying work in four genres: novel, short story, poetry and drama.

Department of English, Louisiana State University

ENGL 2002: Poetry and the New York Times (Fall, Spring 2010)

Craft workshop exploring the intersection between the public and private spheres,

in particular the relationship between current events and contemporary poetry.

ENGL 4007: Writing Poetry (Spring 2009)

Collaborative poetry workshop and survey of major contemporary poets, focusing

on close readings to foreground craft and technique.

ENGL 2005: Intro to Writing Fiction (Fall 2009)

Short story workshop and survey course emphasizing the mechanics of the narrative

form through the lens of the contemporary short story.

Department of English, Florida State University

ENC 3311: Poetic Technique (Fall 2008)

Poetic technique class designed to teach fundamentals of verse, line, meter, and

poetic form through close readings, research, and workshops.
ENC 3310: Article and Essay Workshop (Spring 2007)

Narrative nonfiction workshop focused on critical readings of essay collections and

imaginative use of detail, structure, and language to shape student essays.
LIT 2081: Fiction Seminar (Spring 2008)

Literature survey tracing the influence of Borges and Chekhov on contemporary

short story writers with an emphasis on textual analysis, culminating in a final exam.

ENC 1145: Writing Poetry (Fall 2006)

Composition course involving close readings of poetry and essays to glean

strategies for arranging compact personal essays and research papers.

ENC 1102: Honors Composition, Bryant Hall (Spring 2006)

Honors composition course given to recipients of the Bryant Hall Teaching Award.

ENC 1905: C.A.R.E. (Summer 2006)

Composition class for first-generation college students.

ENC 1102: Freshman Composition (Spring 2005)

Composition course aimed at deepening skills learned in 1101 with an additional

focus on research-based writing.
ENC 1101: Freshman Composition (Fall 2004, Summer 2005, Fall 2005)

Composition course focused on the discovery of voice, and the organizational

tools necessary for shaping strong personal and analytical essays.
Marc Guidry, Associate Professor & Associate Dean, Stephen F. Austin State University

mguidry@sfasu.edu, (936) 468-2803

Cara Blue Adams, Editor, The Southern Review

carablue@lsu.edu, (225) 578-5108

Jeanne Leiby, former Editor The Southern Review, Director LSU Press, Louisiana State University

c/o Paulette Varnado, Employment Verification, pvarna1@lsu.edu, (225) 578-9241

Bob Shacochis, Writer-in-Residence, Bennington Writing Seminars and Florida State University

pollobob@aol.com, (850) 644-4230

David Kirby, Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor, Florida State University

dkirby@fsu.edu, (850) 644-1534

Julianna Baggott, Associate Professor of Creative Writing, Florida State University

jcbaggott@aol.com, (850) 644-4230

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