Dogzilla Spelling Words Phonics Skill: ow can say long o or the sound heard in cow. Ou

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Dogzilla - Spelling Words

Phonics Skill:
OW can say long O or the sound heard in cow. OU can also say the sound heard in cow. For example, the word “out” has the same sound. In this list of words, the OW and OU only make the sound heard in cow.
O is the strangest vowel by far. Not only can it be long or short as in the words “both” and “top” but it can also make the strange sound heard in words like “cloth”. This same sound can also be spelled with an “aw” vowel pair, with the letter “a” as in talk, or ough as in bought. Study the spellings in the following list of words.

  1. clown

  2. lawn

  3. talk

  4. sound

  5. cloth

  6. bought

  7. also

  8. mouth

  9. crown

10. soft

11. count

12. law

13. claw

14. raw

15. straw

16. crawl

17. pound

18. ground

19. owl

20. growl

21. bounce

22. officer

23. squawk

24. ought

25. thousand

Spelling Activities

  1. Highlight the vowel spelling in each word.  I.e. bean, tape,  program, babies, blind, gym

  2. Explain the phonics rule(s) in each word. For example,  

bean = The long e sound is made by a vowel pair where the first vowel says its name and the second is silent. (Ea can also be a jail vowel pair when saying the short e sound, but it’s not in this word.) 

tape = The long a is created by the power of the Magic e 

program = The long o sound in the first clap happens because a vowel on a clap (syllable) is usually long.  Also, the short a sound in the second clap comes from a consonant blend-vowel-consonant spelling pattern which most often leaves a vowel saying its short sound.

babies = The long a sound in the first clap is because a vowel on a clap is usually long.  Some people see the long a because of the Magic i.  The long e sound in the second clap is from the copy cat y saying the e sound. Also, to make the word “baby” plural, we need to change the y to an i and add es.

blind = The long i sound is long for “no reason in a one syllable word”.

gym = The short i sound is made from a consonant-vowel-consonant pattern where the vowel sound is most often short.  Also, a “g” followed by an e, i, or y says j.  Finally, y often copies the vowel I and is long or short as the I would have been in the word ….   I believe these are the best ways to really study spelling.  Parents, if you don’t know many phonics rules, your child would probably love to teach you! 

  1. Use a dictionary and write each spelling word in syllables.  Ie. Back/pack  or so/fa.  This is also a third grade skill.

  2. Rainbow write each word using at least three colors. 

  3. Make flash cards and play school.

  4. Write the spelling word and then a synonym (similar meaning word).  Also, a third grade skill.

  5. Write the spelling word and then an antonym (opposite meaning word).  Again, a third grade skill.

  6. Write a silly story using all the words.  Use proper punctuation and your child will be practicing another third grade skill. 

  7. Write each spelling word and then categorize it as a noun, verb, adjective, pronoun, adverb, or compound word.  Yep, another 3rd grade skill. 

  8. Alphabetize the spelling words.  *Third grade skill. 

  9. Write each spelling word and then look them up in the dictionary.  On either side of each spelling word, write the guide words of the page.  *Third grade skill. 

  10. Write the spelling words and then look each up in the dictionary.  Then write the phonetic spelling of the word found in the ( ) of the entry.  *Third grade skill. 

  11. Write each spelling word and then add a prefix, suffix, or both to alter the meaning of the word.  *Third grade skill.

  12. Use the spelling words in similes using the words “like” or “as”.  *Third grade skill.

  13. Write a tongue twister or twisters using all the words. 

  14. Go to or a similar site and make a word search or cross word puzzle and solve. Making and solving the puzzle are both study activities.
  15. Cut the words from a newspaper or magazine and make a word collage.

  16. Mandatory - Take or give a spelling pre-test to include in your evidence of study packet. Grade it.  

  17. Study the words your miss on your pre-test.

  18. Write each spelling word and its meaning from the dictionary.  Is it a multi-meaning word?  How many definitions does it have?  Is the word used as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, or several of these?  *All third grade skills. 

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